Comfortable and well-desingned Dancing Chair

Dancing Chair

Constance Guisset‘s Dancing Chair is a modern reinterpretation of the comfy and dreamy rocking chair. The enthusiasm captured by the design lines of this beautiful and contemporary piece of furniture is offered to the viewer and user as part of the experience. The French designer knew how to create and construct an amazing modern armchair and the small stool looks as part of the whole…

Furniture / November 16, 2011

Elegant Plywood Chair from Branca


Just take a look at this chair! It may not look like a chair at first sight, but it is actually one – with a different look. The structure of the chair resembles that of a shell! The chair is really unique, right? Aren’t you eager to know more on the chair? Famed Portuguese furniture manufacturers, Branca, came up with its new chair called W_01….

Furniture / November 16, 2011

Melted CUBE Seating Unit is Extremely Flexible [Video]


Are you on the look out for a unique seating unit which is so flexible and trendy? Look right here! Bjorn Verch of Melted Architecture has brought to the market place a new seating unit christened the Melted CUBE, and it indeed is unique with three modules. Sporting an organic structure and special kind of curves that make it flexible and convertible, the Melted CUBE…

Furniture / November 16, 2011

Lujan House is Built Around a Central Garden


A house made around a garden – that’s what the Lujan House is. The residence, located at Ocean View in Delaware,USA, consists of two volumes. The two volumes have different heights that get intersected and form a passageway. This passageway helps the members of the resident family to move from one part to another. The part of the house in the eastern part consists of…

Dream Houses / November 16, 2011

Wire box acting as a table/stool/chair: Kuli by Felix Haeffner and Julia Wolf

Kuli Table Stool Chair

Versatility seems to be a trend that gains more and more designers as the days go by. Each piece of furniture is constructed to be used in multiple ways for storing stuff or meeting new space-saving standards. The piece of furniture we present today is a combination of a coffee table, a stool and an armchair, with an industrial look that captures the viewer and…

Furniture / November 15, 2011

Versatile and comfortable poufs turn into inflatable beds

Santapouf for Camping

Although the warm days are over, we were already thinking about next summer. With fresh air and freedom in mind, we came across these beautiful and modern camping gear – Santapouf. These versatile items save space and have a double function – they can be comfy poufs or they can transform into mattresses in no time. Created by Italian designer Denis Santachiara, the cute and…

Design Ideas / November 15, 2011

10 Stylish Colored Bathrooms: Modern, Sleek Combinations

gray cream bathroom

Flavor your bathroom with stylish color combinations. Go for colors that match your psyche and provide a serene atmosphere for a private bath. It’s important to personalize your bath room, as bathing means not only cleansing but revitalizing to many. Ideal color combinations applied can revitalize your mind and body together. For example, Yellow shaded green will add signature style to the calming bath. The…

Bathrooms / November 15, 2011

Sleek Bedrooms With Neutral Palettes & Simple, Uncluttered Style

Modern Bedroom Ideas 1

In search for some respectable  settings for your bedroom? Your search ends here! We have some wonderful ideas that can make your bedroom romantic and endearing. You must choose from some cohesive settings of furniture to make the room relaxing and inviting. Subdued art works and wall colors are advisable for the bedroom interior, unless it is for kids. Large and open windows can bring…

Bedrooms / November 15, 2011

Ways to Protect Tile Flooring: Seal Grout

tile flooring

Are you worried about the stains that affect ceramic tiles, making your floor looking gross? We have some tips for you to revamp your tiled surface immaculate and fresh. Most of the tiles have a glossy surface that will resist itself from getting stained. Problems arise with the grout that fills the gap. As the grout is made of porous material, it can absorb dirt…

Design Ideas / November 15, 2011

Breath-taking Interiors that Spell Luxury

Kwartet Architects Create Contemporary Interiors for Barra Funda Apartment14

Kwartet Arcquitetura, Brazilian-based design studio, was entrusted with the interior designing of a small, yet luxurious, apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a trendy young couple. The building had hardly been completed when they were called in. To improve and to rearrange the master bedroom, including the closet, some changes were made. The owners are a young couple that travel a lot and want to…

Dream Houses / November 15, 2011

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