Tokyo Has the Most Expensive One Bedroom Apartment in the World

Worlds Most Expensive One Bedroom Apartment - Tokyo - 1

How large and expensive can a one-bedroom apartment be? Here is a case which will make you get lost in awe. An awesomely designed and furnished apartment, it’s located in the exclusive Minami-Azabu district of Tokyo. This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city and the apartment is christened ‘The House’. Really large interiors that are luxuriously decorated welcome you inside. Apart…

Tiny House Living: $200 Microhouses Built with Scavenged Stuff

cosy eco-friendly micro houses 1

Recycling can be fun. But then, how about picking up dump worthy stuff to make a living space?  Possible. In case you are not convinced, we would like to show you Derek Diedricksen’s venture into that terrain. The 33-year old carpenter has excelled in making tiny houses from scavenged materials. And, if you are thinking of the budget, each house costs only $200 to build!…

Breathtaking Wildcat Ridge Residence Overlooking Natural Surroundings


Voorsanger Architects created a stunning home in Aspen, Colorado. The Wildcat Ridge residence – as it was named – sits atop a 9,200 feet elevation overlooking beautiful natural surroundings. The fragile nature of the site challenged the architects to design a home that would follow the contours of the land, but display a stunning modern architecture. Inspired by the natural landscape surrounding this extraordinary property,…

Fascinating Country Style Beam House in Israel


Surprising architectural developments are easy to spot – an unusually shaped home immediately catches your attention. This is the case with the Beam House designed by Uri Cohen Architects – a single family residence that seems to have been folded onto itself. Divided in three different parts – private, semi private and public – the house bearing the name of its defining feature is a…

Teak Furniture for a Retro Chic Look

dining room teak furniture

Thanks to Mad Men and other mid century modern inspirations, home décor has been thrown for a bit of a loop into the past. Part of achieving this look is accenting your home with specific time-relevant materials. As you may have noticed in retro TV shows – or as you may remember, depending on your age – 1960s and 1970s homes of well-to-do families often…

Spring Coat Shopping? Try A Fresh New Coat of Paint

five colors wall

You’re watching TV and begin to snooze off when an infomercial loudly starts airing. It’s for an exciting new paintbrush that can hold 2 quarts of paint, sprays at 3 different degrees and makes no mess and never clogs. Bliss. Now you’re wide awake as you remember that it’s been several years since you last painted the interior walls of your house. Between the four…

Small & Beautiful Beach House: Renovation Rental in California

Renovation Rental California - beach house 7

White walls, bright colored doorsand delectable decorations altogether give this home a cool outlook. Located at Balboa Island, California, this pretty little house is currently being rented by Robert and Valerie Schnieders. The couple’s own house is under renovation, so they had to rent this beautiful beach side house for the time being. One could observe the vintage fireplace, typical of the early twentieth century…

Adding Style With Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned Wallpaper design ideas

While once thought to be outdated or old fashioned, wallpaper is now back with a vengeance! A slew of beautiful options makes the patterns all the more enticing, and designers have found ways to enhance their effect. For example, juxtaposing modern with traditional styles can give wallpaper a contemporary look. Try placing a ’50s Modern chair in front of a floral or damask wallpaper pattern….

Beauty of White Interiors: Vivienda en Llaveneres in Spain

white contemporary home in spain 1

A white backdrop is at times like a canvas. You can try bringing in a contrast or you can play around with more and more white stuff. Either will enhance the beauty and purity of the shade. Here is another design with more white in it and check for yourselves how the white magic works! Each room is different from one another in terms of…

DIY Moving Tricks: U-Pack, U-Pick-Up, U-Haul

DIY Moving

Rumor has it that you began the arduous undertaking of an overwhelming task called moving- and without the help of professionals. Unless you are like me, I’ve moved so much in my life I can pack up an entire house in one week. Sometimes less. It’s not something I’m proud of, as it seems a tad crazy. I am proud of the fact, however, that…

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