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Hot Scandinavian Design Trends Taking Over This Summer

Looking to add a touch of Scandinavian beauty to your interior this summer? If you’ve been planning to go down this route forever but have been putting it off, 2015 is the perfect time to invite some Scandinavian goodness into your home. Scandinavian style has become incredibly popular on the other side of the Atlantic as well, and while it first found its feet in the chic and fashionable New York apartments, it is now expanding its footprint well beyond the city. So put away those garish colors and unnecessary frills this summer and delve into some minimal Nordic beauty!

Beautiful living room with a blend of midcentury and Scandinavian styles [Design: VINTAGENCY / Photography by Ludger Paffrath]

While almost every design aficionado understands the basics of Scandinavian style and the unique look that it presents, we shift our focus today towards three hot trends that are currently making a big splash in these relaxed and engaging interiors. Combining simplicity, functionality and aesthetics with color and a hint of sparkle, these subtle touches end up making a big visual impact.

Color It Blue!

Think of Scandinavian design and the colors that first come to mind are white and black, in that particular order. But adopting a Nordic-inspired style does not really mean you need to completely do away with color. In fact, carefully placed pops of color or even soothing backdrops that use color in a restrained fashion are a wonderful way of enlivening the Scandinavian bedroom or living room. And while yellow was previously that color of choice, the focus seems to have shifted back towards classy blue this season. That’s right, get ready to usher in your favorite blues!

Scandinavian bedroom with elegant pops of blue [From: Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle]
Decor brings blue to the cool bedroom [Design: Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors]
Wallpaper adds to the blue and white color palette of the bedroom [Design: Increation Interior Design]

But adding color to a room with Scandinavian style is all about moderation, careful planning and creating a curated look that ensures the color does not take over. If you are using a bright shade of blue like navy, aqua or robin’s egg, then small accent additions or a lone, lovely couch in this bright shade are the way to go. Lighter shades of blue such as azure or sky blue can be used to create a feature wall that seems to melt away into the white backdrop. Another summer decorating favorite is pastel blue, and this is a shade that complements Scandinavian style delightfully, without ever threatening to disturb the overall aura of the room.

Dark blue couch becomes the focal point in the Scandinavian living room [Design: Cloud Studios]
Add a shade of blue of your choice to enliven the soothing Scandinavian dining room [Design: Domus Nova]
Relaxed dining room in white and pastel blue [From: Peter Landers Photography]
Rugs are an easy way to add some color to the Scandinavian interior [Design: StudioLAB]

Iconic Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns have obviously been around for centuries, and bringing them into the Scandinavian setting seems like the perfect way to blend Nordic simplicity with oriental minimalism! If you are looking for paper lanterns or lighting fixtures inspired by them, then you will not have too much trouble finding some stunning, timeless masterpieces that will serve you well even after you have gotten over your Scandinavian design phase! Iconic pieces such as the Isamu Noguchi light sculptures and of course the more popular George Nelson pendant lights are great choices. There are also many other cheaper options for those less willing to splurge on a giant, whimsical paper lantern.

George Nelson bubble lamps grace the Scandinavian interior [From: Jan Skacelik]
Lovely paper lantern style lights add to the living room ambiance [From: Michael Wickham Photography]
Pendant light above the dining table blends in with the color scheme [Design: Peter A. Sellar]
Lighting adds to the soothing ambiance of the living room [Photography: Chris Snook]
Paper lanterns combine oriental and Scandinavian simplicity
Exquisite paper lantern lighting blends in with the backdrop [Design: Square Root Architecture + Design]

Bold, Metallic Lighting

Irrespective of style and theme, here is one trend that seems to be topping the trends charts all across the globe – bright, copper pendants. We are not sure if it is the glorious revival of industrial style or the creative genius of designers such as Tom Dixon or a combination of both that led to this new-found passion for all things copper! But a glittering pendant light with metallic beauty makes an even bolder visual statement, thanks to the picture-perfect white backdrop that Scandinavian style offers. Do not limit yourself only to globe pendants and copper. Explore other metallic finishes. If all else fails, black is another classy, contemporary option!

Brick wall adds texture to the cool kitchen [Design: Affleck Property Services]
Pops of copper in the kitchen complement the pendant perfectly [Design: Harvey Jones Kitchens]
Gorgeous pendants bring metallic glint to the posh interior [Design: Nina Hausott]
Minimal kitchen with awesome golden aura [Design: Studio Mierswa-Kluska]
Tom Dixon pendant in the Scandinavian dining room
White backdrop lets the pendant lights stand out [Design: Stiff and Trevillion]

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