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Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

Turning a basic wood pallet into a dreamy, colorful piece of furniture may not be as hard as you may think. You need to think outside the box and don’t look at it only as firewood, because pallet furniture IS cool. More and more people buy it because of the design statement it makes, but many have great ideas and do it themselves — it’s become quite a trend.

pallet furniture ideas Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas
Inspiring pallet furniture ideas

There are plenty of ways you can use these shipping pallets. From coffee tables, to stunning kitchen islands, as sofas, desks or shelves.  Below we have 58 examples of pallets turned into inspired home furnishings. Pick yours or add to the list.

Pallet (coffee) tables

Crafty pallet work

If you want to stand out from your neighbors then a different outdoor table sounds like the right thing you could do. You can easily do it yourself by adding four wheels to a couple of pallets. It should look like this (and no, it doesn’t really have to match the dog). [found on thedawgsdish]

black pallet coffee table Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas
black pallet coffee table

Wood Pallet Patio Table

Two pallets for the upper part, and two more pallets for the legs, this table looks stunning. It can be made smaller or larger, depending on the area you’re going to put it. Doesn’t cost much — it’s $200 on Etsy, but pretty sure you can build one just like that.

Wood Pallet Patio Table

White Pallet Table

Have some white paint in your basement and a couple of pallets down the street? That can be turned into a stylish piece of furniture either for the indoors or outdoors. It should look something like that.

White Pallet Coffee Table

Modern …

Similar to the one above, if you like low-budget projects here’s another example of a highly modern coffee table. Takes about three hours to get it done. Don’t forget that you’ll need two wooden plates in the right size for the top and bottom. [a full tutorial on papernstichblog]

Modern Coffee Table from Pallets

Designer …

Please don’t tell us you were thinking that if it’s recycled wood it loses its fanciness! Here’s proof that you can have a “designer” pallet table looking awesome. Striking contrast, don’t you think? [from joachimrasmussen]

Designer pallet furniture

Outdoor pallet table

Warm weather, clear skies, your favorite coffee and some croissants to go with it. That’s the way I’d enjoy my perfect breakfast if I had a rooftop somewhere in the city. Or even if I wouldn’t. That’s an appealing table with an appealing setup. [Diana & Chris on AT]

garden pallet dining table

Glass pallet coffee table

For some of us, decorating is all about putting pieces together to create something you can’t find anywhere else. And this pallet coffee table with glass on top is just that. Looks ugly at first if you look at the wood closer, but then you get to its true style. Love it! [found on norskeinteriorblogger]

pallet coffee table with glass top
glass pallet coffee table

Scandinavian inspired

It’s been a while since last time we looked at a DIY black painted dining table. It may look weird at first (space invading), but there’s something about this black and white contrast (with the chairs, the walls) that is making it alluring. [via jennyshus]

Black kitchen island made from pallets

Simple …

Remove any splintering wood and sand the boards thoroughly, that’s the first thing you should know if you’re working on a DIY pallet dining table like the one in here. [found on readymade]

Small pallet dining table for indoors

Rustic minimalism?

Imagine a clean environment with plenty of white invaded by a rather ugly and dirty piece of furniture made from a pallet. If you can’t imagine it, then you’ll have your answer below. They go hand in hand — that’s a great crate side table/nightstand.

pallet crate side table nightstand

Green coffee table

While it looks too good to be true, we can assure you this table is made from reclaimed shipping pallets. It’s just that it’s extremely well sanded. And those nails are well hidden with paint. Looks nothing short of cool, I must say. [from designfinch]

Green coffee table made from used pallets

Rustic inspired

Not too modern, not too stylish. If that’s what you’re looking for, how about some rustic feel for an outdoor pallet table? Perfect to sit in your backyard.

Rustic Outdoor Pallet Table

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What do you think?

  • Jaybird2005

    Nice work and a fairly good idea, except that pallets are generally re-used until they fall apart so taking them for any other use just forces a new one to be made.

  • Oo

     Most pallets are either thrown out or burned. Hardly anyone turns in their pallets for re-use. Saving something from the trash is not causing new ones to be made. They would already be making new ones regardless.

  • I love creative stuff. I would also have liked a little more detail (and a bigger picture) of the office in the montage at the top of the page. 

  • @fb46c9afd136ebc1b85360de24b5c912:disqus — I  just added more info in there. Brilliant project for an office, I reckon.

  • Anonymous

    The commercial property I work for is always getting pallets left that are in really good shape. (Both wood and black heavy plastic.) I am sure it is different in other industries or warehouses, but where I am nobody comes back for them and we don’t have the means to be hauling them in for reuse so most of the time they get cut up and tossed or broken down for scraps for other projects.

  • As  someone  who sees plenty of pallets in the course of a week, might I mention that the average pallet is made of poor quality, splintery timber, its held together by a mass of ribbed annular nails that are nigh-on impossible to remove. It’s a fairly nasty utilitarian thing.

