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20 Luxurious Bathrooms with Elegant Chandelier Lighting

When you want your light fixture to really stand out, there’s almost no better way to do it than by choosing to incorporate chandelier lighting in your home. And the best part about it is that there are so many different styles – from shabby chic to abstract. While chandeliers almost always look great in the dining room, master bedroom, or hallway, there’s one other room you should consider hanging one. Yes, the bathroom! A chandelier can make your bathroom feel like a luxurious, spa-like getaway without having to do any major renovations first. Check with your designer or electrician first to see if one would be safe to hang in your bathroom, and then have a look at these 20 stunning chandeliers – all from HGTV.

Over the Tub

If you really want to highlight the bathtub, whether it’s a free-standing, a drop-in, or an alcove — hanging a chandelier directly above it is a wonderful way to get the job done. Not only does a chandelier provide great lighting for when you’re soaking up some suds, it also adds an incredible touch of elegance from above that draws the eye up. (Just remember – safety first!)

Shaded Elegance

Even in the bathroom, chandeliers that come with large shades can look amazing. Whether you want a simple look without too much dazzle or just something to add a little extra to the ambience of the room, a chandelier with a shade might be all that you need.

Unconventional & Abstract

The more traditional chandeliers most of us commonly imagine are often characterized by lots of little lights or candlestick-like structures that come decorated with small ornate pieces, like beads and crystals. But who says you have to stick to the classic look? Take a look at these quirky, unusual, and totally abstract chandeliers that really bring a different look to the bathrooms they light up.

Centered Brilliance

When in doubt about hanging it directly above the tub, a chandelier can still look fabulous hanging from the very center of the room. Check out the first selection below, which makes use of an island for extra counter space and is positioned directly beneath the chandelier. The next one even takes advantage of the vaulted ceilings by hanging a white chandelier with crystals to really complement the rest of the decor.

What do you think about chandeliers in the bathroom? It’s a bit of a controversial design trend in some ways due to certain requirements that need to be met regarding bathroom lighting that’s safe enough to use around all that water and steam. If you can make it work safely, then it certainly is a great idea.

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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