Impressive sloped residential duo: Plot 4328

Plot 4328

Plot 4328 is an interesting residential project designed by Beirout-based studio Bernard Khoury Architects. Made of a three-story set of twin houses, the interesting architecture completely opens to the view on its north side through floor to ceiling on all three levels adorned with long and narrow balconies. Located in Kfardebian, a town not far from Beirout, Libanon, the 535 square meters plot of land…

Design Ideas / November 14, 2011

Sophisticated modern Downtown Apartment in Zagreb


Croatian architecture studio Dva Arhitekta d.o.o. designed a fantastic modern residential space – the Downtown Apartment in Zagreb. By merging two small apartments into a big one and completely redesigning the interiors, the talented architects managed to create a flexible and contemporary collection of spaces. A sophisticated detail is the focal point of the living space – double doors in the middle of a glass…

Dream Houses / November 14, 2011

Exterior Painting Tips: What You Need to Know

House Exterior Painting 1

Did you know painting your house – wooden or concrete – in regular intervals, strengthens its outer surfaces? An adequately painted house is a delight to watch. Preparations before painting are significant as the procedure itself. These include treating and removing mildew, removing old paints and the like. Okay let’s tell you few points to think about you need to have in mind before you…

Design Ideas / November 13, 2011

Stingray Chair is Absolutely Fashionable and Appealing

How about hopping on to a Stingray couch? Relaxing on this amazing chair from London-based Decoratum can be a comforting experience. The Stingray chair is absolutely fashionable and appealing with its unique design. The contemporary piece of furniture has been designed by Thomas Pederson. What is significant about the rocking chair is its simplicity of design and the comfort level it offers. The chair is…

Furniture / November 12, 2011

Green-Blais Residence Can be Your Home Away from Home

Green-Blais Residence by Architects Alliance 13

The Green-Blais Residence, which has been designed by Architects Alliance, rises on a rolling field overlooking Beaver Valley, Canada. The total construction cost of this impressive 3,500-square-foot house is $1.18 million. As you might know, in the 19th and early 20th centuries the Beaver Valley was a major agriculture and logging centre. But nowadays, it is a popular location for second homes. The Green-Blais Residence…

Dream Houses / November 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Ideas: How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

A glorious Christmas tree is not only the focus of your Christmas decorations, but is often the singular addition that truly breathes life into every Christmas celebration. And when it comes to decorating that Christmas tree, you have lots of decisions to make, right from a choice between a real and an artificial Christmas tree to the final touches to the decoration and ornaments that…

Design Ideas / November 12, 2011

Wood Furnishings Care: Dusting and Cleaning

modern outdoor furniture

We know you have wood furniture at home. We all do. We also know you are looking for some good tips on how to care them without letting them lose their originality. Let us suggest a few points on how to do them. You need not hesitate to dust your furniture regularly with clean, dry and soft clothes or dusters. Use wringed cloth dipped in…

Design Ideas / November 11, 2011

How to Maintain & Take Care Of Your Wooden Deck

wooden deck & table

Once an obligatory part of the vintage homes, wooden decks have now made their way to contemporary houses. A deck in the backyard of a country house provides space for quality outdoor time. However, decks made of wood need idyllic care for preservation. Periodic cleaning and refinishing can keep your good old wooden deck young and strong. Various products are available in the market, which…

Design Ideas / November 11, 2011

Basic Rug Cleaning and Care Tips

Red rug

If you have ignored them, think again! Rugs play an important role in making your house beautiful. Rugs or carpets are the main attractions of rooms in your house, and they call for good care. There are various type of rugs made of different materials. To avoid damage you can keep the rug in a climate controlled area. The care tag of the newly bought…

Design Ideas / November 11, 2011

Reconstructing an elegant and simple design: Photochrome Suspension Lamp

Photochrome Suspension Lamp

If you are one of those people who cannot be content until they have at least a creative and unique focal point in their home, then this next carefully designed creation will become your favorite lighting system. The Photochrome Suspension Lamp is an interesting way of looking at usual design through the eyes of a designer. What inspired the concept – a simple neon light…

Lighting / November 10, 2011

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