Christmas Tree Themes: Making Xmas Really Worthy

Christmas Trees Ideas 1

What Christmas offers to each of us changes both with our age and where we are with our own lives. While the holiday is indeed universal, it is celebrated in different fashions by different folk. While some like to take the opportunity to make the most out of the break from their busy schedule and go on a memorable family vacation, others prefer to stay…

Design Ideas / December 2, 2011

The Hollow Chair with a Pretty Cool ‘Hollow’ Space

The Hollow Chair 4

This cool trendy armchair comes with a hollow space in it providing room for storage. The pretty good Hollow chair, designed by Judson Beaumont from Straight Line Designs, has been made with 618 individually cut pieces of Baltic Birch plywood by a CNC machine and vinyl upholstery. The Hollow chair has a simple but unique shape which is aesthetically appealing for any age group of…

Furniture / December 2, 2011

Cool Pop-up Store Made with Carton Boxes

Cool Pop-up Store Made with Carton Boxes 7

Been to Triwa? What awaits you is a cool pop-up store designed by Pawel and Jerzy Wozniak of the Mode:lina studio. You can reach the cool Pop-up store at the Galleria Malta shopping area at Poznan in Poland. The store itself is an amazing designer piece of art with trendy watches displayed. The store was made according to the investors’ wish that it could be…

Design Ideas / December 2, 2011

Modern Artistic Furniture You Would Want to Own

Vertex Collection 3

Famed furniture designer Vondom has something unique for you. A new furniture line christened Vertex Collection comprises cool indoor and outdoor furniture created by designer Karim Rashid for the Vondom brand. The structure of the new furniture is really unique. The designs are made out of many triangular plane surfaces to form a structure that accommodates seating with good architectural value. The furniture is of…

Furniture / December 2, 2011

Mont-ras Residence Stands Amid Green Nature

Mont-ras Residence 4

You will definitely love this trendy house amid the beautiful greenery. The Mont-ras Residence, designed by the Spanish architect Marta Gracia-Orte in association with Antonio Zamora who is the Principal of Zamagni Zamora, is an amazing residence built in 2009. This home sporting modern architecture is located in Mont-ras, a district of Palafrugell atCataloniainSpain. The architecture of the house integrates the surrounding oak forestwith a…

Dream Houses / December 2, 2011

Christmas Lights: The Ultimate Way to Decorate Your Home

Christmas Lights 1

As Christmas draws closer each year, you see the neighborhood; the businesses and the homes that dot your daily commute light up and acquire a whole new brilliance. Lights have an important role to play in pretty much every festival and celebration and Christmas is obviously the time when this gorgeous glitter is at its glowing best. Lighting makes or breaks the look of your…

Design Ideas / December 2, 2011

Decorating for Christmas: Inspiration For Your Whole Home

Christmas Decorations 2

Christmas is just around the corner and if you have not already planned for the decorations, then it is high time to get started. You might already have seen several houses getting ready in a grand fashion with the festive lights and even a giant inflatable or two. But, do not fret too much about falling behind as we at Decoist, as always, are here…

Design Ideas / December 2, 2011

Exquisite Open-Plan Apartment in the Middle of Ostermalm

Open-Plan Apartment 1

This is about an exceedingly beautiful apartment with all comforts and luxuries in an attractive urban area. The apartment, with an open-plan on an area of 2,100 sq ft, is located on the top most and fourth floor of a 1901 building in the middle of a city.  This condominium apartment is amazing with luxuries facilities in Ostermalm, a large city at central Stockholm in…

Dream Houses / December 1, 2011

Unique Round Whirlpool Bathtub is Inviting

Bolla Sfioro 1

The new Bolla Sfioro is a cool and trendy round whirlpool bathtub from the Italian brand Hafro. This innovation, with its round unique shape, has everything in it to make your bathroom look amazingly beautiful. The round shape of the bathtub is so different that it becomes a central attraction in any bathroom and can be a cool visual treat too. You can enjoy bathing…

Bathrooms / December 1, 2011

Kulma Corner Shelf is Practical and Stylish

Kulma Corner Shelf 1

Ever thought of using the unused corner space in your home more effectively than now? You haven’t, right? Look at what Martina Carpelan has imparted to the corner space. This is something cool and unique that you can try out too. The designer has placed a beautiful corner shelf that will suit that corner in your house. This cool shelf she has designed is christened…

Furniture / December 1, 2011

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