4 Ways to Make Cheap Furniture Look More Expensive

Stunning vibrant living room

Ah, the seemingly endless quandary of decorating a home with expensive taste and a slim budget. Sometimes it can be frustrating to look about your home and see nothing but low cost furniture obtained from discount stores – especially when you yearn to have the sort of look achieved in posh interior design magazines. Luckily, there are four simple ways to transform generic, inexpensive pieces…

Find Your Home’s True Colors With These Living Room Paint Ideas

Living room paint ideas with cute color schemes

Oh, the task of choosing a living room paint color! Often the room where you spend the most time, the living room should be welcoming and soothing, while at the same time make a lasting impression. How do you find a color that prevents the room from being ordinary, yet one that doesn’t come on too strong? We’ll let you in on a little secret:…

DIY: Brighten Up Your Bookshelf and Reading Life

DIY: Bookshelf Made From Crates

Paintbrush. Paint. Blue tape. Purchase these three items and you can make our DIY project itself the beauty to behold. For the sports jockey: trophies. For the artist: paintbrushes and paper. For the doctor: scalpel and stethoscope. For the child: scattered toys. For the jet setter: globe and atlas. For the reader: books and magazines. While once these collections were carefully and safely harbored in…

Colorful Autumn Additions for your Outdoor Home

fall decor outdoor front entry

Is there any season better than autumn when it comes to spending time outdoors and enjoying the trees changing color? Autumn or fall seems to be one of those seasons that demands us to relish in the outdoors and admire nature at it’s finest. Your outdoor home can welcome in autumn additions with color, natural materials, and one-of-a-kind finds that you can find around your…

Let the Summer Linger with Nautical Inspired Interiors

nautical inspired4

The summer is almost over and soon we will all be bundled up in our cozy homes and enjoying the crackling fire with hot chocolate in hand. Until this happens lets enjoy the last few days of summer with nautical inspiration. Whether you love boating, living in a coastal home, or want to reminisce from your summer beach vacation, nautical interiors will bring the sea…

Be Our Guest: 20 Stellar Guest Room Design Ideas

Guest Room Design Ideas

When you imagine the perfect guest room, what do you envision? Luxury bedding? Soft lighting? Perks like fresh flowers and a stack of magazines? If you don’t know where to start, begin with the features of a typical hotel room: one or more beds, a luggage rack, a place to sit, a desk for work. Sure, not every guest room can mimic the scene of…

Decorating with Red: Photos & Inspiration for a Beautiful Red Home Decor

Modern red and orange furniture

Passionate, lively and dominant, red is often celebrated as one of the most powerful colors in the spectrum. Color psychology experts have noted that color increases brain activity and drives both physical stamina as well as a feeling of hunger – which is why this color is often found in gyms and restaurants respectively. Red can be sexual and romantic, or bold and politically charged….

Three Unique Headboard Ideas

Feminine bedroom design with neutral colour scheme and quilted headboard

As you may have noticed, large and stylish headboards are making a big comeback. A new headboard can make quite an impact on the mood of a room, and can transform a commonplace bed into an extravagant and cozy boudoir focal point. From ornate metal and rustic, antiqued wood to early 20th century, Edwardian style quilted varieties, there are many styles to choose from, and…

The House With The Blue Door: Choosing the Perfect Exterior Colors

The house with the blue door / by Stephanie Wiley Photography

Take curb appeal to the next level by choosing colors that will harmonize with the neighborhood while keeping you a step ahead. In this modern era where we can input a new address or new route to our destination in our cellular phones, landmarks have become obsolete. Or have they? There are still spots around the world that require a little help in addition to…

Off the Wall: Displaying Art When Wall Space Is Scarce

How to display wall art in style!

Too many pictures, too little space? We know. We’ve been there. If you enjoy collecting artwork, it can be difficult to find room for all of it. With an abundance of art sold online for affordable prices (plus an amazing number of vintage pieces available for just dollars at thrift stores), collecting art is easy and fun. But what if your interior can’t accommodate all…

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