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Chic Loft Apartment in London Adds Feminine Beauty to an Industrial Setting

It has been a season of industrial homes and clever renovations that seem to be creating a wonderful bridge between modern functionality and old world charm. This lovely loft apartment in the Soho neighborhood of West London is another beauty that bowls us over with its unique and elegant blend of a cool industrial backdrop and a sophisticated feminine decor collection. Designed by Olivier Burns, this creative composition of opposite styles shapes a fascinating interior where classy French-style furniture meets exposed brick backdrops and worn-out metal surfaces!

Living area of the chic Soho Apartment in London

It is the tasteful fusion of the rough and the refined that defines this London apartment that relies on a neutral color palette, textural contrast and smart ergonomics to deliver a stylish setting. The living area of the house sits next to the home office, and sliding metal doors separate both spaces. Special track lighting along with sleek shelves and smart furniture define the area, while it is the kitchen and the dining room that truly steal the show! With a beautiful brick wall backdrop, a vast open shelf unit that offers ample storage space and an all-white kitchen, it is this social zone that defines the style of the loft.

Smart lighting and wall-mounted entertainment unit in the living room

Sliding metal doors between the living room and the home office

Beautiful home office design with a world map backdrop

Carefully curated decor brings a hint of sotness to the space

Geometric style of the decor and the wall covering bring uniqueness to the space

Fabulous dining room with industrial style and open shelves

Industrial dining room design inside the London Loft

Kitchen and dining room of the industrial London home with a brick wall

Smart white kitchen with tiled backsplash

Large windows that typify the urban loft design bring in loads of natural light, even as the bedroom with its blend of vintage and French-style decor offers a tranquil personal sanctuary. A fabulous walk-in closet and an eclectic bathroom complete this exceptional and exclusive loft.

Interesting counter design with cool lighting

Elegant bedroom with brick wall and wrought iron bed frame

Beautiful industrial bedroom with vintage style

Bedside table and bedroom decor with classic industrial charm

Creative wall decorating idea for the classy bedroom

French style decor brings feminine beauty to the bedroom

Industrial style bathroom design with modern overtones

Bathroom vanity and mirror idea

Sherry Nothingam
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