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4 Awesome Bookcase Designs for the Trendy Modern Home

Decorating with bookcases is not just for those who love to immerse themselves in a bundle of books. In fact, most modern homeowners are turning to bookshelves to give their contemporary interiors a sense of uniqueness and a colorful personality. Add to this the fact that bookshelves need not be filled with books alone, and you have a cool platform that allows you to showcase your prized possessions and even an eclectic collection or two!

Eloquent floating bookshelves can fit into the tiniest of corners

So, what type of a bookshelf would you prefer in your living room or bedroom? Most designers and homeowners tend to gravitate towards wall-mounted, floating bookshelves that make the most of precious square footage. The four beautiful designs from Cattelan Italia that we have today offer precisely this and a whole lot more as they promise a lovely blend of aesthetics and ergonomics.

Creative Cross

We start off with the seemingly simple Cross designed by Philip Jackson, and these ultra-slim bookshelves can be used in pretty much any room with ease, as they take up very little space. The floating shelves, though, can serve as an equally elegant display and can be filled with your favorite collectibles to create an instant focal point. The clever use of white vertical partitions also provides a natural bookend on one of the sides and gives the design its distinct personality.

Sleek modern floating bookshelves designed by Philip Jackson

Gorgeous bookcases are perfect for the small, contemporary living room

Built-in book ends add another dimension to the floating bookshelves

Glassy Nuvola

We absolutely love the Nuvola bookshelf, as it moves away from the more common wooden designs and uses both clear and frosted glass to deliver a seemingly delicate yet ergonomic alternative. Another nice touch is the option of oval shelves that look a lot more hip than their mundane rectangular cousins. The wall-mounted design also ensures that you need to spare little space for this bookshelf, and we can even see this beauty making its way into the spa-like modern bathroom as well!

Floating glass bookcases give the room visual lightness

Think beyond the plain old rectangle for the floating bookshelf

Snazzy shelves can also double as awesome decorative additions

Closer look at the frosted glass bookshelves from Cattelan Italia

Elegant Piquant

The Piquant is for those who need a lot more than a simple and understated bookshelf that takes up the corner. Piquant is the showstopper that ends up being the focal point in any room that it adorns. Its adaptable design, modular units and sliding wooden doors give it a dynamic appeal, allowing you to utilize the Piquant in multiple ways. These sturdy bookcases can also handle plenty of weight without much hassle.

Trendy modern bookshelf unit by Andrea Lucatello with sliding doors

Sliding doors of the bookshelf give it a dynamic appeal

Beautiful contemporary bookshelf Piquant with warmth of wood

Find that perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality with Piquant Bookshelf

Let the bookshelf add a touch of color to the interior

Eclectic Charm of Pendola

Finally, we have the Pendola, which puts a charming little twist on the classic floating bookshelf for a more minimal, cutting-edge finish. Each one of them can be displayed individually in various areas of an open plan living area to give the interior a look of continuity, and you can rearrange them to create the composition of your choice. Understated and exquisite, they fit in with almost any theme that you already have going in your home.

Unique floating bookcases bring eclectic beauty to this living room

Snazzy Pendola bookshelf units by Fabio Bortolami for Cattelan Italia

Closer look at the exclusive design of the sleek Pendola Bookshelf

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