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The Panda House: Contemporary House in Peru Showcases a Breezy Beach Vibe!

A relaxing family retreat with beautiful sea views and contemporary comforts, The Panda House in Playa Blanca de Asia, Peru takes you away from the constant hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle. The inviting home was remodeled and upgraded by DA-LAB Arquitectos to serve the growing needs of a modern family, all the while keeping the unassuming aura of the original structure intact. Complete with a TV room, a bar, a BBQ bar and a pool along with a spacious outdoor lounge, the home is fully decked out, yet it is natural materials such as cane and bamboo that become its most distinct features.

Relaxing contemporary home in Peru

The extensive use of cool, neutral hues, natural materials and decor that complements the color scheme ensures that the interior of the house has a chic, coastal vibe that is both inviting and elegant. A gorgeous double-height living area sits at the heart of the beach getaway and is seamlessly connected with other public areas such as the dining room and the kitchen. The use of large glass windows, sliding bamboo partitions and blinds offers a smart indoor-outdoor interplay that combines privacy with unabated views of the distant sea.

Exterior of the stylish Peru home in white has a breezy ambiance

Bamboo brings a chic, natural appeal to the contemporary home

Comfy outdoor lounge area with bamboo blinds and plush seating

White and brown dominate the interior of the Panda House

False ceiling creates an interesting visual inside the home

Glass creates a lovely indoor-outdoor inteplay inside the chic Peru home

Dining area of the modern home in Peru with unassuming decor

The use of cane for the false ceiling also creates some unique lighting patterns both during the daytime and after sunset. Beautiful pendants and dreamy ambient lighting add to the mesmerizing atmosphere inside the renovated beach house that fuses form and functionality in a creative, contemporary fashion.

Warm lighting adds to the inviting aura of the home

Bunk beds inside the kids' room with ladders

Outdoor lounge of the home offers an unabated view of the distant sea

Natural materials and bamboo blinds give the home a unique visual

Oudoor lounge and pool area of the revamped home in Peru

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