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52 Patio Decor Ideas for a Better Outdoor Space

Life can be tiresome and just downright exhausting at times, so at the end of the hard day, it’s nice to go somewhere and relax — that place should be your patio! When you want to relax and kick back, it’s nice to have a pretty and serene patio. To make the most out of your space, you want to make sure that your patio decor is up to par.

To get you inspired and ready to turn your patio into the space of your dreams, here are some inspired ideas that will help you move your patio from bland and boring to charming and relaxing!

Add A Bench

Go simple yet stunning with an eye-popping colored bench. Placing a bench on your patio offers a place for people to sit when they are just popping by for a few minutes or a place for you to sit and relax yourself.

If you’re going to add a bench to your patio make sure you use it as an excuse to add some color to your patio.

Photo Credit: Urban Grace

An old church pew makes a charming addition to your patio. You can paint it to match and suit your style or leave it as is for some old rustic charm.

Photo Credit: Liz Marie Blog

Built-in Bench Seating inspiration

Well Placed Fire Tables

Fire tables are a perfect addition to any patio — they provide a gorgeous focal point and will provide your patio with warmth on those cooler summer nights.

Photo Credit: AGK Design Studio

Table top fire pits come in a wide variety of styles and shapes so you are sure to find one that will complement your patio nicely.

Photo Credit: Adam Hunter
Photo Credit: Morgan Harrison Home
Photo Credit: Massucco Warner

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Privacy and Style

Not all patios are hidden, so if you need to add some privacy, make sure you use it as an opportunity to add some style and beauty as well. A teak wooden wall with a matching garden planter adds a unique modern touch to this patio.

Photo Credit: Kimberely Kay Interiors
Photo Credit: Kelly Nutt Design
Photo Credit: Lindye Galloway

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Light It Up

Add some string lights to your patio for a stunning night light display that will make you want to hang out all summer at night in your backyard oasis. If you love entertaining, lighting up your patio with string lights is a great way to ensure your guests feel welcome.

Photo Credit: Christopher Architects

String lights are available in several different styles and varieties, from faerie lights to globe bulbs. You can also light up your patio table with lit lanterns, too.

string lights edison bulbs in tree light up at night above table with candles in lanterns
Photo from: Garden Trading
strings lights hanging from wood fence close up
Photo from: Larry Crain via Canva

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Bring Indoor Lighting Out

Who says which lights are interior and which ones are exterior? If your porch is covered, don’t think that you’re stuck with just exterior lighting solutions. You can hang a stunning interior light on your outdoor patio that will make your outdoor space feel cozy and inviting.

Photo Credit: Design Works

By using an interior light under your covered patio, you can also feel free to get creative and add a unique touch to your patio.

Photo Credit: Brandon Architects
Photo Credit: Jenn Feldman Designs

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

If you have the space and the budget, adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio will make summer entertaining so easy and stress-free. Enjoy time with your guests without having to run in and out of the kitchen all day. Plus, these outdoor kitchens look so gorgeous!

Photo Credit: Creative Tonic

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Find Your Style

When designing your patio, think about your surroundings. Are you near the lake? Near the mountains? In an urban jungle? This will help you lay out the design for your patio, and by sticking with the theme of your surroundings, your patio is sure to impress.

Photo Credit: Pinney Designs
Photo Credit: boana via Canva

Classic log cabin with a big rustic deck

Go With Hanging Items

Take your patio decor to new heights by going with items that hang. Hanging chairs, decorative orbs and outdoor chandeliers are all elevated items that can add character and charm to an outdoor patio.

Photo Credit: Lifestyle LA
Photo Credit: Storm Interiors
Photo Credit: Urban Grace

Covert a Shed or Pool House

Covert a shed or pool house to a secondary indoor living space to double your patio and add more places to hang out. By converting a shed you’re not using, you can open up the outdoor area around the shed for more patio space.

Photo Credit: O’Hara Interiors

Double Your Coffee Tables

Why have one when you can have two? Design Trends now are showcasing two smaller coffee tables rather than one large one and we are loving this style, so why not use it on the patio, too? This is not to say that you can’t go with an oversized coffee table, though. That look is still classic and trendy, too.

Photo Credit: Tracy Lynn Studio
Photo Credit: Brooks and Falotico
Photo Credit: Tracy Lynn Studio
Photo Credit: Jenna Sheingold

Put Down A Rug

Throw down an outdoor rug to cozy up your patio and make it feel more inviting. Outdoor rugs have come a long way in the last few years and now you can even get rugs that look and feel like indoor rugs but will hold up to the outdoors.

Photo Credit: The Salty Home
Photo Credit: Mel Bean Interiors
Photo Credit: Lindsey Brooke Design
Photo Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

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Make an Outdoor Dining Space

Like we mentioned earlier about making an outdoor kitchen, you could also make an outdoor dining space. There’s no need to eat indoors if you have a beautiful outdoor dining space on your patio.

