Moss Oaklands Residence in South Africa is Wonder Redesigned

The Moss Oaklands Residence, situated in the historic Cape Town in South Africa, is a remodeled structure of an old 1950s residence.It’s the work of studio Nico Van Der Meulen Architects who have taken utmost care in making this design, perfect and complete — making it one of the major attractions of the whole area. According to the architect team, remodeling was done on the…

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25 Gorgeous DIY Headboard Projects

diy headboards design ideas

When it comes to decorating, nothing sets the tone of a bedroom like a beautiful headboard. While stylish headboards can be quite expensive, a vibrant array of do-it-yourself options makes imaginative bedroom design a reality. Today we feature 25 of the best DIY headboard ideas for your inspiration. Modern Headboards Pillow Headboard What better way to celebrate the ritual of sleep than by constructing a…

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15 Lighting Ideas for the Perfect Kitchen

modern chic kitchen Lighting Ideas

You’ve been working really hard on that kitchen of yours to make it look magnificent. If it’s still not as charming as you’d expect and you can’t figure out where you went wrong, lighting would probably be the issue. It needs to be said again and again, proper lighting can make your kitchen look much better than you ever intended it to. But wrong decisions…

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Shek-O Residence Brings Hong Kong on Designers’ Map

Shek-O Residence Hong Kong 1

Shek-O Residence in Hong Kong is an outstanding structure located on the top of a hill, overlooking the mesmerizing South China Sea. Erected on a planar triangular plot by the creative folks from Scott Allen Architecture, this house has bagged several awards for interior design. The location selected for this house is moderately inhabited and rural. An array of tall trees serves as natural canopy,…

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Living Kitchen Offers Refined Living Experience

living kitchen design oak furniture

Living Kitchen is a novel design topic adopted from ancient concepts. This is very relevant in the current day world order since many huge houses, designed without rationale, are left uninhabited as owners live far away from home mainly due to their jobs. The Living Kitchen can save lots of resources as its design is handy and purposeful. Warndorf, a German based designer, is behind…

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Split Level Hasharon House Overlooking Agricultural Fields

Hasharon House by Sharon Neuman Architects

The Hasharon House is one of Sharon Neuman Architects‘ projects – a modern residence located in Israel. Spreading over 2,200 square foot, the Hasharon House is home to a young family and their three children, so all the interior and exterior spaces were designed to mirror this and offer each inhabitant personal spaces they can enjoy. Besides the private spaces, the common living and entertaining zones…

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Luxury Palm Beach Mansion Selling For an Extravagant $38M

Palm Beach Mansion ultra classy lounge area looks like outdoor living room

Palm Beach Mansion, situated on rim of the Pacific Ocean, is a scintillating option for those who are looking for a luxurious residence in that region. You would definitely spot a fantastic blend of vintage architecture and contemporary atmosphere inside this residence. And, it is now on for sale for a price of $ 38 million.  Extended over an area of 13,000 square feet, this…

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Coastal Living: Beach House Decorating Ideas

beach house decorating ideas

Your beach house should have a light, laid-back and relaxing feel. Clean whites, cool blues, seafoam greens and light yellows offer a charming and attractive look; dark or overly dramatic colors should be avoided in most cases. Cheery blue or yellow walls with bright white trim and bright white ceiling fans often look wonderful in beach houses. A fish or ship-themed border can easily be…

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Las Piedras Fasano is Akin to Paradise

Las Piedras Fasano 18

We have heard of many resorts and homes being equated to Paradise itself. While most of them don’t have the exact charm they are expected to feature, some would fade their reputation away with the passage of time. Here, we feature a wonderful building which is nothing like the ones you would usually see, so we’ll let you decide how much of a dream home…

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Bainbridge Island Residence Reveals a New Face of Luxury

Bainbridge Island Residence 1

The Bainbridge Island Residence has acquired much acclaim for being a magnificent architectural masterpiece. Located in the brim of lushly green landscape and a beautiful beach facing south, the building stands isolated from the busy streets and crowded townships close by. This, in fact, can be seen as a classic example of how a contemporary residence should be — and all kudos goes to the…

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Striped Duvet Covers & Shams For a Fancy Bedroom

Duncan Stripe Duvet Cover & Sham 2

We know you would always prefer comfort and style over flashiness when it comes to duvet covers and shams. How about picking some with stripes and made of pure organic cotton? That’s double the fun, right? Stripes have always had a prominent role when it comes to fashion, be it on your body or for your home decor. Stuff made of pure organic cotton or…

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Urban Stay in Vienna at the Fancy Daniel Hotel

Hotel Daniel Vienna, Decoist 19

Located near the historic Schloss Belvedere, the Daniel Hotel designed by Georg Lippert is a beautiful blend of modern as well as vintage architecture. This aesthetic building is located close to the new Vienna Central Train and Metro Station, which makes it even more noticeable. The Daniel Hotel has a spectacular and luxurious design that allures everyone in. It’s located in the historic city, just…

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Tips to Clean and Remove Stains Off Your Carpet

red wine stain carpet remover

Nothing can replace carpets for comfort, and nothing is as hard as cleaning them. But, cleaning could be made easier if you follow some simple steps. Let’s have a look at some. First and foremost, use a good quality detergent. The rule of mixing would be to pour one fourth of a cup of a detergent into a gallon of warm water. Now, your cleaning…

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One Shared Facade, Two Modern Residences


Alexander Brenner Architects designed an interesting residential construction in which two villas share the same facade. Each of the constructions has their own floor plan and atmosphere. The only things connecting them are the shared front facade and staircase. Behind the white volume in the front, two distinct residences are united through an interior staircase in the middle, with a corresponding set of wider stairs…

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Up Filer Wall-mounted Filing System Spells Convenience

What you are seeing here is a  wonderful vertical wall-mounted filing system from Denver-based Westerville Design. Dubbed the Up Filer, it’s been specifically designed to make your office look organized and prettier than ever. We have seen many developments in office outfits, but an artistic file manager must be first of its kind; so what’s so great about it? Firstly, it’s convenient. Stacking your files…

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