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Built-In Patio Planter Ideas: Grow Your Outdoor Space

Having plants on your patio is a great way to add that feel of nature especially if you live in the city. It can also add to the aesthetic. It can be a tad difficult to pull off if you’re trying to have it all in a small space. We’re here to let you know that it might be difficult but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is figure out how to maximize the space you have. With these built-in patio planter ideas, you should find one well suited to your taste and available space.

built in grass patches

Stone Planter with Built-in Bench

This doesn’t cost much as the materials needed can be locally sourced. You’ll need to gather the stones and separate them based on their sizes. It doesn’t matter if they are of different colors – that only adds to the beauty. The bigger stones should be stacked first while the smaller ones are laid on top. It’s necessary to take much care as the stones have to fit snugly and lay just right. The bench made of wood or any other material of your choice is attached to the planter while building. The hollow part of the stone planter is filled with gravel and dirt. This is where you get to grow your plants.

stone planter with built in bench

Tiered Stone Planters

When it comes to saving space, nothing beats a tiered planter. It’s a good way to utilize space especially when there are stairs involved. It can be made with concrete and then finished with tiles. The hollow part is filled with gravel and dirt for growing the plants.

tiered stone planter
tiered stone deck planters

Wooden Bench with Attached Planter

With wooden furniture, you’re looking to create a rustic or coastal feel to your space. This is very obvious when you decide not to add any special finish to it or paint it a fancy color. If the planter is on both sides with the bench in the middle, it will make for a good look. Depending on how the planter is built, you might need to make use of a plant pot as you will be unable to put dirt directly. This will ensure there is no mess made and your patio remains spick and span.

wooden bench with attached planter
Pinterest/Lj Pijnenburg
wooden planter bench

Planter Garden with Stairs

This might not be the best space-saving idea out of all these patio planter ideas but it’s surely great at maximizing a sloped backyard. Instead of trying to find a way to level the ground which will cost a lot of money and effort, you can easily build according to the slope. This will require a well-built wooden structure that will have a staircase and small planks that can serve as benches, and it can even spot a backyard slide for kids.

planter garden with stairs

Tiered Planter Boxes

This does not require any use of ground space. All you need to plant can be done vertically. These planted boxes are attached to the wall and can be arranged in a tiered fashion. They can serve as a backdrop for your patio. You don’t have to plant decorative flowers alone but you can also plant a couple of vegetables and herbs.

tiered planter boxes
tiered wall planter boxes

Living Wall

Thinking of having a great backdrop for your patio? A living wall which is also called a green wall is a perfect choice. It’s the combination of beauty and the natural effect it will have. You can say goodbye to a boring patio and depending on where your house is located, it can be a very good privacy screen. With the amazing scenery, your accessories do not have to be over the top.

living wall set into brick wall
green live wall

Wooden Corner Planter

This corner planter makes use of space on your patio that would otherwise be unused. Although it can be made with another type of material, wood is a great choice. You can have more than one stacked; they simply have to be of different sizes.

wooden tiered corner planter
corner planter made with wood

Wood Crate Planter Boxes

With a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of daring to do things differently, you can pull this off. You probably have crates lying around but if you don’t, check out our easy tutorial on how to make them yourself! Convert them to be used as planters. They might need a little bit of paint but you’re sure to love the outcome.

wood crate planter boxes

Rock Garden for Succulents

Succulents are adapted for water storage so they can do well with having mostly rocks around them. They come in different shapes and sizes and the added texture of the rocks, makes for an aesthetic mix. This rock garden can work anywhere on your patio, even in between two wooden tables made out of crates.

rock garden for succulents
rock garden feature red succulents

DIY Tub Planter

Chances are you already have an empty metal tub lying around somewhere or you know someone who does. Even if that’s not the case, they’re quite cheap to get. An old metal tub might need repainting so you can look into that and even use the opportunity to choose your favorite colors. You can keep them close to the walls of your patio and choose to plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables in them.

DIY tub planter

Built-In Grass Patches with Concrete Planters

This is one thing that would blend well with concrete planters, but it can’t be an afterthought design as it has to do with the flooring. Before building your wooden or concrete floor, you need to make provision for spaces where grasses can grow. It can be in whatever shape you want; circular, triangular, or square. You can also grow succulents alongside the grasses to add a bit of colors to your set-up.

built in grass patches

These patio planter ideas are not hard to bring to life. A couple of them are things you can put together yourself while a few others require you to call artisans and it shouldn’t cost you much. Having little space is no longer an excuse to not add flowers and plants in general to your patio set-up. Your patio is a place to relax and enjoy and the presence of the colorful plants can only add to the aesthetics and calming effect.

Emmanuel Ojodun
I write for decoist.

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