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Landscape Lighting Ideas for an Immersive Backyard

You can’t be having second thoughts about whether or not to have landscape lighting for your house. Have you thought about the visual appeal it will add to your house? What about the increase in visibility which makes it safe for outdoor events and serves as a deterrent to thieves or home invaders? Come on! This is a must-have if you ask us. Maybe you’re still thinking you don’t need it. Trust us and have it all set up and then wait till we’re experiencing shorter days and longer nights. We’ll be expecting your thank you note in the mail. Whether you want to go big or start small, we know some great landscape lighting ideas you can try out.

Mix and Match Bulbs over Patio Table

Lights Along Brick Edging

With lights along the brick edging of your pathway, nobody can give you any excuse for stepping on your lawn. How about that? You can now invest as much time and effort into keeping your lawn prim and proper. Even when the sky is dark, house members and guests alike have a clear guide on how to get to the front door. Every walk down that path can start to feel like a journey to an exotic destination. This is one landscape lighting idea that is simple to implement, beautiful, and highly functional.

Lights Along Pathway Brick Edging


Lighting for Driveway

Driving in low-light conditions is a recipe for disaster, one you can avoid with simple measures. The solution is to provide any of the many lighting options to your driveway. You might need to get a professional to take a look at things for you but it’s worth the cost and effort.

Lighting for Driveway
Driveway Lighting


Solar Lanterns along Pathway

Are you a friend of the environment? We all should be. Solar lanterns are eco-friendly and help to reduce our carbon footprint. They are easy to maintain and also cost-effective. The cost-effective detail might seem like a lie when you’re purchasing your lanterns at first but when you consider that you won’t have to add it to your electricity bill, you end up saving up more. When installing the lanterns, make sure they are placed where they can be exposed to sunlight. Now you can save yourself and others the stress of pulling out a torch at night while also saving the environment.

Solar Lanterns along Pathway
Solar Lanterns on Pathway


Light up Flower Planters

Light-up planters also called illuminated planters are great light sources for landscaping. Your guests will always gush about how beautiful they look. Some of them have LED lights which makes it possible to show different colors. While that is great of course, they still serve their purpose of growing your flowers so, during the day, the flowers are the focus. Add that extra oomph to your space by having a couple of these lighted-up planters along your pool area, on your lawn, or right in front of your house.

Light up Flower Planters
Lights up Flower Planters


Staircase Lighting

With stairwell lighting, the biggest priority is functionality. The lamps are strategically placed so nobody has to ever miss a step and get injured. You can also make use of LED strips to light up the stairs. One thing to note is that this type of lighting does not light up the whole place so you might be considering a combination of light options for other places.

Lamps Attached to Stairs
Staircase Lighting


Mix and Match Bulbs over Patio Table

Now, you can throw a small evening hang-out for absolutely no reason other than to show off your house. Patios are nice but a well-lit patio looks gorgeous. For the lighting, using bulbs of different sizes overhead the table adds more character to your setting. It also lights up the whole place and people sitting across from each other on the patio table can see each other’s faces and hold interesting conversations.

Mix and Match Bulbs over Patio Table
Mix and Match Bulbs Over Patio


Fairy Lights Strung on a Tree

Fairy lights strung on the branches of a tree and also on the trunk of a tree is what dreams are made of. You can easily have a themed party one night at your parent’s house. Since the entire place is party-ready, it will save you a bit of money. With the number of fairy lights strung on the tree, the entire place is adequately illuminated and you can see everything that is going on.

Fairy Lights Strung on a Tree


Underwater Lighting

Today, having a pool in your backyard is no longer what makes you belong to the cool category but rather having lighting in your pool. Lights in the pool are usually considered unsafe by some people but it is important to note that these lights are designed particularly for use underwater. This is one of the landscape lighting ideas that require the service of professionals. Underwater lights would help set the mood and aid visibility.

Pool Underwater Lighting
Pool Lighting


Light bulbs Along or Over Pool

Lightbulbs hanging on hooks along your pool is such a gorgeous sight. You’ll be motivated to go out for a swim in the middle of the night. With an uncovered pool within the walls of your house, it is safer to make sure it is visible to everyone walking around to avoid anyone accidentally falling in.

Light bulbs Along with Pool
Pinterest/Sovrn //Commerce
Light bulbs Along and Over Pool

Christmas Lights along Roof or Fence

Every day can be Christmas if you want it to be. You can at least pretend by putting up your Christmas lights all year round. Who’s going to stop you? Don’t think about the nosey neighbors – your house, your rules! Everyone loves Christmas lights because of how beautiful and brighter they make the whole place. That’s the exact effect you’re aiming for. You have two options here when using it for landscaping. You can either string it along the top of your fence or around your rooftop. Your house will become the talked about house on the block.

Christmas Lights along Roof or Fence
Christmas Lights along Fence


It’s great to implement lighting ideas that show off the best parts of your house and also aid visibility. These landscape lighting ideas are low maintenance and easy to implement. Their cost will vary depending on the type you’ve chosen but there is one to fit into any budget size. Get ready to be the house used as a reference point on your street. Let there be lights!

Emmanuel Ojodun
I write for decoist.

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