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The Sleek Beauty of Modern Terrazzo Floors

Chances are you’ve seen terrazzo flooring in commercial interiors, from hotel lobbies to corporate offices. But did you know that modern terrazzo floors are becoming increasingly popular at home? Today’s post is dedicated to this solid flooring option that traditionally consists of marble chips suspended in cement, then ground and sealed. However, today’s terrazzo flooring includes a range of other materials, including epoxy bases and recycled glass flecks. Durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance, terrazzo floors can provide a green option for eco-conscious design enthusiasts, especially when created from recycled content. Here are some modern interiors featuring terrazzo!…

Chic Living, Bedroom and Office Areas

We begin by taking a look at terrazzo in the living room, bedroom and office areas of the home. Keep in mind that this popular mosaic-style flooring can be poured in place or purchased as tiles. The tile option is often more affordable, and the look is no less sleek. Below we see a bright and airy living room featuring light-hued terrazzo flooring. [from Architectural Elements + Design]

Terrazzo tile in a modern living room

Terrazzo tile can be dramatic in dark shades, such as black. The look is modern and clean, as shown in this Miami apartment featuring flooring from Trend Terrazzo:

Black terrazzo tile in a Miami apartment

This Georgia residence also features flooring from Trend Terrazzo, this time in white. Note how the floor’s sheen complements the crisp feel of the space, as well as the lovely view just outside the window:

Terrazzo flooring in a Georgia residence

While terrazzo flooring is durable and solid, it can also be very hard. If you’re using terrazzo in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms, consider incorporating an area rug or two to soften up the space.

Terrazzo in Kitchen and Dining Spaces

The sturdy nature of terrazzo makes it ideal for kitchen and dining areas, and its industrial look can add modern flair to contemporary homes. Below we see how wood and terrazzo are complemented by vibrant green cabinetry. [from Miris Windows and Doors]

Contemporary kitchen with colorful cabinets

There’s a textural quality to terrazzo floors, which provides interest in clean modern spaces, such as the striking kitchen below. [image by GTODD Photography, from Three Legged Pig Design]

Modern terrazzo flooring in a contemporary kitchen

Just as terrazzo floors can complement all-white spaces, they can add warm tones to a room filled with golden hues. The retro-modern kitchen in the next featured image showcases terrazzo flooring, a perfect fit since terrazzo was a popular Midcentury modern flooring choice. [from Risa Boyer Architecture]

Terrazzo tile in a warm-toned modern kitchen

Terrazzo Tile in the Bathroom

Terrazzo is also a popular choice for powder rooms. However, keep in mind that it can be slippery, so it may not be the best choice for spaces where children or the elderly spend large amounts of time. Nonetheless, it’s hard to ignore the clean feel that terrazzo brings to the modern powder room! Below we see a bathroom featuring terrazzo tile with a small grout joint, resulting in the look of a poured floor. [from Risa Boyer Architecture]

Modern bathroom with seamless terrazzo tile

When it comes to light tones (which appear to be the most common powder room choices), terrazzo flooring is available in a range of hues, including these white and beige options from Artistic Tile:

Terrazzo tile in white and beige from Artistic Tile

Embrace the Color

Then again, why not embrace the colorful side of terrazzo? Most of the residential rooms we came across featured terrazzo flooring in shades of beige and white, so we had to turn our attention to commercial spaces to showcase the vibrant possibilities of terrazzo. This green bathroom featuring flooring from Trend Terrazzo is a tempting look at emerald!

Green terrazzo tile in a commercial bathroom

And we can’t help but think that red terrazzo flooring would be the perfect choice for the kitchen, as shown by this Trend Terrazzo flooring at Blue Finn Cafe in the UK:

Red terrazzo floor at Blue Finn Cafe

Not sure you want to go bold with color on the floor? Never fear! Terrazzo can also be used on countertops, tabletops and more. This versatile mosaic substance has certainly made a comeback!

Kate Simmons

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