Attic Conversion Ideas for a Flawless Makeover

Paint the walls, add some lighting and colorful furniture - your attic conversion is complete

If you were to ask virtually any homeowner their primary gripe with their current living space, we’re willing to bet they’d complain that they don’t have enough space. For some, a home doubles as an office, studio, preschool, teenage hangout or, especially during the holidays, a bed and breakfast. It can be hard to fit all of these purposes into one space. by Birdhouse Interior…

20 Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Modern home office with a compact frame and refreshing hues of green

The number of home office units that are cropping up these days is a testimony not just to the way in which technology has allowed people to work from home, but also most likely the amount of work that some of us tend to take home whenever possible. Working at home is obviously rather different from working in your office cubicle and it tends to…

Cabin in the French Alps Gets Functional Curved Wooden Wall

French Alps cabin - functional interior design

The French Alps are probably one of the most famous winter destinations across the planet and with the holiday season not too far away now, one can expect the ski resorts and the little towns that surround some of the world’s best skiing ground across the French and Swiss Alps to fill up pretty quickly. Nestled among the famous snow-clad peaks of Les Menuires is…

Casa De La Flora: Secluded modern paradise set next to the stunning Andaman Sea

Casa De La Flora in Khao Lak

Some of the world’s most amazing tropical holiday destinations are set on the shores of the magical Andaman Sea and South East Asia is quickly becoming popular as the perfect getaway for picture-perfect holidays that promise a great and predictable weather, captivating beaches, delectable cuisine and at times even secluded privacy. The modern and chic Casa De La Flora sits in Khao Lak, Thailand is…

Scenic Weekend Getaway: Case Inlet Retreat in Washington

Scenic lake views

With the hectic nature of modern life and fast-paced city rush that forces us to constantly keep up with the clock, it is no wonder that growing number of individuals are taking great interest in lavish weekend retreats. The idea of a getaway has changed from the bustling beaches to the rustic woods that drown away the noise of modernity and usher you back towards…

12 Bedding Designs for Fall

bedding ideas for fall

As the autumn leaves continue to fall, it’s tempting to bring the earthy colors of nature indoors. One easy way to update your interior for this chilly season: switch out your bedding! Fall holidays and gatherings bring company to your home, and there’s no better way to welcome guests than with a duvet cover in the shades of autumn. Once the company leaves, you’ll continue…

Updating Your Child’s Room With Inspiring Color

colorful kids room shapes

When is the last time you’ve gone to an amusement park or on vacation to a children’s theme park? Have you noticed all of the inspiring colors they use throughout the interiors, rides, and outdoor activities? Color is what makes a child’s life vivid, creative and fun. Why not bring some of this whimsical nature back to your home and into their bedroom? Whether your…

Room Decorating With Stripes: Guide To Understanding 5 Essential Lines of Décor

blue and white living room with striped wall

Lines create boundaries, but when you apply them to your home, they create character and dimension and are a way to decorate outside the normal, safe constraints of interior design. And that is something many of our renovation projects need to encapsulate: recreating our home to carry a fun hint of character, dimension and stripes. Learning to be a responsible and licensed driver is not…

How to Decorate with an Old Hollywood Style

Stunning living room with Hollywood flair

The glitz, the glamour and big time drama – Hollywood has long been known as a place where dreams are brought to life through the lens of a camera and wealthy actors live lavishly. From Marilyn and Audrey to Bogart and Bacall, the homes and movie sets of some of the most famous entertainment icons in history were created or influenced by designers like Dorothy…

Modern apartment with retractable glass walls for home office area

modern apartment with retractable interior wall

It is pretty evident that most contemporary home owners are opting for a home office area that allows them to not just work from home, but also allows them to bring home work on a few days of their choice. The arrangement is becoming more and more popular as ergonomic and stylish home office areas are now more common than ever before. This stylish and…

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