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21 Unique Contemporary Staircases with a Flair for the Dramatic!

How often have you looked at the staircase in your home as an aesthetic addition instead of being just a way to connect various levels indoors? Stairs can go beyond just functionality, and there are times when a stunning staircase becomes the showstopper in an otherwise bland space. While some prefer the simple, understated staircase, today’s collection is for those who love the extravagant and the dramatic. And yet, there is no shortage of smart options that combine ergonomics with form in a scintillating fashion to offer the best of both worlds! It is time to step up the style quotient of your home with a unique stairway.

Simply Sensational

We start off with a few floating stairways that seem exciting and exclusive in terms of both design and execution. Floating staircases have always been a favorite in contemporary interiors, and they definitely steal the spotlight with their audacious form that appeals to one and all. As a rule, most floating stairways tend to be simple and ultra-minimal, and there is an economy of material that makes them ideal for the modern home. But if you want a truly extraordinary floating stairway that beats even the best, then the inspirations below show you the path forward. It must be remembered, though, that these are not for those who get woozy with height!

Dramatic floating staircase with a backdrop to match its brilliance [Design: By Finesse]
Spectacular contemporary staircase in wood [From: DCM Building Design & Drafting]
Metallic contemporary staircase becomes a sculptural addition in this room [Design: S+D architectures intérieures]
Elegant staircase with Scandinavian flair [Design: Martyn Clarke Architecture]
Industrial staircase design for those cramped for space at home [Design: Michael Fitzhugh Architect]
Ingenious staircase leading to the roof deck above [Design: Spitzbart Treppen]

Stylish Functionality

We have always believed that every design and decorating choice in the home must be a balanced blend of form and ergonomics, and the extraordinary stairway in no different. Instead of just altering the design of the staircase, look at the space beneath it to bring some uniqueness to the entire setting. With space being such a premium in modern homes, one can never have too many shelves and cabinets to tuck away the mess. Hidden compartments, storage units, a dashing book display, or even an additional store room / workspace under the stairs is a great choice indeed.

A stairway to heaven for booklovers! [Design: Galaktik]
Turn the space under the stairs into a fabulous pantry [From: HINGE Cabinetry & Furniture]
Staircase with hidden cabinets adds to the storage options in your house [Design: Specht Harpman Architects]

While utilizing the space under the stairs is not ‘unique’ in itself, the way you do it can make all the difference. The seamless design of cabinets that disappear into the backdrop when closed or an elaborate pantry that vanishes away when not needed can bring that theatrical flair that you are after.

Bookshelf under the stairs creates a wonderful display [Design: ACRE Goods + Services]
Room under the staircase might remind you of Harry Potter [Design: Tim Cuppett Architects]
Under stairs storage that disappears when not needed [Design: Square Three Design Studios]
Color and creativity enliven the staircase in white [Design: Billinkoff Architecture]

An Out-of-the-Box Affair

Do the storage solutions under the staircase seem all too mundane? Maybe you are in search of a stairway that truly ventures down the untreaded path and is both special and spectacular. Not to fret, as the charming photos below offer some remarkable alternatives. Instead of the regular floating steps (which already seem amazing to some of us), try the suspended timber steps that create an enclosed pathway to the level above while levitating in mid-air! Once again, some of these are not for a a young family with kids at home, and you might have to check local building codes before committing to one, but they sure look striking.

Unique floating staircase design that leaves you spellbound [Design: Blässe Laser Architekten]
Ultra-sleek and minimal staircase for the posh, contemporary home [Design: Avignon-Clouet architects]
Contemporary floating staircase that is not for the faint of heart [Design: Philippe Berthomier]
Out-of-the-box design for the modern staircase [Design: Studio SD]
Suspended timber steps create a wonderfully unique staircase for the minimal home [Design: Hakwood]

A Sparkling Staircase

Even if you have heard it a million times already, let us remind you that lighting can make or break the look of any room, nook and architectural feature of your home. The stairway is no different, and sometimes all you need is the right lighting to turn those mundane-looking steps into a grand staircase. LED lights that create an ethereal vibe, grand pendant lights, strip LED lighting and cascading chandeliers are often the popular choices here. Remember that it is all about playing with shadows as much as with light when it comes to dramatic stairway lighting.

Exquisite contemporary staircase that is all about stunning lighting [Design: Treppen & Bauelemente Schmidt]
Brilliant staircase with Solid American White Oak steps and steel supporting wires [Design: Heritage Doors and Floors]
Who says industrial staircases are sterile and boring! [Design: CityLoft]

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