5 Essentials to Recreating the 70’s Motif

70s interior design

This is the year to bring back the 70’s and you can DIY by taking the following five guidelines and using them as a plan for reliving the glory days of this peace and love time. by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Disco balls, bell-bottoms, Walkman’s, floppy disks and even the first email: such a list of inventions. There were many tragedies, natural disasters and wars…

How to Design a Practical Mudroom

sleek mudroom idea with small drawers

It’s a drizzly, dreary day outside and your children have just arrived home from school. They burst through the door, full of excitement and ready to cast off their drenched clothing and snuggle into something warm. Unfortunately, just as they discard their rain boots onto your freshly cleaned carpets, your soggy pup comes barging through door after them. Now your foyer is covered in muddy…

Stylish Balcony Decor Ideas

Regardless of the view beyond the gating encircling the space, a balcony can easily become one of the most appealing and relaxing expanses of your home.Whether you live in a city condo with just a few square feet of outdoor space, or you have an upstairs country porch that stretches the entire length of the backside of your home, there are numerous techniques for adding…

Red Branding: Four Powerful Ways to Infuse Your Home With Red

red wall dining room with sleek wooden table

From red walls to cushions, this hot summer season draw inspiration from this vivid color for your next DIY interior design project! You can learn how by drawing from the experience from megacorporations. Target, Marlboro, Coca-Cola, Exxon, even Stop signs have branded their empires in red. Its universal instinctive appeal to the masses entices us to buy, to partake and draws our eyes for a…

Stylish Bedding for Teen Girls

stylish bedding for teenage girls

Here at Decoist, we’ve enjoyed showcasing teen bedroom decor, and today we continue the fun by featuring colorful bedding for teenage girls. From floral duvets to geometric comforters, we’re spotlighting fresh and modern patterns to help you create a unique room that is a true sanctuary! Not only have we rounded up the best and the brightest, we’ve included helpful links for product details and purchasing…

Modern and comfortable residence by a Brisbane Park

park house view

This beautiful 2-story residence in inner city Brisbane, Australia, is somewhat classic, but still brings a dramatic modern twist. Shaun Lockyer Architects did a very good job, designing this project as an addition to a mass-produced suburban type of house and developing it with originality. The living and dining spaces were remodeled with the modern approach of blending the experience of indoor and outdoor space….

Tips for Hosting a Child’s Birthday Party

child birthday party ideas

Every parent wants their child to have a fun-filled and memorable birthday party. However, once you start inviting your child’s friends and friends’ parents into the mix, things can get a little chaotic. On one hand, you have to ensure your home is childproofed and ready to be attacked by dozens of tiny hands. On the other hand, you want to make sure your home…

Spectacular white home in Barcelona


The modern AA House is located in Barcelona and seems, from an aerial view to be a cluster of triangular prisms and pyramids. It was designed by OAB as a house made up from connected pavilions posed in a simple and beautiful geometry. The many inclined roofs of the pavilions fold in different directions like origami, all in white. The ground floor houses a spectacular…

Minimalist Summer Getaway Styled Like a Crashing Wave

It is one thing to have a cool beach house or a summer retreat on the coast that offers you a relaxing view of the sand and the surf and a whole different ballgame to live in a home that is pretty much styled to mimic the form of one gigantic wave. This beautiful summer retreat designed by Turkish designer Gunes Peksen must be what…

South African Home Gets a Ravishing Revamp from Nico van der Meulen Architects

South African House Remodeling - outdoor patio with stylish pool

It is always better to go for a revamp and remodeling of your existing home than to dismantle the structure completely to get something ‘newer and shinier’. It is not just cost effective and resourceful, but will save you plenty of hassle and with all the magic that modern design studios unleash, you can still get exactly the home that you have dreamed about. This…

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