3 Home Office Tips to Boost Productivity

Home office design with corner desk and stylish cabinets

Working from home has its advantages. For example, you never have to change out of your pajamas and, without a morning commute, can often squeeze in about forty-five minutes of extra sleep each morning. Depending on your profession, you may even have the opportunity to set your own hours. However, there are also drawbacks. Often a home is devoid of the culture of productivity present…

Refreshing Ways to Wake up to Dark Colored Bedrooms

dark bedroom lighting

There is something mysterious and dramatic about a dark colored bedroom. Whether you are looking for a way to lighten up your dark boudoir or trying to add sophistication to masculine sleeping quarters, we will present you with some ideas and tips to help you along.  We know that dark colored bedrooms do not have to feel gloomy and closed in. While you may enjoy…

Best Alternatives to Granite Countertops

granite counters

Every time a home decor trend becomes popular, people look for a way to tweak the style. It’s one thing to be en vogue, but it’s quite another to look like just another copy cat with a cookie cutter home interior. We all want to be a little bit unique – even if that means taking part in a fad in your own special way….

20 Modern Kitchen Stools For an Exquisite Meal

Wooden and Hirek polymer barstools

It’s time to raise the bar. Does your kitchen seating meet your new standards? Do you have a high counter that would make a great dining space if only you had the right stool? Or perhaps you’d love a couple of low barstools to scoot up to the dining room table… Today is your lucky day! Below we spotlight 20 amazing stool designs for the…

Beautiful Autumn Décor for Your Walls

Fireplace mantle serving as a fancy shelf for autumn decorations, along with pictures and lampshades

You don’t have to wait until the holidays to begin decking the halls in your home – especially with so many fresh and fun autumn décor ideas about. From table centerpieces to garden decorations, we’ve already touched on numerous ways you can get your home ready for the upcoming fall season – but there is another space you may not have considered. All too often,…

Master Closet Design Ideas for an Organized Space

Celebs inspiration: White modern walk in closet

To some, a closet is nothing more than a place for hanging clothes and stuffing away unsightly junk. A closet can quickly become a black hole that eagerly consumes halves of pairs of shoes, old books and other random items often haphazardly strewn about a bedroom. However, to others, a closet is a special space designed for organizing, arranging and displaying all of their favorite…

20 Contemporary Bathroom Tubs for a Soothing Experience

Contemporary Bathroom Tubs

Its tub time! Don’t worry–we won’t make you wash behind your ears. Today it’s all about looking at pictures. We’re sure you’re aware that tubs come in all shapes and sizes, like rectangle and oval. You may have even foreseen the egg shape, but did you ever imagine that a spiral would inspire a modern tub design? Today anything and everything goes, which is good…

How to Decide the Best Window Treatments for your Fall Home

beautiful roller shades and draperies

While most people think window treatments are only used for beautifying your window they actually serve more purposes than just this. Window treatments are especially useful for security in providing privacy inside your home and keeping the outside world from seeing in. Your fall home can benefit from window treatments to keep harsh sun rays from damaging your furniture and they help control glare when…

3 Overlooked Projects that Will Add Value to Your Home

Stunning front door design

A home is an investment – and a significant one at that. Over time, homes can rise and fall in value depending on numerous factors. While some factors, such as crime rate, nearby attractions, school districting and cost of living are largely out of our control, some factors – such as appearance – are fully within our power. Here are three projects that can help…

Design an Entertaining Small Space in 3 Steps with Michael Pozner and Darrick Bowoski

Michael Pozner living room

Moving into a new place can be an intimidating undertaking. But as then new homeowner to a very microscopic 500 sq. foot in the middle of big New York’s East Village, Michael Pozner — a recognized business consultant —  saw this as an exciting opportunity. Working closely with Darrick Bowoski, the creative director at Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, they transformed an ordinary apartment into a distinguished…

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