Kick Away your Home’s Winter Blues with Indoor Plants

Open space living room with indoor plants

You don’t have to let the winter blues take the shine away from your home. A lot of homeowners have been able to kick away these blues by bringing in indoor plants into their homes. This means that while you are protecting these plants from the harsh and cold weather outside, they will also brighten and enhance the charm in your living space, all through…

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12 Unforgettable Kitchen Bar Designs

modern kitchen bar chairs

What makes a kitchen bar unforgettable? A grand scale? Sleek materials? Eye-catching bar stools? Yes, yes, and yes! But don’t think that more subtle statements can’t be equally memorable. Whether you have a penthouse kitchen or a small kitchen nook where you prepare food in your studio apartment, there are ways to incorporate bar style into your setup! Today we spotlight 12 unforgettable kitchen bars,…

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Bringing Spring Time Colors Into Your Winter Home

Bright colored contemporary living room

If the winter blues have suddenly crept into your home, you don’t have to let it hold you and your family members hostage for a long time. There are various ways to spruce up your home and bring in some life into it through the use of springtime colors. You can do this by having the accent walls or entire rooms painted in spring colors…

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How To Decorate Your Home With Color Pairs

Light blue couch with a bold contrasting green plant in the living room

Color schemes of two colors are considered to be modern and bold, especially if they’re pairs of inverted colors such as red and green, yellow and purple or orange -blue. Such a color scheme needs to be planned carefully and is meant to be enjoyed over a longer period of time. Many design lovers would gladly decorate their homes with vivid colors if they knew…

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3 Eco-friendly Materials for Home Renovations

Home office remodeling with tile carpet on the floor

Renovating or remodeling a home requires some pretty serious decision making skills. From color schemes and textures to shapes, materials and much more – most homeowners spend more time actually planning for their renovation than the entire project actually lasts. by FLOR However, renovating your home also provides you with the unique opportunity to not only make better decisions regarding style – but also energy…

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Small Space Solutions: Hidden Kitchen from Minosa Design

kitchen storage concealed behind sliding doors

When Minosa Design had to maximize the available space in this small home, they had their hands full in more ways than one. To start off, the designers were brought into the project pretty late after the clients lost faith in the previous project manager, but more importantly, they had to work with a very small and compact modern space which needed a sumptuous kitchen…

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Unusual Furniture Pieces: From Materials to Shapes

Soda bottle cap chair by BRC Designs

Do you ever get the feeling that everything is starting to look alike? Maybe the bulk of the modern sofas you encounter look a bit too clean-lined and boxy, or the upholstered chairs you see are all covered in neutral tones… You’ll be delighted to know that the featured furnishings in today’s post really break the mold! From a chair crafted of bottle caps to…

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Best Methods for Cleaning Lighting Fixtures

Elegant lighting fixture for the dining room

A clean home is a happy home – or so the old adage goes. For those of us who can’t stand the sight of a coffee ring on a countertop or a speck of pet hair on the sofa, a clean home also translates into personal happiness and a reduced stress level. However, even the most militant of clean freaks often forget one important spot:…

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Compact and Sustainable Port-A-Bach Shipping Container Holiday Home

sustainable holiday home

Upcycling shipping containers seem to be a popular trend these days. Last week we covered 25 amazing and extravagant shipping container homes, this one might have made it to the list, just as well — the Port-A-Bach Holiday Home was assembled and built in Hangzhou, China, and then made its way to New Zealand, where it opened up into a wonderful and charming little house…

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25 Glass Shower Doors for a Truly Modern Bath

Imaginative transluscent glass enclosure creates a vibrant look in cool blue for the kids' bathroom

Designing a home can be a difficult task in itself, not just for those who are not trained specifically for the job, but also for architects and designers themselves and it is often the abundance of choices that leaves us confused and at times overwhelmed. While we pay plenty of attention to the design of both the living room and the bedrooms, bathrooms are quickly…

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