20 Jewelry Storage Options for a Stylish Display

Glass dish of bracelets

For some, jewelry is for locking away and securing, out of sight and out of mind until it’s time to wear. If you have a hidden jewelry box, you know this philosophy. For others, jewelry is for displaying and integrating into the decor of the home! It’s this second option that we profile in today’s post. After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?!…

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Dark Radiance: Black Lampshades Assure Bold And Beautiful Interiors With Style

Moooi Round Boon lampshades in black give the dining space a dramatic appeal

The emphasis in contemporary design is so heavily placed on neutral tones and muted shades that we often forget to look at the bold contrasts. For gorgeous modern interiors to appear as appealing as they do, one needs a touch of color and a dash of ‘drama’ here and there. Black is a pretty good choice in this regard. With white and grey being popular…

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Nautilus Studio: Inspirational Design Makes For An Innovative And Artistic Dwelling

To create a home that falls in line with the aesthetic expectations of a designer or an artist is not the easiest task in the world. The task becomes a tad bit trickier when you need to take in their specific requirements and practical constraints into account. Designed by the ingenious folk at Calico Studio, this stylish retreat in Washington serves the needs of a…

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Switching Off: Bedroom Colors You Should Choose To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Chic bedroom employs yellow along with plush textures to create Hollywood Regency style

We have always maintained that designing the interiors of a home are as much about functionality as they are about form. Areas of the home like the kitchen and the bedroom are spaces where the need for practicality in design is far more apparent and essential. A latest survey in the UK regarding sleep patterns and bedroom colors has thrown out some interesting facts. The…

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DIY Towel Racks For a Chic Bathroom Update

Wooden crate bathroom organizer

When updating your bathroom, the smallest details can make a huge impact. Paint, tile and lighting are all great tools in a large-scale bathroom remodel. But sometimes all you need is a little tweak here and there to freshen up the space. One feature many design lovers overlook is their towel rack. Hang your towels in style with the help of one of these towel…

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Creative Home Office Decorating Ideas

modern home office decorating ideas

Who says that a home office must be all work and no play?! Quite the contrary! In fact, when it comes to home office spaces, the most memorable of these rooms inject a dose of creativity, reflecting the personalities of their occupants. From colorful spaces that demand a second look to elegant modern rooms that are as chic as they are practical, today’s featured interiors…

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Organic Indoors: Woven Wood Shades And Bamboo Blinds For Contemporary Homes

Custom designed drapes and blinds give this bedroom a vacation suite style!

Green is definitely ‘in’ with the modern consumer and home owner becoming more eco-conscious with each day. Eco-friendly products not only give you a sense of ‘moral high ground’ (that is understandable), but they are also great in adding a new dimension to the interiors of your home. Woven wood shades and bamboo blinds have always been a popular choice as they tend to blend…

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12 Darling DIY Dollhouses

DIY Pink Dollhouse

When I was young my Papa built the most incredible dollhouse for me and I loved it with all of my heart. But at the time (pre-Internet shopping … shocking!), dollhouse furniture was expensive and hard to come by; so much of the dollhouse’s interior remained unfinished. However, in today’s world of sharing DIY ideas, not only are there a million great ideas for building…

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The Art of Entertaining: When Food Meets Interior Design

Colorful tribal birthday party

With a warm breeze in the air and the promise of summer days to come, we at Decoist are on a bit of an entertaining kick! In fact, earlier this week we spotlighted stylish serving pieces for summer entertaining, and today we showcase the magic that results when good design meets good food. Yes, we’re talking about the art of entertaining! In fact, all of…

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Gorgeous Gothenburg Maisonette Exudes Stylish Scandinavian Charm

small Maisonette

Not too long ago we showcased the inimitable Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel in the city of Gothenburg. Here is another beautiful architectural find from the city that has won us over. This lovely little home in the once vibrant shipping town exudes loads of contemporary charm even as it blends the classic Scandinavian design with a touch of modern flair. This bright and vivacious maisonette…

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