10 Striking String Chair Shapes From Inspired Designers

String chair design (1)

Acting as accent chairs, these 10 wonderful string-inspired furniture pieces you are about to see will transport you into the world of creativity and help you decide which material combination you prefer. Using acrylic and natural cotton rope, electroluminescent wire, polymer thread, latex and bungee cord, elastic silicone string or UV protected vinyl cords, designers manage to transform strings into original home furniture. Choose a…

How To Add Holiday Sparkle to your Home

christmas dining room pinecones

Whether you enjoy a traditional or ultra-modern home the holidays are the one time of year when sparkle, light and glimmering decor makes a grand entrance! Now that the autumn colors have turned to sparkling hues of garnet reds and rich hunter green tones there is no mistaking that this time of year is everyone’s favorite. If you are trying to find ways to add…

How to Arrange Furniture For A Picture Perfect Moment

Ultra modern family home

Making your room tidy can be easy and you can reap the rewards for many days. So pump up your music and stay tuned to find out how you can bring back the va va voom of your home. It used to be that a camera took many components to work. It took suitcases to lug all these elements around, and finding the perfect light…

Shaker Style Furniture for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Beautiful kitchen with modern Shaker cabinetry

The entire philosophy of modern design seems to be based around the principle that ‘less is more’ and smarter and sleeker designs are all the rave, irrespective of whether it is in electronics or décor. With space being such a premium, at times, modern homes, studio apartments and penthouse lots are not always ideally suited for a sophisticated design. On top of this, the growing…

The Coffee Table: Convenient Furniture You Can’t Live Without

neautral colored living room with wooden coffee table

When it comes to choosing décor for your home, it’s often the simplest choices that end up being the most difficult. A coffee table may seem to be nothing more than a standard piece of furniture – an after-thought once the sofas, chairs and other pieces have been selected. However, after taking into account the many other factors you’ll need to consider, it may become…

Repurposing Shipping Containers For Fun & Profit: Interview With Boxman Studios

Boxman Studios

There are many things we do for fun. From turning wooden pallets into fancy pieces of furniture,  decorating all sorts of jars to making artful items for your home from PVC pipes, it’s a long way. But what would you say if we tell you that there are people creative enough to repurpose those huge shipping containers just for that — for fun. I know,…

Interior Design Dictionary: Understanding the Couch Styles Under Your Potato

modern purple sofas

Leather, suede, corduroy, these are just three of the fabrics that host the daily potato bar cooking. We plump up the accent with throw pillows, toe off our shoes, push up our sleeves, pull our great grandmothers afghan over our should and perch the rear of our anatomy. This couch is our sick bed come colds and flu, our ice bath after a hearty cardio…

Pristine Interiors and Great Ocean Views for the Coastlands Residence in California

round glass wall

Everyone loves a grand beach house and a beautiful home that offers a view of the sands and the waves. With growing interest in beach property, it also means that there are fewer spots available and whatever limited space is available needs to be utilized to the fullest. And a great example is this distinct and unique modern home in Big Sur, California. Located in a…

Cardboard Rocking Chaise Lounge Promises Laidback Coolness

recycled cardboard turned into fancy chaise lounge

Both designers and consumers are growingly becoming more eco conscious and products that are planet-friendly are definitely a lot popular now than ever before. Combine this with innovative style and elegant design and you have décor like the Pause rocking chaise lounge that brings the best of both worlds together. Designed by Piquattropunto design studio, the Pause chaise lounge consists of cardboard sculpture and covered…

Creative DIY Thanksgiving Table Setup for Your Utensils

DIY Thanksgiving table setup ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Your friends and family are preparing for another great meal with people close to their hearts. But are you not so sure how your Thanksgiving table should look this year? In case you’re lacking creativity and have missed our stylish table setting ideas or those beautiful centerpieces to choose from, worry not, here’s a great idea that will surely…

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