Preparing Your Home for Colder Weather: How to do, What to do!

Whether you love it or dread it, cold weather is just around the corner. Some people relish the snow and ice while others dream of jetting off to some remote tropical locale until their home town thaws out. Regardless of where you stand, it’s important to take a few moments to prepare your home for the upcoming season. Here are three things you’ll need to…

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops Are Exquisite and Sturdy

Stainless steel countertops

While the living room and the bedroom are the ones that often get the most attention when it comes to interior design and décor, for most women (without sounding chauvinistic, in any sense of the word) it’s the kitchen and its ergonomics that come first and foremost when it comes design of a new home. It makes absolute sense, as well, with the kitchen being…

Spacious and Exclusive Detroit Penthouse Charms With Its Industrial Interior Design

Penthouse Design - Detroit

When you think of a lovely penthouse that provides great views of the panoramic woods in the far away distance or even a city skyline that is bustling with action, then you imagine a space that is sleek, modern, spacious and most likely adheres to the design principles of modern minimalism. But this ‘raw and edgy’ penthouse in Detroit, Michigan is all about living it…

Bringing Rustic Appeal to your Outdoor Home

rustic stone home evening

Have you ever noticed how serene mountain homes look? Whether they are gracing a mountainside or they are amongst a backdrop of wooded hills, the rustic appeal of mountain homes can be breathtaking. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring some to of these design elements to your outdoor home? Whether you want to add architectural elements to the façade or you want to mimic the…

How to Use Dark Floors to Brighten your Dull Home

dark wood floors kitchen

There is a sleek sophistication that dark floors exude. Whether it’s the mystery behind the darkness or it’s the dramatic feeling they bring to interiors, dark floors are admired by all. While some shy away from the use of dark floors, thinking they make a room feel dark and cave-like. Dark floors can make your dull home feel brighter when paired with the right colors,…

Unique Bathroom Tub Ideas

A clear rectangular bathtub

It’s tub time! Today we feature an assortment of unique bathtubs for your viewing enjoyment. Did you ever notice that in many swanky bathroom remodel photos, the centerpiece of the image is none other than the tub?! If it all boils down to this one container, perhaps changing out the bathtub can be a helpful update, especially if you aren’t able to remodel the entire…

6 Home Decor Ideas Inspired by Fall Fashion

Ah, Fall Fashion Week – the seven days every fashion lover stops in their tracks to gawk at the beautiful ensembles parading across the city’s catwalks and red carpets. From professional designers to amateur collectors, thousands gather to review upcoming lines and prepare for the trends sure to hit the stores later that year. While reviewing the latest threads this year, we noticed something –…

Modern Bathroom and Vanity Lighting Solutions

Modern pendant lighting for the bathroom

Get ready to rejuvenate in a spa-like retreat, courtesy of some strategic lighting! Just because bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces in the home doesn’t mean they should be any less dramatic when it comes to light and shadow. In fact, if you think about it, much of the time spent in the bathroom getting ready occurs at the beginning and end of the day….

Hosting an Outdoor Party in Autumn

cozy outdoor relxaing area

Even though the air is beginning to chill outside, that doesn’t stop many of us from hosting outdoor parties. The autumn weather is crisp and refreshing and, thanks to the changing, much of the décor is readymade. It just seems natural to spend as much time outside as possible before the temperatures drop unbearably low. However, before you throw your fall fest, make sure to…

Creating a Functional Office: From Concept to DIY Completion with Vanessa Deleon

interior designer - office idea

We all have outgrown something. Hairstyles. Music. Clothes. Oh how we have outgrown clothes. When you progress through adolescence into puberty, this is an exciting time. When, however, the tags of our wardrobe start reading in higher numbers and featuring larger quantities of X’s, well we realize bigger isn’t always better. No one knows that better than Vanessa Deleon. With just an eight foot wide…

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