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Contemplative and Captivating: Native Bushland Comes Indoors

Living close to nature and finding refuge in a ‘green world’ is an option that many homeowners are looking to embrace while they seek an escape from the constant hustle and bustle of urban life. Defined both in its style and contours by the landscape around it, the McCrae Bush House in the suburbs of Melbourne, designed by Chan Architecture, takes its residents back into the heart of bushland life. Set deep within a spacious lot, the house was constructed on the highest point of the area to make most of the lovely tree canopy and the distant water views on offer. Surrounded by the native bushland, it is the world outside that carves every little feature inside this contemporary home. Keep reading to see the stunning house.

Native bushland around the site defines the location and design of this Aussie home

It is the ground floor of the house that contains a beautiful meditation room along with the main entrance and a bespoke suite designed to accommodate guests. The upper level holds the open-plan, double-height living area, kitchen, and dining – a choice that was determined by the best possible views from the building. A sloped ceiling also provides a mezzanine level with a reading area and library that overlooks the living room while the bedrooms and bathrooms are neatly tucked away in the rear section.

Sweeping glass windows and walls, recycled red ironbark-clad exterior that is fire resistant, and construction techniques that follow all the norms of bushland fire safety standards ensure that life here is as safe as it is pleasant. [Photography: Tatjana Plitt]

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The meditation zone on the lower level of the home along with a living space next to it
The mezzanine level of the home with reading space also offers amazing views
Open sitting areas and lovely vantage points around the living spaces welcome in the bushland
Open-plan living, kitchen and dining area on the upper level with double-height ceiling
Recycled red ironbark is used for the exterior of the home

Sustainability was an important principle of this project as well, from the extensive use of recycled materials and natural finishes with low chemical content, to optimal orientation to capture the sun, high-performance glazing, and utilization of natural ventilation throughout to minimize the amount of heating and cooling needed throughout the year.

The sloped design of the home allows those inside to take in the many treetop and water views
The unique design of the upper level of the home with an exterior built to withstand bushland fires
Custom windows around teh living area offer a view of the bushlands
Custom windows around the living area offer a view of the bushlands
Elegant and casual kitchen in wood with a smart island
Ground floor design plan of the McCrae Bush House
First floor plan of the modern McCrae Bush House, designed by Chan Architecture

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