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Eco-Conscious Enterprise: Contemporary Zero Net Energy Home in Santa Cruz

Building a sustainable family home that takes care of all its energy needs even as it keeps the carbon footprint to a bare minimum is an idea that is catching on quickly. But combining green design with contemporary aesthetics and the specific needs of individual homeowners presents a challenging task for the best of architects and designers. Taking up this exciting task gleefully, Feldman Architecture crafted a breezy, beautiful and intuitive modern home that has not only earned LEED Platinum certification, but also is pleasing on the eye for those who do not wish to compromise on elegant form.

Gray contemporary exterior and home office of Santa Cruz house

The Santa Cruz Haus blends in with the craftsmen homes that surround it, even while offering you a taste of the modernity it houses within. The lovely gray exterior of the home makes for a pleasant visual, with the lower level of the main structure containing the living room, kitchen and dining space. Kids’ bedrooms, storage areas, a guest room and a home office are nestled on the second level and offer unabated views of both the backyard and the distant beach. It is the garage that acts as a transition zone between the entry, mud room and the backyard and serves the family in more ways than one.

Lower level living area of the house connected with the backyard

Goregous and sustainable Santa Cruz Haus

Open living room with sliding glass doors surrounded by the backyard

Kitchen with a cool banquet in the corner

With a 21.8-kw photovoltaic system that taps into solar energy, a smart rainwater and greywater unit and the usage of locally sourced materials to shape this energy-efficient home give it its impeccable green credentials. Stylish, sustainable and efficient, this eco-friendly Santa Cruz home aims to inspire others to take a similar approach to home design. [Photography: Paul Dyer]

Neutral color clad interior of Santa Cruz Haus with interesting artwork

View of the staircase from the kitchen

Smart cabinet design delineates the dining space from the living area

The client approached Feldman Architecture with a strong desire to create a home which pushed the envelope in terms of green technologies but was also economically sustainable. Originally from Germany, the clients are very familiar with progressive sustainable technology and believe that sustainability should be affordable…

Home office with colorful rug and a live-edge table

Second level kids' bedrooms and storage spaces

Kids' rooms with indivdual play lofts and storage gallery

Play loft in the kids' bedroom is a cool space-saver

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