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30 Black and White Home Offices That Leave You Spellbound

Classic, timeless, easy to pull off and a perfect backdrop that is versatile and exciting – black and white is a color scheme that is always hip and trendy. It is interesting how different people perceive the idea of a black and white color palette in vastly different fashions. For some it is simply taking away any semblance of color from the room and for others it is adding two of the strongest, most elegant colors around! Irrespective of which side you fall into, the sheer allure and understated class of a black and white color scheme is simply undeniable.

While we have previously showcased mesmerizing black and white bedrooms, exciting living spaces and some stunning kitchens, it is now time to shine the spotlight on some fabulous home offices draped in this gorgeous color combination. While some veer towards minimalism, others still end up celebrating color in their unique way – these are 30 of the very best!

Turn to the Walls

Those familiar with the world of high-end fashion will need no introduction to German fashion designer and artist Karl Lagerfeld. The creative force behind Chanel once remarked that “black and white always looks modern; whatever that word means!”, and that definitely sums up the attraction of this color scheme. In the home office, black and white seem even more appropriate, as the combination finds that perfect balance between a formal setting and a cozy setting, depending on how you use it. And one of the best ways to achieve this balance is by using artwork, framed photographs and wallpaper.

Black and white home office with tiniest hint of color [Design: Atmosphere Interior Design]
Space under the stairs turned into a captivating home workspace [Design: Henrietta Holroyd]
Striped wallpaper sets the mood in this glamorous home office [Design: M/I Homes]

A gallery wall filled with black and white photographs, prints or artwork is probably one of the best and easiest ways to decorate a home office without disturbing the color palette in the room. It adds dramatic elegance to the space, gives the room an instant focal point and breathes life into the black and white setting despite the obvious lack of color. Wallpaper is another wonderful way to bring contrast, pattern and personality to the home office, as the black and white variety shuns color and takes a predominantly monochromatic approach.

Family photos and a beautiful desk shape this corner home office [From: Emily Followill Photography / Kandrac and Kole Interior Designs]
Gorgeous black and white home office with window seat and a craft closet [From: Laura Manchee Designs /Photography: Miro Dvorscak]
Creative way to hang artwork in the home office [Design: Authenticity B. Designs]
A collection of black and white framed photographs and wall add to the neutral color scheme [From: Boswell Construction]
Lovely desk brings warmth of wood to the contemporary home office in black and white [From: Alki]

A Balance of Elements

One of the benefits of black and white is that it brings a touch of abstract beauty to any style that you choose for the home office. Unlike in the case of the living room or kitchen, the number of elements in the home office is something you can control far more easily. This allows you to usher in a black and white look, and often all you need is a simple backdrop, a chic desk in white, a chair in black and maybe a couple of cabinets in a matching hue! But make sure there is a balance between black and white components in the room if you want a truly beautiful home office that celebrates both ends of the color spectrum.

Chic home office with a hint of Hollywood Regency [From: The Design Co. / Lisa Petrole Photography]
Pendant and rug bring Moroccan flavor to the modern home office [Design: Terracotta Design Build]
Spacious, monochromatic home office with large shelves and a ladder [Design: Alexander James Interiors]
Black ceiling gives the room with high ceiling a visually cozier ambiance [Design: Carine Harrington / Simon Eldon Photography]
Black and white create the perfect contrast in the home office [From: MasterBrand Cabinets]
Modern minimal home office in black and white [Design: Ian Moore Architects]
Multipurpose home office design with unique table and quartz countertop [Design: Studio M Interiors]

Revel in Seasonal Colors!

Despite all our love for black and white, we still yearn for color with time, and the idea of an exclusively black and white home office does get mundane. Even if you feel the same way, you can still use the color scheme in your home office and then add color carefully over a period of time. This is definitely a cost-effective approach to decorating, as you have a largely fixed backdrop that you do not need to tinker with at all. Just inject varying pops of trendy colors (which change with seasons, of course) to keep the ambiance fresh, exciting and playful.

Add some snazzy color and pattern to your black and white home office [Design: Shirley Meisels]
Custom crafted drapes and chairs add a colorful punch to the black and white home office [Design: Abbe Fenimore – Studio Ten 25]
Dark sophistication and smashing decor additions create a stunning home office [Design: Bonadies Architect]

A black and white background lets even the smallest hints of color standout visually with pomp and splendor. This is why you need to be more careful than usual when working in such setting as every new addition will make a big difference to the appeal of the room. But get it right and you have a charming interior that is magnetic and irresistible…

Black and white home office lets you try out different accent hues [Design: Pulp Design Studios / Photography: Kevin Dotolo]
Transitional black and white home office infused with a splash of fuchsia [Design: Marilee Bentz Designs]
Cool blue chairs blend in with shades of gray in the room [Design: W Design Interiors]
Scandinavian style home office with a dash of yellow! [Design: Owl Design]
Ottomans and throw pillows add pattern and a hint of color to the spacious home office [Design: Sutro Architects]

Choosing a Dominant Hue

Black, white and the endless shades of gray that live in between – the varying combination of these colors can lead to an endless array of styles, looks and spaces! With gray ruling the world of neutrals for the last few years, use it as a transition between black and white in the home office to bring greater sophistication and cohesion. Also, the amount of white and black you use in the room should be in relation to the size of the home office, along with the natural and artificial lighting on offer. Small rooms in white can use hints of black to anchor the space, define it and highlight architectural features. Larger rooms with high ceilings are places where black can take over and play the role of the protagonist.

Dashing monochromatic, contemporary home office [From: Flock-Living]
Industrial home office features a sleek desk with weathered look [Design: Desiree Vosgesparis]
White is the dominant hue in this shabby-chic home office [Design: Tiffany Eastman Interiors / Paul Johnson Photography]
White Scandinavian home office with a hint of black [From: Plyroom]
Exquisite modern home office that is more about black than white [Design: Atmosphere Interior Design]
Create a room within a room using raised floor [Photography: Elad Gonen]
Small home workspace with a dark backdrop and sleek desk in white [Design: HC Interiors]

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