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Mobile Tiny Tack House Is Entirely Built By Hand! And Looks Gorgeous…

A lavish villa just a stone’s throw away from the ocean or a stunning residence that overlooks fabulous mountains capped in snow are what most of us come up with when thinking of dream homes. But going small has its perks too, and with the right design and features, you can do so on a pretty tight budget. The Tiny Tack House is an astonishing little home that was completely build by hand, and the cozy DIY home set its owners back by just $20,000. Draped in a cloak of sustainable and reclaimed wood, the house was built by Malissa and Chris Tack. Set on a seven-by-twenty-foot trailer frame, the compact space occupies a mere 140 square feet!

Exterior of the mobile small home on trailer Mobile Tiny Tack House Is Entirely Built By Hand! And Looks Gorgeous…

The house incorporates a wide array of green features to ensure that it does not have to depend on conventional grid connectivity. Four large solar panels outside supply the tiny home with the necessary power, while natural wool insulation and cedar siding keep the necessity of artificial heating systems to a bare minimum, even during winters. One of the visual tricks employed by the Tacks to create a bright and airy interior is the use of ten windows along with a large skylight that ushers in ample ventilation. A small living room, lovely kitchen (that is surprisingly spacious) and a mezzanine loft with a queen-sized bed make up the majority of the interior.

Lovely tiny tack home design Mobile Tiny Tack House Is Entirely Built By Hand! And Looks Gorgeous…

Entranceway to the compact home

Interior design plan of tiny tack house

Hand built tiny tack house with cozy interiors

Interior of tiny home with wooden walls

Loft bed idea for tiny homes

Loft bed saves up on space

Hand built small home idea

narrow kitchen design idea

small hand-built kitchen covered in woode

A bathroom shower made from a recycled wooden barrel and a tiny toilet complete this teeny house. The Tacks have also managed to add a deft little workstation right next to the kitchen, and it is simply amazing to look at what they have been able to accomplish in such a small space. Recycled wooden pallet decor outside in the garden and an elegant entryway complement the astonishingly tiny indoors perfectly.

The couple uses a propane tank for all their cooking needs, and the cleverly organized space also has a few smart storage shelves that help tuck away extra items. Living in a small space demands both frugality and adaptability. By the look of things, the Tacks seem to have mastered this art!

Tiny kitchen idea with storage space

Addition of new workstation to the small home

Workstation next to the kitchen

Shower space inside the tiny tack home

Small toilet space design

savvy wardrobe and storage area

wooden storage trunk design

Tiny Tack Home exterior

Oustide seating area

Recycled pallet decor outdoors

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  • The Lone Realtor

    Will someone please tell me what’s so great about a “single wide,” wooden, trailer house? So, it’s wood, and made by hand. It’s still a mobile home. Deed restrictions will only allow this thing to be parked in a mobile home park, with the rest of the rapidly depreciating double wides or single wides. And depending on where it’s parked, you will always be walking north and south or east and west, in very cramped quarters. I would like to see a couple live in this trailer for a year, or more. They would go stir crazy

  • Mike Sullivan

    That would be a cool way to live for precisely 12 minutes. Nicely done though.

  • mikehammack

    Or what gets me is that they try to make it seem like this is an idea from someone who is smart and frugal and yet i see the apple computer setting on the desk….
    This idea and those like it are truly lacking any practical use and really only seem to serve as an oddity to modern day wannabe hipsters.

  • Persephone Hallows

    While this style is a little small for us, my 350 lb. husband and I are planning on living in a 550 sq. ft. camper for at least 2 years, with it hopefully being permanent. As much as I like looking at HGTV eye candy, the reality is that homes and apartment are a huge pain in the azz to clean, heat, and cool. I’d rather use my money to travel and experience life with my husband.