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Casa SMPW: Affordable Brazilian Home in Concrete, Metal and Glass

Who wouldn’t love to call a grand contemporary villa overlooking the beach or the distant mountains their home? But most often it is economic constraints that define our home, its overall ambiance and the décor that fills it. Creating an affordable, yet lovely modern family home that is both aesthetic and functional is a challenging task indeed. Nestled on a beautiful, nature-filled lot in Brasilia, Brazil, Casa SMPW places emphasis on a budget-friendly design that shuns away any excesses.

Concrete blocks replace wood at Casa SMPW

Instead of using wood for its exterior structure (which is often the norm in the region), LAB606 opted for concrete blocks that offered proper insulation while cutting down the costs drastically. It is this smart use of concrete along with metallic window frames, shutters and doors that gave the residence its final shape. Large sliding glass doors in the rear usher in a touch of modernity to the edifice, even as the bright pops of red steal the spotlight. A combination of three different cubic volumes, the lower levels comprise the living areas, while the top floor contains the bedrooms and bathrooms along with workspaces.

Metal, glass and concrete define the structure of affordable Brazilian home

Lush green garden around Casa SMPW

Large glass windows connect the interior with the rear deck

Metallic frame and windows in red add a punch of color to the interior

Low ceiling of living room creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere

Lantern style lighting in the modern living space

Double height dining area becomes the main social zone in the house

Ingenious display above the kitchen nook with wall art and tiny shelf

Interesting use of wall art above the kitchen nook

View of the outdoor deck and lovely garden from the dining area

The double-height dining room becomes the focal point of the new social zone in this home as it stretches out into the outdoor deck consisting of a cozy lounge and barbecue spot. There is also a dedicated spa zone with hot tub that turns the backyard into a personal retreat for the homeowners, even as clever, inexpensive design choices in the rest of the home make up for this little splash of indulgence! [Photography: Joana França]

Sliding glass doors with bright red metallic frames for the concrete Brazilian home

Black and white artwork creates a gallery style wall in the dining space

Modern bedroom with white drapes, glass doors with red metallic frames and polished wooden flooring

Shutters and drapes for the modern bedroom that bring privacy and temperature control

Three concrete cubic volumes combine to create lovely Brazilian home

Cabana-styled outdoor lounge with barbeque

Outdoor lounge and sauna bring an air of luxury to the budget-friendly home

Metallic shutters combine privacy with natural ventilation

Modern Brazilian home with concrete and metal structure

Elegant and affordable home in Brazil by Lab606

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