Stylish 1950s House Makeover in Palo Alto

Renovation of refurbishment of a modern home can be really a cumbersome experience and at times does leave one with a bad taste in the mouth, if things are not planned for in an appropriate fashion well in advance. That obviously means there are many home owners out there who are fretting about the prospect of a renovation, no matter how much they want one….

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Otter Cove Residence: Stunning Modern Home on the Coast of California

home perched on a cliff with ocean views 1 - glass walls

Designed extravagantly by Studio Sagan Piechota Architecture, the Otter Cove Residence is a brilliant house located amidst the spectacular Carmel Mountains in California with stunning scenery and the majestic ocean forming its natural surroundings. With beautiful colors and astounding features that could make anyone fall in love with it, the entire home has been divided into two equal sections with the help of a horizontal…

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Teen Rooms Designs: How to Catch Up With Change

modern teenagers room - mustard, white and yellow furniture

None who had an experience with it would disagree with the fact that organizing a teenager’s room is among one of the toughest tasks on the entire planet and not just when it concerns to interior design and décor. The idea is not just to stay in constant touch with the changing times and the taste of your kids, but also to create interiors that…

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Luxury Tuscan Style Mansion in Washington is An Entertainer’s Paradise

Luxury Home Washington - Tuscan Villa 16 - outdoor pool

A grandeur design highlighting all its augustness has given birth to this luxurious residence with 7 bedrooms. Situated at 1445 W Grande Circle, Washington, Utah, this mansion stands amidst an amazing plot. The local vegetation around the structure has been left largely untouched and a rather lovely swimming pool has been added to ensure that its owners can enjoy a cool dip surrounded by gorgeous…

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Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Design Inspirations

sleek minimalist furniture design

Let’s face it – whether you’re the chef of the family or the official primary taste-tester in your house, chances are you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home, and a place where many important tasks take place each and every day. Often a well designed kitchen can instantly increase the value of a home and increase its…

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Courtyard Furniture & Decoration Inspiration: Be Creative When Dealing with Open Spaces

These are some different, yet finest, examples of how beautiful you can make your courtyard, backyard or any open space catchier and even more functional. You can definitely draw inspiration and follow the styles that many a designer or a creative housewife has tried and perfected. Some open spaces we found exist as a separate entity and in certain cases it is an extension of…

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Acrylic Home Office Desks for a Clearly Fabulous Work Space

Acrylic Home Office Desks

When it comes to office furniture, nothing clarifies your space like acrylic! In fact, clear acrylic desks for the home office are in high demand, in part because of the luxurious quality they add to a room with their icy shine, and in part because of the tidy appearance they offer. After all, the transparency of acrylic furniture gives it the illusion of taking up…

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Luxurious Living Room Concepts: 25 Amazing Decorating Ideas

rustic living room with fireplace and wooden furniture

Throughout the years, the living room has transformed from a formal parlor-esque space designed for entertaining guests to a cozy and relaxing everyday place for friends and family to kick back in front of the television or share stories about their day. Today, the purpose of your living room depends greatly on the size of your home. In larger houses, a living room may still…

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Magnificent Home in Beverly Hills Charms with Its Use of Colors

Luxurious Beverly Hills Home - monochromatic spaces

A marvelous residence designed by Jeff Andrews in Beverly Hills has succeeded in fulfilling all the demands of the owners — and we must say, it’s a feast for the eyes. Andrews knew the owners well as this was actually his third project for the couple. And you can easily understand it as per the wish of the owners, the design he deployed is nothing…

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Operation DIY: Spray Painting Metal

spray paint for metal

It’s sleek. It’s smooth. It’s cool, sophisticated and it’s modern. Or at least it used to be. The metal lines in our home welded to perfect curves and angles have lost a little bit of their luster and are showing their true skin tone. From railings to tables to doorways to chairs we can easily reinvent our pieces with a splash of paint. Target Problem…

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Office Space in San Francisco: Eco-friendly & Awe-Inspiring

Buck O'Neill Builders Green Offices 2 - eco-friendly office design

In the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, we found an office that succeeds in creating a fresh look and awe-inspiring decor. This is the office of Buck O’Neill Builders, and unlike the dark, cold and sometimes suffocating office cabins and cubicles, this office space is something really worth following and experimenting in your office as well. Meant for a team of six persons working…

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Luxury Home in Istanbul: Traditional Style Meets Contemporary

Istanbul luxury apartment - large living room modern furniture

Combine the divided, or divide the combined. Whatever is the process, the end product we see is just marvelous. Here is the perfect model of a house made by combining two entirely different apartments. The best part is the building has undergone a division, too, in terms of the used design styles. The house is owned by a couple, and the husband prefers more of…

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Contemporary Baker Residence in Sun Valley Getting Close to Perfection

Barker Residence Sun Valley - high ceiling living room

The sleek design of the Baker Residence will definitely leave you spellbound. The three level apartment of three levels in Sun Valley, Idaho, has a design just perfect for such a resort town. Spread across 12,000 sq ft of space, the mansion created by James Dolenc and Thomas Riker of jamesthomas imbibes all those natural elements into it, at the same time sports a very…

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Optimizing Floor Space Brings Functionality and Beauty

small family room with modern zig zag rug

There are few elemental joys as the epiphany of achieving residence in one house long enough that upon scavenger hunting through the kitchen in pursuit of a midnight snack you comprehend that you made it through clear space without turning any lights on. With the exception of stubbing your toe once or twice you could walk your house floor plan in cave-like blackness and still…

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Decorating With Chrome Furniture

chrome furniture ideas

It’s time to shine with chrome! Chrome refers to the element chromium, which can be applied over another metal as a thin layer to create a gleaming finish. In fact, most of the furniture and decor items that are “chrome” actually consist of chromium-covered metal such as steel or iron. The polished, reflective quality of chrome makes it an eye-catching design material, especially when it comes…

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