12 DIY Christmas Garlands That Celebrate Holiday Cheer

Woven Christmas paper ball garland

If you’ve decked the halls but are still looking for a few finishing touches, you’ll love today’s post on DIY Christmas garlands! You may be surprised by how easy it is to add some festivity to your space. In fact, if you find yourself asking, “What else does the room need?,” consider that a garland may be your decorating solution! Some of the DIY garland…

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Modern Romanian Home Design Fuses Vintage With Contemporary Class

A designer's rendition of modern home in Ploiesti

It is amazing how modern home design software allows us to create and display homes that are confined to our imagination. This beautiful, vivid and detailed rendering of a modern home in Ploiesti, Romania was conceptualized and created by designer Stoica Mario of Ezzo Design. What is most astounding is the large number of details that have been so intricately placed to ensure that we…

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The Stunning Architecture of Oscar Niemeyer

Cherishing the amazing work of Oscar Niemeyer

Last week the world lost a true architectural revolutionary. Oscar Niemeyer brought his modern style to cities around the world, especially Brasilia, where he designed famous works such as the Roman Catholic Cathedral, as well as a range of government buildings (shown below in an AP image by Eraldo Peres). Niemeyer was 104 years old when he passed away–his groundbreaking work spans nine decades! Niemeyer’s…

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Contemporary Apartment in Ukraine With Stylish Furniture & Purple Hues by Eno Getiashvili

purple couch and walls

When we think of lovely modern apartments that bring in perfectly matched contemporary interiors and sleek décor, most often it is a space that is largely clad in crisp neutral colors and borrows lavishly from the two ends of the color spectrum- black and white. That seems to be the growing trend across the globe and even those generally opting for the brighter and far…

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Kitchen Island Design Ideas – Types & Personalities Beyond Function

Custom built kitchen island with glossy green counter

By inventing the kitchen island, designers have clearly stated out that the kitchen is no longer a simple service area. Its traditional geometry consisted of counters with narrow working surfaces lined along the room walls. Well, no more. Today, the kitchen island is a centralized working area that deserves the respect and appreciation given to the artists’ or crafters’ table. Cooking is serious business, and…

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More Shoe Storage Solutions For Your Home

closet shoe storage

In every household, the idea of space and how to get more of it is essential. Regardless if you are single, working parents or someone who loves shoes, storage has always been an issue and it is only natural that you would be on the look out for viable storage solutions in your home. This includes finding the right shoe storage solution that will help…

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Chic Restaurant Tables and Chairs for the Modern Home

Beautiful Restaurant Tables and Chairs

Quick survey: How many of you have ever searched a restaurant chair for a brand name in hopes of ordering your own set of chairs to bring home? I’ve definitely been there! In fact, one evening at a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, I found myself strongly drawn to a set of industrial metal chairs. A quick on-the-spot search revealed their origin: Emeco, a company featured…

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Unique Decorating Walls Ideas for a Lasting Impression

Modern living room with succulent wall art

When decorating walls, there are a few simple aspects one should take into consideration. Naturally, personal preferences will be the first to come into play, but there are also a set of simple sensitivity rules to be followed, such as don’t overdo it, avoid mixing too many styles, pick a suitable color hue when working with colors, and, above all, be creative. If you wish…

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20 Modern Credenzas with Contemporary Flair

Modern Credenzas

Console. Cabinet. Sideboard. Buffet. All of these words are used to describe the furnishing featured in today’s post, also known as the credenza. While many use these substantial pieces to hold dishes and other serving items in a dining room setting, others fill them with media products and place a television on top. Some use them in the entryway, while others use them in the…

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