Project Begovaya: Stunningly Stylish Interiors In Striking Black And White!

black and white inspiration

Conceptualized and created to steal the show with ease, Project Begovaya by Geometrix Design makes you wonder if you stepped back into cinema’s golden era! With most contemporary homes that seem to borrow from the trend of semi-minimalism, neutral tones are more or less a must. But these muted hues are often relegated to grey, white and brown with a touch of green or red…

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Cool DIY Dog Beds With a Fancy Twist

Circular fabric dog bed DIY

They’re furry, four-legged and (generally) friendly. They are as much a part of the family as children or a spouse. So when it comes to designing your home, incorporating elements with your precious pooch in mind is a must. Create a special space for them with comfort and style in mind. One of the easiest ways to show your canine you care is with a crafty DIY dog bed….

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Casual And Comfortable Brooklyn Home Stays True To Its Industrial Roots


In the modern world where space is becoming an absolute premium, it makes sense to use every inch that is available. Changing an existing industrial building into a lovely contemporary residence is a sensible way in which one can create a beautiful home that is both functional and aesthetic. Brooklyn Studio created by David Berridge Architect is a wonderful case in the point as the…

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10 Stylish Serving Pieces for Summer Entertaining

Summer Entertaining

Summer is on the horizon! Anyone else out there planning on entertaining this summer? A LOT?! I sure am, and as I’m taking inventory of my serveware, one thing in clear: I could use a new piece or two… Today we round up the newest and most festive serving pieces that will make your summer season the most entertaining yet. As you browse the images…

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30 Cool And Contemporary Boys Bedroom Ideas In Blue

Let your kid fly high with aviation themed bedroom in white and blue

Just like pink is the ‘go-to’ color for girls’ bedroom designs, it is becoming more and more clear with each passing day that blue is the shade for boys. What is fascinating to ponder over is the fact that there was a time at the start of the last century when blue was considered the more feminine color while light pink was supposed to work…

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Modern Penthouse Apartment Showcases Smart Usage Of Space

penthouse balcony - city view

Space is a conundrum that often resurfaces when designing a house and this problem is all the more exaggerated in an urban setting. With modern studio apartments and urban residences trying to make use of every available square inch in a smart fashion, innovative architecture is indeed the order of the day. Kariouk Associates have created one such smart and savvy modern residence in Ottawa,…

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Masculine and Feminine Bathrooms: “His” and “Hers” Powder Rooms

This spring, we at Decoist have been exploring the world of “his” and “hers” design. What makes a space masculine? What makes a space feminine? Are the details themselves feminine and masculine, or is there an overall effect that sets the tone? While there are no easy answers, we invite you to ask yourself these very questions as you scan the images below. In the…

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Elegant Victorian Residence In Melbourne Gets A Classy Contemporary Extension

victorian house design

We have seen some beautiful houses located in historically significant neighborhoods get a modern makeover without disturbing the façade of the existing structure. Coming from Down Under in Melbourne, the Armandale House is another gorgeous example of seamless fusion between the classic and the contemporary. The task of adding a fresh extension to this Victorian house was entrusted to the architects from Jackson Clements Burrows…

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5 Modern Landscaping Essentials for a Stylish Yard

gardening inspiration

Don’t you love the clean-lined look of a yard with modern landscaping? Like so many design lovers, I’m trying to create a contemporary feel in my outdoor space, and while at times I get a big picture of what I want, it can be hard to translate that image into do-able steps. Today we at Decoist dissect the modern outdoor look by spotlighting contemporary landscaping…

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Three Stylish and Affordable Countertop Solutions for Your Home

Laminate with exposed edges

Today at Decoist, we explore the wonder of countertops. Better yet, affordable countertops! If you’re making a series of updates in your home and find that your budget is quickly diminishing, you may need to take a look at cost-effective possibilities, especially if you are spending money on other highlights such as flooring. But don’t think that budgetary countertop decisions will automatically lead you to…

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