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16 Board and Batten Inspirations for Every Room in Your House

If you’re looking for an elegant way to make a statement in your home, a board and batten wall has probably come to mind. Board and batten is a type of siding with thin strips of wood molding placed over panel boards. The versatile design features crisp lines that cast a shadow, adding a touch of visual interest while remaining completely unpretentious. Creating a focal wall with board and batten is quite straightforward. Here are some excellent ideas to inspire you!

Compact entryway

A half-board and batten wall in a lovely blush color is an excellent way to make a statement in a small entryway. The chic feature helps define the entrance and create a smooth transition to the interior.

Photo Credits: White Picket Farmhouse

Neutral spaces

If you love layering neutrals, a textured wall is an ideal choice to add some uniqueness. The crisp white wall is a perfect backdrop for a nicely curated console table. 

Photo Credits: Mrs Ashley French

Modern organic living room

A whiteboard and batten wall is versatile enough to flatter many styles. The subtle texture perfectly fits this modern organic living room and its chic vibe.

Photo Credits: Domestic Blonde

Taupe board and batten wall

A combination of taupe and white adds sophistication to this space. The color sets a soothing atmosphere, perfect for a bedroom.

Photo Credits: Michela Diane

Dramatic charcoal 

A board and batten wall in an exquisite charcoal tone will add drama to your living room. It’s ideal for creating monochromatic color schemes for your refined space.

Photo Credits: Just A Tina Bit

Elegant blue for a refined feel

Painting a board and batten wall in an exquisite color is an excellent way to revive a space. A rich tone of blue brings a luxury vibe to this bedroom.

Photo Credits: Angela Rose Home


Off-white walls with creamy trim add cozy vibes to this simple setting. Use white paint with a warm undertone to bring a comforting feel to modern and traditional styles.

Photo Credits: Studio McGee

Dramatic powder room

This combination is a real gem if you wish to make a bold statement in a tiny powder room. The dark board and batten and subtle wallpaper print in white create a gorgeous contrast, enough to bring a major ‘wow’ element.

Photo Credits: Love Create Celebrate

Charming bathroom design

A pale pink wall adds a chic vibe to this bathroom. Pair with black and white Moroccan tile for the flooring to create a charming space with a touch of creativity.

Photo Credits: Hillview Homestyle

Bring nature inside

A green board and batten wall is an excellent choice to bring a sense of nature into your bedroom. The calm tone and wooden elements create a soothing atmosphere for relaxation.

Photo Credits: Anita Yokota

Style a narrow hallway

Just because your hallway is narrow doesn’t have to mean it has to lack character. Board and batten painted a deep green makes a remarkable statement in this entry. 

Photo Credits: Hanna’s Happy Home

Boho chic vibe

Thanks to its versatility, a board and batten wall will perfectly flatter boho chic style. The white board and batten, wooden ledge, and dark gray wall perfectly tie together a chic vibe in this relaxed style.

Photo Credits: Brigette Alexandra

Add style to awkward walls

Decorating an awkward wall can be tricky, but board and batten is a good fit. The off-white wall, complemented with decorations and an oversized plant, brings a homey feel to any empty corner of your home.

Photo Credit: Adorned Homes

Adorable kid’s room

A coral board and batten wall is perfect for creating a charming kid’s bedroom. Complement with subtle floral patterns, rattan, and wood elements to achieve your desired look.

Photo Credit: Sarah Joy Blog

Gender neutral nursery

A white board and batten wall that extends to 3/4 of the wall brings a chic feel to this nursery. The pale yellow adds the right amount of color, creating a tranquil space.

Photo Credit: Nikki’s Plate

Adding texture

A bedroom with light greige walls might appear dull on flat walls. A board and batten feature, in the same color as the other walls, stands out with its subtle texture. 

Photo Credit: Decor To The Door

Kristina Shestakova

Kristina is a home decor enthusiast that loves to share practical tips. With more than 5 years in the interior design content writing niche, she has lots to share. She is obsessed with Pinterest, looking for the most creative ideas for your inspiration. Hopefully, this will motivate you to create the home you always wanted.

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