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Iconic And Playful Decor Inspirations By Eero Aarnio

Interior design and decorating is not just about serious business alone–at times you need ingenious, fun furnishings and accessories that break away from monotony. Few iconic decor classics get this task accomplished as successfully as the creations of Finnish furniture designer Eero Aarnio. Encapsulating the spirit of the colorful 60s and the rocking 70s, these dynamic designs reflect an industrial style that also brings along with it a futuristic appeal.

Fabulous Bubble Chair looks appealing even outdoors

From the transparent, floating Bubble Chair to the colorful and space-age Ball Chair, Aarnio’s designs have a distinct form that is unmistakable and exclusive. Here are a few fabulous interiors that cut across themes and color schemes while showcasing some of his brilliant designs. Perfectly at home in contemporary spaces as well, they definitely add a pop of color and a hint of glamor to a world dominated by neutral shades…

Bring back the 60s in style!
Transparent Bubble Chair blends in with any color scheme!

by Makom Design

Elegant living room with an organic vibe

by SoCal Contractor

Modern playroom with the Bubble Chair

by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Combine contemporary decor with the inimitable Bubble Chair

by Highshots Photography

Bring Home Some Hollywood Glam!

Becoming an indelible part of memorable onscreen moments and making an appearance in several flicks ranging from the James Bond franchise to Men in Black, the spherical Ball Chair brought Eero Aarnio international fame and acclaim. Crafted in 1963, the chair quickly rose to prominence thanks to its special design that set it apart from other Mid-Century modern furnishings. The cool outer shell of the ball chair, its cozy interiors and the revolutionary appearance quickly made it a symbol of the vibrant 60s.

Add focused lighting to create a cozy reading nook

by S-style

Are you reminded of the Men In Black?

by Ashville

Futuristic Ball Chair looks perfectly at home in an out-of-this-world setting!

by The Interior Place (S)

Over the years the Ball Chair has undergone several changes, and many modern versions come with built-in gadgets that include features like wireless music streaming. Its frequent Hollywood trysts have also ensured that it stays relevant despite changing design trends and styles. With semi-minimalism and sleek, contemporary style gaining momentum in the last few years, the Ball Chair is now more popular than ever before.

Plush Ball Chair blends in effortlessly with the color scheme of the boys’ bedroom

by 2 Design Group

The Ball Chair is a perfect fit in the vivacious kids’ room
Use the Ball Chair as an additional seating option in the living room

by EM Design Interiors

Cool Ball Chair brings interesting visual contrast to the room

by Design Unity

Fun seating in the family room

Suspended Style of the Bubble Chair

It was after designing the Ball Chair that Aarnio decided to create a similar chair, but with a transparent shell. The idea of this new design was to combine the comfort and trademark contours of the Ball Chair with a furnishing that allows for the passage of light. The master designer turned towards skylights for inspiration and soon crafted a dome-shaped hemisphere that formed the prototype of the new chair. Since Aarnio found it difficult to craft a sturdy, see-through stand, he simply suspended the chair, added a ring around it and called it the Bubble Chair!

Change the cushions in the Bubble Chair to alter the accent color of the room

by Susan Jay Design

Exquisite kids’ bedroom in purple

by Spinnaker Development

Beautiful modern kids’ room with hanging Bubble Chair and wall art

by Portico Design Group

While the Bubble chair is an instant focal point in any room it adorns, its advantages go beyond the obvious. A suspended chair is a great addition in small bedrooms and living areas where every square inch of foot room is invaluable. It also blends in with the existing color scheme and does not block your line of sight thanks to the transparent dome. A perfect way to utilize that forgotten corner next to the window with a view…

Take in the sights and sounds of Boston city skyline as you sink into the Bubble Chair

by Terrat Elms Interior Design

Stylish kids’ bedroom with bunk beds and the Aarino Bubble Chair
A few Bubble chairs add the chic factor to this swanky home!

by Charline Lancel

A perfect decor idea for small bedrooms

by H3K Design

Bubble chair looks perfectly at home in a sci-fi setting!

by Sonali Shah

A majestic backdrop for the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair

by Teton Heritage Builders

Let Out the Inner Kid

Aarnio continues to craft some colorful accessories that blend elegance and ergonomics in a vibrant, dramatic manner. How many times have you noticed that cool little puppy in the corner that looks like an abstract piece of art? It is one of Aarnio’s interesting and fun creations that is specifically aimed at kids. Designed for Magis, Puppy doubles as a sophisticated sculptural addition that also enlivens the interior in an amusing fashion. Many other such designs include the fascinating Screw Table, which looks like a flat head screw driven into the ground, and the playful Pony Chair for kids.

Eero Aarnio Screw Table in red next to the plush couch

by Pepe Calderin Design

Complement the accent color in the room with a pair of Magis Puppies

by Laura Bohn Design Associates

Pony in the living room in bright red

by Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors

Exuberant and captivating, designs of Eero Aarnio most definitely have an incomparable appeal of their own! Bold and innovative, they add a whole new dimension to your home. And with ‘retro’ making a big comeback in the last few years, be prepared to see the Ball Chair and the Bubble Chair grace more interiors in the years to come!

Puppy by Eero Aarnio for Magis in the kids’ playroom

by Hufft Projects

Pony Chair adds color to the contemporary apartment deck

by TOPOS Design Studio

Keeping it cool and contemporary!

by sharon neuman architects

These colorful pets look equally good outdoors
Pick a Puppy that complements the color scheme of the kids’ room

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