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20 Awesome Kids’ Bedroom Ceilings that Innovate and Inspire

We always talk about how difficult it can be to decorate a child’s bedroom, as the effort is often a best possible compromise between what the little one wants, what you can afford and the possibilities that the bedroom space offers. But get things right and you have a dreamy, dashing and inspirational child’s bedroom that steals the show with its sheer splendor and creativity. While most of us are often consumed by themes, wall color and decor, there is another essential piece of the puzzle that gets lost in the decorating rush – the ceiling. It is time to take another look at your kid’s bedroom ceiling!

Fun contemporary kids’ bedroom inspired by aviation! [Design: Staprans Design]

If you are shooting for a truly amazing ambiance inside the kids’ bedroom, then the ceiling is a pivotal part of the overall design. It adds wonder and amazement to the room in the most impressive fashion and often ends up becoming the focal point of a sensational kids’ bedroom. Whether you have a little one at your home who is obsessed with pirates or a moody teen who prefers a more refined atmosphere, these 20 awe-inspiring inspirations offer something for everyone.

Sun, Stars and Blue Skies

I still remember the time when my dad brought home these lovely ‘glow in the dark’ stickers of stars and planets that you could put on your walls and ceiling. They were nothing fancy, but they really lit up the room at night, and I was super-excited about the new look of the room. Today, you have a lot more amazing options when it comes to decorating the ceiling with the wonders of the night sky. While a dark ceiling with smart lights can mimic the aura of the star-filled night sky, an even more amazing option is to create a mural that brings the cloud-laden blue sky indoors.

Amazing kids’ room design with tree trunk shelves and painted ceiling [Design: Mountain Cabinetry]
Awesome ceiling in purple shapes the perfect room for your little princess [Design: Emc2 Interiors]
Bedroom with hand-painted ceiling that brings the magic of night sky indoors [Design: Hobus Homes]
Stylish and elegant way of turning the ceiling into the night sky! [Design: Rittenhouse Builders]
Let the bedroom ceiling tell a story [Design: Felicia Ferguson Interiors]

Colorful Ingenuity

Maybe the stars and cosmos are not the look that you’re after and you want to transform your kids’ bedroom ceiling into a more versatile backdrop that fits with various themes. Not to worry one bit, as there are several ways of adding color to the ceiling without turning it into an expensive and extensive affair. Paint is often the simplest choice, and while it might sound too simple, do not underestimate the visual impact of a beautiful, bright hand-painted ceiling. Move away from boring white and use bold hues that accentuate the color palette of the room and its chosen theme. For dramatic beauty and a touch of refinement, black and dark gray are great choices!

Purple bedroom with a ceiling light that ends up being the showstopper! [Design: Koray Yavuzer]
Smart way to decorate the ceiling with elegance and ease! [Design: Jaffa Group Design Build]
Watercolor ceiling ushers in the breezy charm of summer indoors [Design: Copper Gyer Design]

Watercolors, pastels and stripes also can dress up the ceiling in style and give it a touch of uniqueness. If paint does not feel right, then think of wallpaper, which has the potential to usher in color, pattern and even texture. Wallpapered ceilings are making quite a wave in recent times, and there is no reason why you cannot try it out in the kids’ bedroom. A false ceiling draped in multi-colored brilliance coupled with a lighting fixture can achieve an equally engaging and thrilling aura.

Gorgeous kids’ bedroom with ceiling drapery that steals the show! [Photography: Hage Creative]
Stunning kids’ room design with custom pirate ship, bridge and a whole lot more! [Design: Kuhl Design Build]
Dark ceiling adds to the dramatic loft bedroom design [Design: Cramer Kreski Designs]
Chic bedroom is all about lovely color [Design: Inspired Interiors]
Bright orange stripes enliven the cool, modern bedroom [Design: Artthaus by Riaz Taplin]

Tween and Teen Styles!

Eye-Catching bedroom ceilings can make an equally compelling visual statement in tween and teen bedrooms as well. These ceiling designs move away from the more Disney-inspired look of custom ceilings in the bedrooms of the little ones and often tend to involve far less color. While a tween bedroom ceiling with a theme of Hollywood regency can still be draped in fuchsia, purple or hot pink, more modern and minimal styles rely on pattern and an element of surprise. Others that have a more eclectic or bohemian chic style could turn to drapery or wallpaper for an exclusive design.

Ever thought about putting a map on your bedroom ceiling? [Design: Applegate Tran Interiors / Christopher Stark Photography]
Colorful bohemian style teen bedroom [Design: The Consulting House]
Wallpaper is a cheap way to shape a colorful and creative ceiling [Design: Jackson Paige Interiors]
Fabulous ceiling design adds to the Hollywood Regency style of the room [Design: DKOR Interiors]
Splatter paint in three different colors creates a trendy ceiling in the teen bedroom [Design: Laura U]
Ceiling design adds to the cheerful vibe of the room [Design: Great Neighborhood Homes]

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