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The Best Outdoor Kitchen Setups For Backyard Entertaining

An outdoor kitchen is an area outside the house where one can cook, eat, relax, and easily clean up. It usually has heating equipment such as a grill, stove, pizza oven, or even a cooktop.

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An outdoor kitchen can come in handy in several ways, especially during the summer. You want to take advantage of nice weather during warmer months, and one way to do that is by creating an outdoor kitchen. Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be boring; instead, it should inspire you to spend more time cooking outside.

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Foods like salad and grilled food become the order for the day because it harmonizes with the summer weather.

Here are some things to consider before getting an outdoor kitchen.

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance
  • Climate
  • Materials
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The Benefit of an Outdoor Kitchen

You might be wondering why you should have an outdoor kitchen. Is it just used for cooking or to entertain, or both?

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Here are some of the best reasons for having an outdoor kitchen:

  • Energy efficient
  • Keeps cooking smells away from indoor spaces
  • Serves as a place to entertain
  • Super easy to clean up
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Less Electricity Use

Running an indoor kitchen inside your home can increase electricity consumption. This causes added expenses to the utility bill, as well as giving strain to your air conditioner if you have one.

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Cooking in an outdoor kitchen helps to keep the house cooler inside and reduces electricity bills.

Keeps Cooking Odors Outdoors

During the summer, cooking inside a home can make the smell even stronger. These odors can be checked when food is prepared outdoors instead.

Serves as a Place to Entertain

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For birthday parties or other celebrations, an outdoor kitchen is perfect. It allows people to spread out instead of being cramped in the house together.

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Super Easy to Clean Up

You’ll probably find that you spend less time and effort cleaning your outdoor kitchen than your indoor kitchen space.

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Options For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Source: Country Living Magazine
  • Cabinets
  • Wine cooler
  • Ice maker
  • Kegerator
  • Outdoor refrigerator
  • Seating
  • Griddle
  • Side burner
  • Pizza oven
  • Grills
  • Sink
  • Smokers
  • Glassware storage
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An outdoor kitchen’s cost is much more like an indoor kitchen renovation. It all depends on the materials and appliances you choose. There’s something out there for every budget.

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When designing an outdoor kitchen, ensure you get the proper products that can tolerate weather conditions and retain their durability.

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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