Clessidra Wooden Stools Can Add Awesomeness to Your Interiors

Clessidra Wooden Stool 1

This looks really awesome! It appears as two wooden hemispheres were mounted back to back; but what exactly is it? Guys, any guess? This fantastic piece of art is called a Clessidra stool, and you can trace it’s origin back to Italy. The most remarkable thing about the stool is that it is made out of a single block of cedar wood. Sounds unbelievable; right?…

Six tips for a sexy bedroom

sexy bedrooms

A bedroom plays a vital and pivotal role in any relationship. Sometimes, the future of a relationship could be determined by the way your bedroom is. Convinced? If yes, we are bringing you six tips to make your bedroom more romantic, more passionate or maybe more beautiful to suit your style. First, your bedroom must look dramatic. For this, you can color the walls with…

Chalet Beranger in France Sports Spectacular Design

France is home to many famous designers, and Chalet Beranger located in St Martin de Belleville is just an illustration to back the statement. You would definitely agree with us as soon as you get to see this wonderful masterpiece. The chalet extends to an area of 530 square meters, and seems to be an ideal place for a family to live in. Design of…

Polyforum Siqueiros Galleries Get a New Visage

Polyforum Siqueiros Galleries 1

It seems the whole world goes crazy when old buildings get renovated; be it the governments, organizations or individuals. Here, we invite you to have a glance at a wonderful remodeling done by the BNKR Arquitectura to the 1971 Polyforum Siqueiros Galleries located in Mexico. Basically, this has been a minimal impact renovation, more of some interior designing. It just involved finding proper locations to…

Renovated Mosi House is an Awesome Piece of Architecture

Renovated Mosi House 2

At the time of signing a contract with the renovation company, the owners of the 1950s big old Mosi House never thought that their house could ever look as wonderful as it is now. In fact, Nico van der Meulen Architects from South Africa, simply did the unthinkable. The owner’s demand was to create an urban touch to this age-old house, and the architects started…

Suzusan Indigenous Designs to Add Charm to Your Home

hiroyuki murase - suzusan 1

The Murase family in Japan needs to be adored for preserving a century-year-old indigenous cultural tradition in this era of computers and mobile technologies. They are gifted with the unique skill of spinning fabrics to produce brilliant hand-made designs. Located in Düsseldorf, Germany, the roots of the family trace back to Arimatsu, Japan. It’s the fourth generation since the inception of this ‘fabric technique’, and…

Innsbruck Atelier Design, Good Destination for Artists

Innsbruck Atelier - Office Under the Garden 1

How about an office space under a beautiful garden, in the serenity of Innsbruck,Austria? Here’s an atelier built beneath the garden, designed by Daniel Fugenschuh Architekt, a group based in Austria. It looks as if the building is best suited for artists and designers personal studio. Silhouetted by huge mountains and tall trees from four sides, the building opens to a fairly tranquil Broadway. And,…

Comfortable and colorful stools expressing immigrant lifestyle


Colorful and displaying a fun shape, the Axum and Lalibella Stools by Israeli designer David Keller remind me of lollipops and cotton, so I can say that these two pieces of furniture are very sweet. At first glance, the stools appear to have been inspired by happy thoughts and merry dreams, but their inspiration actually comes from Ethiopian immigrants who live near the designer’s place….

Luxury Bedding Sets by Julian Charles

symphony duvet bedding - luxury sheets

It is easy to spot luxury bedding when comparing sheets, pillowcases, and duvets. The difference between luxury bedding and price-minded comparables is visible and detectable by touch. Thread count comes first, with luxury bedding possessing a minimum thread count of 200, and often ranging above 1,000. With a high thread count, bedding will be dense of appearance, so that it interrupts the gaze when one…

Fenny Ganatra’s Vividly Colored, Contemporary Bounce Chair


Elasticity, clean, modern lines and a vivid presentation – these words can all be used to describe Fenny Ganatra’s latest project – the Bounce Chair. The Indian designer exhibited the Bounce chair at the 2012 Maison& Object in Paris and many people got to experience it’s “bounciness” and vividly colored parts. Its contemporary design is based on ergonomics studies and countless cycles of testing, so…

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