Adding Character To Your Interiors With Wall Decals

wall decal ideas gray

There are several ways through which you can make your home a haven from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, a home full of contentment and a reflection of who you truly are without spending more than your budget. One of such ways is through the use of wall decals. Yes, with a wall decal, you can add unique character to the bare…

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Pantone Announces Emerald As Color of the Year in 2013

Colorful living room with emerald accents

Pantone has had a long standing tradition of choosing a Color of the Year that they feel will define what lies ahead and will best offer what the world needs the most in that year. Instead of just looking at the visual and aesthetic aspects of it, Pantone actually analyzes the psychological side of things and the implications a color has on individuals and their mood. That…

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Stylish Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Stunning Christmas gift wrap

If you’ve bought your holiday gifts, you can now move on to the business of wrapping them. In fact, some people consider gift wrapping to be the best part of the process. You can personalize your presents with a little creativity, expressing yourself trough paper, ribbons, name tags and baubles. Today’s post features 20 stylish gift wrap ideas. Read on for some DIY holiday magic……

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19 Fireplace Design Ideas For a Warm Home During Winter

A circular living room sofa with a modern fireplace

Fireplaces were once the only way to make a home warm, cozy and welcoming during winter, just like they are during summer. They used to be a vital thing to come home to, the place to tell frightening and heroic stories to grandchildren and rejoice with friends and family while the cold forces of nature were fighting one another, outside. by Capoferro Design Build It used…

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Rustic Italian Apartment Fully Furnished With Wood Is Inviting and Cozy

Rustic Wooden Apartment

Contemporary homes and modern apartments generally tend to greet you with plenty of stone and glass and that seems to be the growing trend across the globe as architects and designers are turning largely towards these two elements to create stylish structures that sport sleek and well defined lines. Of course, there is always some presence of wood depending on the taste of each individual…

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Sconce Lighting for the Modern Home

White coral sconce

When you think of sconce lighting, do you imagine commercial spaces such as movie theaters and hotel lobbies? Guess what? Sconces are just as illuminating at home! In fact, they add a certain elegance that makes a space seem special rather than rigidly formal. One popular sconce location is the powder room — flanking the sink. Yet sconces can appear in a variety of other key…

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DIY Project: Building Your Own Hobbit House With £3,000

hobbit family house

Eco Architecture is something that generally employs cutting edge technology, unusual design, a plethora of green innovations and many sleek gadgets that promise to cut down on your energy consumption and carbon footprint. But then, most of these modern behemoths tend to forget the most important ingredient that truly brings green design to life- nature. Simon Dale of Wales had absolutely no interest in transforming…

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Writing Desk Designs to Individualize Your Working Space

Ultra contemporary white home office design

Lewis Carroll once posed the intriguing and unsolvable question: Why is a raven like a writing desk? And while nobody has come up with an answer for the riddle  to this day, modern design makes efforts to answer any other issues, be they of aesthetic or ergonomic nature, raised by this essential and often understated part of our lives. Our writing desks can be a…

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The Beautiful Plate: Holiday Food Presentation Tips

Christmas tree veggie platter

‘Tis the season to prepare delicious food! For some, hanging decorations and wrapping gifts are ideal ways to express holiday creativity. For others, it’s all about the food! In fact, just as you would thoughtfully arrange decorative items on a shelf or consider the layout for your favorite room, you can put a high level of artistry into the preparation of your holiday table. In…

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Chalet le Petit Chateau in the French Alps Promises to Pamper Your Senses in Luxury

French Alps chalet

While the Swiss Alps are known for their grand and romantic setting, the ones of the French side of the border are renowned for being some of the best skiing slopes on the planet bar absolutely none. With the holidays already here and the best of Christmas and New Year to follow, the Alps are arguably the most popular holiday destination on the planet as…

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