Miller House: Classic Mid-Century Modern Home for J Irwin Miller

Would you build a house with just your guests in mind? You wouldn’t, right? You would want your comfort to weigh more than anything else, we know. But then, if you get a chance to travel to the residence owned by J Irwin Miller, you will realize that the home sports a design that aims at entertaining guests. This, in fact, is one among the…

Container House With Luxury Living Spaces

Maison Container by Patrick Partouche 1

If you were to choose, would you choose to live in a container? No way, right? But then, what if the containers provide you with some luxury living spaces?  An amazing contemporary house located in France on the shores of river Lille is one such house. Made out of as many as eight shipping containers, the Patrick Partouche-designed living space called the Maison container project…

Clairvoyants and Interior Design – Ferm Living Showroom

Ferm Living Showroom

This beautifully designed showroom caught my attention from the first photo – a clean and sleek white background pierced by black hanging lamps and inspiring details. The Ferm Living Showroom in Copenhagen, Denmark is a promising space that encompasses the Danish company’s products in a well-lit space. Ferm Living designs and manufactures “interior products with a graphic touch” – as they like to express themselves….

Contemporary Chalet House in Madrid Looks Nuts

Spectacular Modern Villa

Are you ready to put a new picture in your “dream home” folder? This Spectacular Modern Villa in Spain will leave you breathless and excited about the future of residential customization at the same time. This also must be your lucky day because this superb villa is available for a ‘mere’ $10,333,781. A simple description like: “7 bedroom chalet for sale in Madrid’s La Moraleja…

Home Decor Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

valentines day homemade chocolate

Valentine’s Day is not too far away and you would want to have all the romantic stuff stacked up wherever you are to ensure that you make it a special day not just for yourself, but your loved one. Planning a perfect Valentine’s Day is not just about spending generously and it involves a whole lot more than splurging cash around. Thoughtfulness and sensitivity help…

Office Design: Horizon Media Offices in New York

Horizon Media Office 1

When it comes to the largest US independent media company, you would expect the décor to also be unique right? The Horizon’s new office in Hudson Square, New York, indeed exudes awesomeness. Designed by a+i Architectures, this huge office spread across an area of 115,000 square feet, has three floors. A cool mix of industrial scale open space with warm and inviting working environments, the…

When it Comes to Eating Meat: Greek Tavern ‘Fabrica Creaton’ Shows it All

Greek Tavern Fabrica Creaton 2

Fabrica Creaton! Though you mat no’t have a damn idea as to what it means, the name seems pretty interesting. It is the name of a modern tavern located in Komotini in Northern Greece that makes use of a simple black and white palette embracing the idea of a butcher shop. Meat fridges and displayed meats lead you to a cozy, warm and clever space…

Shelving Units in a New Fashion

Ingenious Shelving Units

How about stacking up all your books in a hole on the floor? You wouldn’t want to do that, we know. But what if you are provided with a uniquely-shaped shelf that looks exactly like a hole in the floor? Okay, let’s break the surprise. We have found a new product from Raw Edges that portrays imagination at its best. This new shelf has everything…

Macquarie Group London Offices Based On Theme Transparency and Privacy

Macquarie Group Offices - London 1

Putting an emphasis on transparency and privacy themes, the Macquarie Group’s new offices in London spot a spectacular outlook.  The  renowned banking and investment provider is trying to move all their divisions under one roof, therefore decided that they no longer need to have their offices spread in different buildings so they moved everything at the brand new Ropemaker Place. What you’re looking at in…

How much does it cost to install hardwood floors?

hardwood flooring

A few hours ago I was reading an email from one of our readers who was asking if we knew how much would it cost to install hardwood floors for his home. I thought there may be some other users interested to find the answer to that question so I did some research and I came up with that. Pricing for installing hardwood floors depends…

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