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Inspirational Mezzanine Floor Designs To Elevate Your Interiors

Mezzanines are intermediate floors that are quickly becoming an incredibly popular addition in modern homes. From the expansive to the compact, a cool mezzanine structure allows the owners of a space to add additional square footage without having to expand outwards. Originating from the Italian word mezzano that literally translates to ‘middle’, mezzanines are smart and functional spaces which, quite literally, uplift the appeal of your interiors! Often a staple among residence with high ceilings, they also can be found in compact studio apartments in the form of loft additions.

Iconic Eames Lounger keeps a watch from the mezzanine!

Giving more definition to interiors with soaring ceilings, they allow you to utilize the vertical space available in your home to the hilt. Browse through these amazing interiors that feature some exclusive and extensive mezzanine designs and maybe you will be inspired to think vertical as well…

Extensive use of glass ushers in plenty of natural ventilation

by Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

Contemporary living room in white with a glass fence for the mezzanine floor

by Sanctum Design

Innovative way to create additional space in a home with high ceiling

by Balance Associates Architects

Ravishing home with an exquisite mezzanine design
Spacious living room with twin spiral staircases and mezzanines

by Amanda Alligood

A simple mezzanine level transforms the apartment into a loft

by Design 1 Kitchen & Bath

Bold fireplace steel railings define this lavish open floor living area

by Bob Michels Construction

Brilliant chandelier is a feature shared by both the levels

by Shakúff

A perfect nook for the home office

Some Help from the Heavens!

Space is an absolute premium in many modern homes and eking out every possible inch is an absolute must in some urban homes. While smart decor and space-saving solutions like a Murphy beds and bunk beds help immensely, the next logical step is to utilize the vertical room that is on offer. This is precisely where mezzanines come in. While the popular perception is that mezzanine designs are only for extravagant and lavish villas and residences, every time you design a loft space with visual contact with the lower level and a shared ceiling, you are tapping into the mezzanine blueprint!

Art-filled mezzanine level used as a creative hub

by Works Photography

Colorful mezzanine enclosure supported by exposed yellow steel beam

by Murphy & Co. Design

View of the mezzanine level of a church revamped into a modern home
A closer look at the intermediate floor

by Bagnato Architects

Mezzanines can be used to incorporate a home library, an additional bedroom for the guests, an artistic studio that displays all your creative work or even a home works pace that offers ample privacy. These intermediate levels can also tuck in nicely between two regular floors and can form a wonderful connecting space that can be used as an open playroom for kids that allows you to keep an eye on them at all times.

Mezzanines seem to be a popular choice to showcase the home library proudly!
Utilizing the additional space wisely!
Industrial-styled mezzanine with wooden staircase and metal railing

by 1 Wren Residence

Modern loft with a mezzanine level that features a guest bedroom

by Christopher James Interiors

Elegant mezzanine level used as an additional bedroom
A perfect home library for the bibliophiles!

A Touch of Traditional Charm

With open floor plans becoming the norm in the last few decades, the mezzanine has gained more popularity and notice thanks to the manner in which it perfectly suits such blueprints. As homes with high ceilings do away with walls and opt for an open floor plan, the presence of a mezzanine level gives the space better form and also allows the kitchen to be tucked away beautifully underneath the intermediate level. This brings a sense of coziness and warmth that is simply undeniable and this classic design plan is now being used extensively with several smart improvisations.

Ergonomic kitchen tucked neatly under the Mezzanine floor

by Chip Webster Architecture

Green walls and colorful decor accentuate the look of this Swedish loft
Traditional living room with a mezzanine level that draws attention instantly

by Mitch Wise Design

Demarcating spaces and organizing them without walls can indeed be a hard task at times. A mezzanine solves a part of this problem in an open floor plan by clearly creating a border for the kitchen housed in the lower level. It also allows you to add several layers of lighting to kitchen by giving you a ceiling to work with even while maintaining the open and airy ambiance!

Textures employed and design of the space create a distinct masculine appeal!
Clean and contemporary space in white

by sporadicSPACE

Classy contemporary kitchen and dining area sit neatly under the mezzanine level

by Workshop

Accents of Fuchsia carefully placed across the kitchen and dining area
Renovated barn with a modern mezzanine that blends into the existing theme perfectly

by Northworks Architects and Planners

Creating a Visual Impact

It is said that a journey is not just about the destination, but also about all the brilliant sights and sounds that lay on the path as well. Designing a mezzanine level for your home should be no different. The visual impact a brilliant and exquisite mezzanine floor brings is as much in the staircase that leads to it as in the projection of the level itself. Use a variety of textures and materials that bring contrast to your home and elevate the grandeur of the setting. A stunning spiral staircase, a curvaceous mezzanine that breaks the monotony of rigid, straight lines or hint of metal and glass in the railing can make a world’s difference to the interior.

Spiral staircase leads to the top level

by HartmanBaldwin Design

Stunning living room with a curvaceous mezzanine

by Wascha Studios

Audacious staircase leads to the reclusive retreat!

by SAK Designs

Exquisite modern home blends pristine white surfaces with warm wooden tones

Whether it serves as a stylish second bedroom or an elegant seating space, mezzanines bring along with them both aesthetic and ergonomic perks that are simply undeniable. There are simply innumerable designs and styles on offer that allow you to expand your home in a whole new fashion. Do not hesitate to think ‘out of the box’ as, when it comes to creative mezzanine designs the ceiling is your only limit!

Mezzanines are ideal for homes with a high ceiling

by Patrick Patton

Stylish home with a black and white color scheme

by FJ Interior Design

Sleek steel grate catwalk and mezzanine level clad in metal

by dSPACE Studio

Modern residence with a mezzanine and a glass bridge

by Halflants + Pichette

Creative use of the additional space on offer

by Mark Gerwing

Beautiful and airy glass house with expansive mezzanine level

by Fivecat Studio Architecture

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