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8 DIY Projects to Dress Up Your Cork Boards

Whether you have a cork board hanging in your home office, your kitchen, your kids’ bedrooms, or anywhere else — it’s pretty obvious that the plain, brown background doesn’t offer much in terms of decorative style. Of course, you’re supposed to cover it up with all sorts of photos, notes, and other interesting things, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will transform your dull cork board into something spectacular. Look no further than these easy and fun DIY projects for giving your plain cork boards a little more style.

Just Add Fabric

Perhaps the easiest, mess-free way to completely hide that boring brown color is by taking a big piece of beautiful fabric and draping it over the entire cork board. Beach House In the City shows you how to do it, and adds a lovely border to finish!

Tropical white and yellow fabric covering a cork board
Tropical black and white fabric covering a cork board

Grab Some Paint

If you’re good with a paintbrush, you might consider adding some paint to brighten up your cork board. You don’t need to be Picasso or Van Gogh — just add some simple stripes or zigzag designs in your favorite colors, like these two examples from Pretty In the Pines and Apartment Therapy.

Cork board with gold painted stripes
Cork board with white zigzag designs at the bottom

Get Inspired by the World

Your cork board may have come in a square or rectangular shape when you first got it, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Brit + Co takes you through a cool tutorial for how to turn your cork board into state-shaped designs. And if you’re feeling up to it, you may even want to kick it up a notch by going for a complete world map look!

State-shaped cork boards
Cork board cut into a world map

Upcycle It

Your cork board doesn’t necessarily need to belong on a wall with photos and pieces of paper pinned to it. Check out some of these cool DIY projects from BHG, which include ideas for using cork boards as coasters and stationery holders!

Cork board repurposed as coasters
Cork board repurposed as a pencil holder

Go Around in Circles

Maybe you were inspired by the home state or world map idea, but aren’t feeling up to cutting such complicated shapes. Well, you might be surprised by just how great your cork boards can look when you cut them into circles. PopSugar has a great DIY tutorial for making them out of embroidery hoops. Or just keep it simple and plain with bare mini cork board circles, like this second example from Drew and Vanessa.

Embroidery hoop cork boards
Mini round cork boards

Think Pretty

Your cork board doesn’t necessarily have to be used exclusively for photos, papers, and office notes. Katelyn Brooke made these beautiful cork board tiles with white stencil patterns to hang her jewelry. I Heart Organizing features a similar one, but with fabric.

Cork board with stencil patterns used as a jewelry organizer
Cork board jewelry organizer using linen fabric and thumbtacks for a nailhead border

Look for a Stunning Frame

If the brown color of the cork doesn’t bother you at all, then all you might need is a bold frame to bring some elegance to an otherwise plain looking cork board. Decor 2 Ur Door showcases a board that matches the decor of this bedroom, while Hen Hurst features a wooden frame with a touch of rustic charm.

Cork board with stunning black frame to match decor
Cork board with beautiful wood frame

Go Big!

And lastly, if you’re really okay with the look of plain cork, you can seriously do some amazing things by using it to cover an entire wall. Just think of all the great pictures, notes and items you can hang on it! Here’s one from Apartment Therapy that even has a whiteboard on the adjoining wall — and another example from Amber Interior Design featuring a cork board wall right next to an office desk.

Entire wall tiled with cork board and lined with mini lights
Cork board wall in an office area

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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