DIY Redecorating: How to Make the Bedroom More Appealing

beautiful modern blue and white bedroom in attic

A wise man once stated that things end they way they began. Day in and day out we experience that first hand. We begin our day rising from our non-Tempurpedic beds and stretch lethargically as we make our way to our cantankerous closet doors wondering, “Will they work today?” From a pile of decorative throw pillows on the floor to a vase of wilted flowers,…

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The Orange House in Turkey is Vibrant and Spell-Binding

Orange House in Turkey - exterior

Vibrant colors for your house, you say; here’s this incredible residence in Ankara, Turkey — the Orange House. Going from red to orange and violet at night, and having almost all shades and tints for the interiors, this three-storey wonder is surrounded by urban buildings and the Middle East Technical University forest, hence offering a cool sight all around. Add to all these that it’s…

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Renovated Farmhouse in the Countryside Spells Luxury

Luxury Renovated Farmhouse - sitting area and home office

A lovely home in the countryside – this was the dream of the Italian couple Guido and Sabrina Chiavelli. They always wanted to go back to the countryside where both of them grew up. Quite aware of how different childhood would be here as compared to urban areas, they wanted to give their children the same exotic experience they had. The farmhouse has a truly…

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Attic With Roof Terrace Has Lovely Bright Interiors

Bright roof terrace apartment 1

The truly impeccable arrangement of furniture and showpieces or the perfect blend of contrasting vibrant colors, it is just hard to say that what makes this roof terrace’s interior mellifluous. It could be observed that a uniform pattern has been followed in the organization of all the rooms, at the same time an effort has been made to add a distinct flavor to each. Mikel…

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Refined Rustic Living: Country Chic Mountain Retreat

Luxury Rustic Interiors - Blue Ridge Mountains Home 4

For those of you who love a rustic or you can say, sort of boorish look for their interiors, here is an exemplary design you can follow, take suggestions and draw inspiration from. The design is in fact the perfect blend of rustic aspects thrown in together — and the end result is simply awesome.  Put together by Architect D. Stanley Dixon and designer Nancy Warren,…

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Concealed & Fold-Away Furniture for this Awesome Apartment Interior Décor by Oleg Trofimov

space saving wonderful small apartment design 10

Designer Oleg Trofimov seems to have a thing (or maybe more things) for concealed furniture. It could be because they are cool, but also because he aims at creating added space and extra storage at the same time. So here’s an apartment that has the Trofimov touch, where most of the accessories and furniture used are either folded away or hidden. The entire apartment is…

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Glass House by Santambrogio Lacks Privacy, Charms With Coolness

Glass House architectur

Have you ever come across a glass house? Not those ones which poses just huge glass walls or chambers but an apartment made completely of glass. Well, here is one! This is no movie set or any kind of art object; it is in fact a residence. I can imagine your amazement. As you can see, everything single thing in this house is made of…

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Chandlo Dressing Table is Cool and Trendy

Chandlo Dressing Table

Chandlo means shape of the moon or the round shaped Bindi, a colored dot worn by Indian women on their forehead. The name has been aptly given, since it is a mirror in perfect round shape. Here is an elegant looking and a much adorable unique dressing table. It includes mirrors (including the round one mentioned above), and a cabinet on a table along with…

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Missix Armchair Sports a Mystic Aura

Spiraling Missix Armchair 1

The first thing that comes to mind on seeing this spectacular piece of furniture is that it resembles with a G or a 6. We are sure you will agree with us when we say that. Dubbed the Missix Armchair, is indeed lovely and clean-looking, this piece of furniture is best suited for contemporary-styled interiors. Designed by studio Di Marzio Design, the armchair is made…

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House BM in Ghent Merges Well with the Woods

Chances are that you would take this structure to be a flying saucer that accidentally landed in the woods. Well no, this is an amazingly cool residence located in Ghent, Belgium and is designed by Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu. Called House BM, the house sports huge glass windows all round, thereby bringing in the essence of the beauty of the woods inside. The construction…

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Using Sculptures at Home: Boost Your Interiors with Busts

hallway with funky bust

Are you an ardent lover of sculptures? Here we bring you some ideal examples of the perfect and creative use of sculptures as an integral part of your home décor. Be it  antique, rare pieces or any modern and contemporary stuff, sculptures will definitely work wonders for your interiors! A sculpture is the best option when you aim at creating a vignette or sort of old…

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24 Upscale & Simple Bedroom Designs

modern manhattan beach bedroom design

When it comes to bedroom décor, choosing patterns, colors and furniture arrangements can be overwhelming – especially when starting from scratch. An empty bedroom is like a blank slate and the pressure of knowing it’s a space where you, or your guests, will spend a great deal of time can force you into making poor decisions. More often than not, people embarking into the world…

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25 Modern Nursery Design Ideas

nursery  designs

Oh, the joy of decorating a nursery! There’s the excitement of expecting a little one, mirrored in the festivity of channeling this happiness into an amazing design project. What a wonderful way to express your feelings through creativity! In today’s interior design world, an array of modern options awaits you. Whether you desire a clean-lined space with a dash of traditional style or you favor…

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The Chaise Lounge: Adding this Classic Piece to Your Home

modern black chaise lounge

The chaise lounge is a piece that dates back several centuries and has steadily maintained quite a presence in home décor throughout the years. It reminds us of the whimsical furnishings of French Rococo and the romance and drama of early to mid 20th century cinema. Simple and classic, the chaise lounge is available in many different styles and can easily find a place in…

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DIY Fusion Of Styles: Compromising in an Artistic Way

refined rustic living room

How many people do you know that actually agree with you? And mean it? In every way? How many of those people that you answered with an affirmative are in your family? Exactly. No matter if you are newlywed, have been with your significant other for twenty years, are back to shacking with immediate family, or have been bunking with your roommate for eons, when…

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