Photo Credit: Sally Steponkus

You don’t have to have a large patio; just choose a smaller dining table to suit your space.

Photo Credit: Collins Interiors
Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design

You can tailor your outdoor dining space to suit your style and home. Everything from modern to farmhouse to coastal. Keep your outdoor dining space as an extension of your style inside.

Photo Credit: Studio Thomas James

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Porch Swings

Add a porch swing to your patio for a calm, cozy relaxing space. Porch swings are available not just in a bench style, you can actually get a porch swing that’s laid out more like a day bed.

Photo Credit: Amy Storm and Co.

Imagine relaxing the day away on your patio, reading, and napping in a swinging porch bed. Now that’s the life!

White Porch Swing Bed
Photo Credit: Southern Living 
white cushion hanging porch swing wood frame outdoor rug outside lanterns patio
Photo from: Dave & Jenny Marrs via Instagram

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Comfortable Seating

While we are on the topic of comfort, make sure your patio has comfortable seating. If you want your patio to be a place where you will spend time, comfort is key.

Photo Credit: Mark D Sikes

Choosing the right patio furniture is a huge decision, and you want to make sure you with something you’re going to love. Take your time and shop around to make sure that you purchase comfortable and sturdy furniture that will hold up in the outdoor weather.

Photo Credit: Pure Salt Interiors

Create a Cozy Living Space

Why not create an outdoor living space if you have a covered patio? A place where you can hang out in the nice weather just like you would inside, but you can be outside enjoying the fresh air. Replicate a living room but with outdoor accessories that are comfortable and inviting.

Photo Credit: Kate Marker Interiors

At night, there’s nothing cozier than a well-lit patio and a fire.

cloth canvas pergola with string lights outdoor couches backyard night time ottomans
Photo from: Jennifer Lopes Dorsey via Instagram

Transform a Window into a Bar

If you really want to step up your patio game and like to entertain, transforming a window into a pull-up bar with seating will give you the ultimate backyard entertaining oasis.

Photo Credit: Raili Ca Design

Great for places with warmer climates, this inspired backyard patio idea has us swooning!

You can take out existing windows and install windows that go completely up like a garage door. This way, you don’t need an outdoor kitchen; you can use your existing kitchen and still be a part of what’s going on outside.

Photo Credit: Waterleaf Interiors

Use Ottomans

Ottomans were primarily used indoors, but not anymore! More and more, we are seeing ottomans being used outside as well. They look fantastic on the patio and add depth and dimension to your space.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Ottomans, as well as providing decor, also give you a place to kick back and put your feet on. If you want your patio to be more inviting and comfortable, we would definitely suggest getting some outdoor ottomans. Your guests will love them!

Photo Credit: Lindye Galloway

Charming Bistro

Bistro sets have been used on patios for decades now, so if you have a smaller patio, make great use of a charming set to decorate your space.

Photo Credit: Sarah Hayes Design

Add an outdoor rug under your bistro set to keep the space warm and inviting. 

Photo Credit: Urban Grace

Go for a bistro set that offers more seating so that you can entertain more than two.

Play Up the Floor

Have some fun with a concrete patio by painting or stencilling on a beautiful pattern tile. If DIY is not your thing, you can get the real deal and install gorgeous patio tile to make your outdoor space modern and charming.

Photo Credit: Urban Grace
string lights hanging on small back patio lit up during day time wood chairs with white cushions around a fire pit
Photo from: Bless’er House

Easy and Quick Tips to Make Your Patio Pretty

  • Add in lots of greenery to make the space warm and earthy
  • Pretty potted plants and patio planters will instantly beautify
  • Ensure that you have decorative throw cushions on outdoor furniture that will add color and style
  • Outdoor candles and lanterns add light while making your space warm and cozy
  • Solar lights for nighttime will help light your patio and make it more inviting
  • Add in wall decor along the house where your patio is to make the space seem move-lived in

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

How can I decorate my patio without spending a ton of money?

If you're working with a budget, consider hitting up thrift stores and garage sales to find good deals on second hand items for your patio decor. You can also look online at sites like Facebook Marketplace and there are local groups where people give stuff away for free.

How can I make my patio look cozier?

The best way to make your patio look cozier is to make it look inviting. Try seating that is comfortable rather than just patio chairs. Throw down an outdoor rug and hang up some outdoor curtains. Pillows and throws can also make a space seem inviting. Another element to consider is lighting. A well-lit patio is always cozy and inviting.

What if my patio is small?

If you're working with a small patio space, it's not the end of the world — sometimes, a small space can be made so quaint and cozy. It's important to remember not to overwhelm your patio if you are working with a small space. Choose smaller pieces and make sure that you leave room to move around.

How do I make my patio look expensive?

If you want your patio space to look expensive, you should ensure that the gardens and lawns around the patio are well maintained. Also, ensure that if anything around the patio is painted like steps or fencing, the paint is well maintained. Chippy and peeling paint always brings down the value and look of a home.

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