    As are almost all of these ‘furniture’ ideas.
    I quite like the green coffee-table, but the amount of work required to make pallet-timber presentable is so great that it would have made a lot more sense to go to a timber-merchant and buy planed timber to make your own fake pallet.

    If you’re homeless and squatting in an abandoned warehouse, pallet furniture makes sense.
    Elsewhere, not so much.

  • Travis

    Pallets haul chickens (and therefore chicken shit). Pallets haul chemicals. Pallets haul vegetables (and are left with rotten bits all over them). Pallets are traded out with no discretion between farms, factories and warehouses all the time. Pallets haul all kinds of disgusting stuff that you all seem to have no idea about. If you think it’s a good idea to put a used pallet anywhere near your food, your kids, or anything in your home, then you are incredibly ignorant.

  • lewl

    To be fair guys, this could be for the aesthetic of pallets, in which case you could build your own and simply use the structural style as a nod to the architypical pallet.

  • the furniture are nice and really fits in putting inside a beautiful house…  

  • Thought you have shown different motif in designing your home, still they all look fabulous and fantastic. I love them all but I still prefer modern type of organizing.

  • If you are looking for something different then provide furniture a metal contact for an business overall look. This includes the sanding of the exterior followed by the treatment of dirt and lastly implementing the federal government. The artwork can be done either through treating or using a curler, both of which are quite efficient.

  • Brokendownharley

     Seriously, you are not the brightest bulb on the tree are you??? Think about what you are saying. All the food, clothing, everyday household products, beverages…. everything. Everything that you consume on a daily basis, everything you wear, the soap you bathe with, the food you eat and beverages you drink. Everything has been on those same pallets that you talk about hauling chicken shit and chemicals and you have a problem with people making furniture out of them??? Who is incredibly ignorant now you moron???

  • I have a lots of collection of stylish designed furniture in my own home and all furniture was made from a quality wood and other material. If i will want to buy a furniture in future,then i would like to buy Pallet furniture because they provide a different types of designs furniture and attractive furniture with a good quality of material.

  • Sickestboy

    i cant belive that in this day and age there are people as thick and clueless as you travis bet you eat ready made meals, processed food and eat take aways and in eating establishments . Plus every other item you come in contact with and bring in to your house you haven,t got a clue where or who it has been with or incontact with .
      Also chickens get transported in big yellow plastic mesh boxes,not bundeled onto pallets and shrincked wraped like you seem to think so. 
    If more people recycled everyday objects to good use ,then hopefully 1 day your children and their children will grow up in a better ,non waste polluted world.

  • Hokieskins85

    I guess you’re missing the point then

  • Daniel

    he travis,..there are also pallets used for other stuff then the ones you name,..for instance…flowers,garden earth,kids toys,you name it,maybe you had a bad day when you wrote it i don’t know,but i think you should look a bit more around before you write anything,it is good to be creative and there are a million ways to clean the pallets in a healthy way,look on the net and you will find it,greetings from norway and hope you will be less negative in the future….

  • Daniel

    use you’r inmagination,whwn you see something you like and start on it it will show itself,it is not hard to work with pallets,it takes a little time but he at the end you will be amazed by the result…i use onlya handsaw,hammer,nails and a breakiron and sanding machine and i have construkted some awsome furniture,good luck…greetings from norway

  •  Perhaps you could enlighten me?

  • Over all are such a  very nice collection of furniture items. I am seeing that over here different different kinds of furniture table presented which is most likable. I think this blog will help us to find a best to best table furniture for our home and i am sure it will improves beauty of our home.

  • I can see some innovation from those furniture. Some can be as simple as it is, but others can be exquisite and quite elegant. 

  • Krackatinni

    i build garden funiture from recycled pallets is there a market to sell these in a flat pack. you can contact me at krackatinni@hotkey.net.au if you are interested.

  • Anitalyns

    I just found my favorite website!!!

  •  Thank you for the kind words :)

  • yeld

    If you sand, prime, and finish the wood before using it, that will eliminate almost all the germs.

  • Olga A

    Now it´s mine too ;)

  • sam

    Does anyone know. a pattern for making the cushions for the comfy sofa one? I have the frame but need to make cushions or get them?

  • SquareBanana

    If you find older pallets, like the ones we have, they are made of oak, cedar, other very durable woods. They are so strong that I can barely get a plank off of it without having to hammer on it for 10 minutes. They take a lot of time to take apart but I think its worth it. And they’re free. 

  • Jim Dingle


  • i have been working with pallets on coffee tables,end tables,and many diffrent home furnishings. if anyone would like to take a look please let me know.

  • then go somewhere else.

  • ajd

    If you sand, wash, seal the pallets are ok, use pallets that are stamped HT.

  • Jess

    Hi there, I’m thinking of building a bed made of pallets. My concern is about cleaning under the bed, like vacuuming and stuff. For those who have that kind of bed, what do you do?


  • disqus_frKAsI3ZQl

    Put the bed on castor wheels so you can move it out of the way a little :)

  • hlwood

    You are the one that is ignorant for not knowing that you can purchase new pallets at the hardware store for just a few dollars!!!