Kitchen Remodel: 101 Stunning Ideas for Your Kitchen Design

Large kitchen remodeling with white furniture and dark flooring

When it comes to designing and decorating a home, every little section of it is equally important — each room must have its own unique flavor which will separate it from the rest, but will still fit with your theme. While both the living room and the bedrooms get plenty of attention, it is actually the kitchen that gives you loads of creative freedom. So…

How to Give The Illusion of Space in your Small & Cozy Apartment

integral apartment Barcelona

In this day and age, small home living is becoming more important than ever before. The world isn’t getting any bigger but our populations are and small home and apartment living is no longer a negative way of living. In fact, small apartments and condos are the way of life in many urban cities and giving the illusion of space is a must. Creative ways…

How to Stage Your Home to Sell Fast

Home staging tips

Thanks to the economic slump of the first decade of the twenty-first century, the real estate market has taken quite a hit. Although economists say numbers are slowly beginning to improve, it’s still quite difficult to sell a home. Even if you have one of the hottest properties in the hippest area in town, you may still need a few tips to ensure a brief…

Doorless Showers: How to Pull Off the Look

Brown tiles bathroom with door-less shower

For those who have experienced the thrill of outside showers – curtainless, doorless showers are certainly the next best thing. There is something exhilarating about showering without a barrier – to lather up, rinse and let all reserve wash right down the drain. In fact, after experiencing this type of shower just once, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing things this way all along….

More Acrylic Furniture Finds for a Sleek Style

Acrylic furniture for a sleek home

Here at Decoist, our love for clear acrylic furniture is no secret. Not only do acrylic pieces add shine, they create the illusion of more space. How? Because you can see the floor through a clear coffee table, and a transparent chair by the window lets the light shine through it. In other words, acrylic pieces don’t fight with the dimensions of the room or…

Oversize Kitchens: How to Include Comfortable Dining Space

large kitchen integral seating

Kitchens are the heart of your home and they always seem to draw family and friends together at all times of the day. It seems everyone wants a larger home, more space to spread out and entertain and the kitchen is one room that is no exception. Oversize kitchens include seating at the kitchen counter or bar, side seating in an adjacent dining area and…

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Update Your Cooking Space

Bright kitchen with brown and blue backsplash design

When it comes to home décor, I’m a little indecisive – and that’s exactly why I’m always switching things up. A few new throw pillows here, a fresh piece of wall art there and, of course, I’m rearranging the furniture every few months. When it comes to making long term decisions and permanent changes within my home, though, I’m slightly more apprehensive. So, the thought…

Gorgeous Fall Centerpieces to Brighten Your Table

Autumn Centerpieces to Brighten Your Table

Fall is upon us, and for many, this season marks the beginning of festive get-togethers, from autumn gatherings to Halloween parties. If you like to entertain, chances are you may be arranging a fall centerpiece for your next event. The problem is, the more you search for  autumn table topper ideas, the more they start to look alike. How many acorns and faux leaves can…

3 Home Office Tips to Boost Productivity

Home office design with corner desk and stylish cabinets

Working from home has its advantages. For example, you never have to change out of your pajamas and, without a morning commute, can often squeeze in about forty-five minutes of extra sleep each morning. Depending on your profession, you may even have the opportunity to set your own hours. However, there are also drawbacks. Often a home is devoid of the culture of productivity present…

Refreshing Ways to Wake up to Dark Colored Bedrooms

dark bedroom lighting

There is something mysterious and dramatic about a dark colored bedroom. Whether you are looking for a way to lighten up your dark boudoir or trying to add sophistication to masculine sleeping quarters, we will present you with some ideas and tips to help you along.  We know that dark colored bedrooms do not have to feel gloomy and closed in. While you may enjoy…

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