Implementing Neon Colors Tastefully: 17 Design Ideas

Sleek modern kitchen with neon colors and modern bar stools

While some homeowners associate neon colors with vulgar night clubs and chintzy 1980s fashion trends, others have found a way to implement these shades in a way that is artistic, unique and balanced. In many ways, implementing neon colors adds another dimension to your home while exemplifying your own personal taste and penchant for unconventional design. If you’re still not convinced, consider a few helpful…

Easy Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Modern Rooftop Garden with Island-bar table and red lighting

Summer parties mean late nights, great friends and plenty of memorable moments – but it also means ample planning and preparation. Even the savviest of party hosts ends up feeling stressed and slightly overwhelmed with a house full of people – especially when you want to ensure a fun-filled experience. When you’re throwing a party, you want to feel as thought everything is under control…

Penthouse-style Bedrooms: How to Decorate With a Sleek Theme

colorful penthouse bedroom

Recreating the look of a penthouse in your bedroom is all about space and light. There is a reason why people pay a premium for apartments way up in the clouds, and while you may not have a view of sun-drenched LA from your window, you can create a penthouse-style room by maximizing the view and the natural light you have. Window space is important;…

DIY Caving: Manning Up to Cave Your Basement

contemporary media office in the basement

Bats. Snakes. Darkness. Water. These are just a few of the strongholds of the cave. Constructed of natural elements such as rock or glaciers, the cave can be an intimidating shelter that fills us with fear and blinds our eyes in complete overwhelming blackness. To some such as the adrenaline junkie or caving excavator, that may seem like an appetizing delectable treat that will feed…

Decorating with a Caribbean Influence

beach house yellow living room with caribbean design

The intoxicating feeling of a warm, balmy breeze caressing your bare skin as you stand amid crystal clear turquoise water and dig your toes deeper and deeper into the powdery sand beneath the tiny waves. As you breathe in the damp, salty air you hear the friendly, faraway beat of a calypso drum and hear the tinkling of laughter from a nearby tiki bar. Ahh,…

Whimsical Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

green and white kids bedroom with floral wallpaper

Once of the most exciting things about decorating childrens’ rooms is that there are almost no limits. Adult living spaces, regardless of how trendy and charming they may aim to be, lack the sort of creativity and color that is the very essence of childhood. However, when it comes to decorating your child’s room (boy or girl), you can provide them the opportunity to allow…

Dazzling Jewel-Toned Decor

Jewel-Toned Decor

Today we celebrate the vibrant appeal of jewel tones! Emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple … and more! These hues are so rich, they inspire designers to create magnificent rooms, some of them opulent. In fact, while minimalist modern rooms can certainly feature jewel tones, more often than not, spaces painted in these hues are layered with treasures. It’s almost as if the…

Make a Splash With Tropical Interior Design

tropical house decorations

It’s time to visit the tropics! If not by plane, then by a touch of design magic! Tropical interior design can involve the use of natural materials, such as wicker, rattan, bamboo and teak. Then again, many Hollywood Regency-style rooms filled with glossy furnishings go tropical with the help of fabrics featuring palm leaves, lattice prints and cane motifs. Light and breezy spaces can be…

Choosing Fieldstone Tile for Interior Walls

fieldstone tile walls

In today’s fast-paced, high tech world, the interiors of houses and apartments are beginning to look more like the inside of a space shuttle than the cozy havens human beings once called home. While some people prefer sleek mod designs and complete simplicity, others crave the authenticity of a more rustic dwelling. If you’re looking for a way to satiate your craving for old world…

How to Personalize Your Mantle Decor

mantle decor - birthday decorations

A home is a space that, if nothing else, should reflect your preferred styles and flavors. A successful home design is one that encompasses not only balanced elements and well-planned arrangements, but even home interior needs to have its own voice and unique personality. One space in which you can easily put a little touch of yourself is into your mantle décor. Here are some…

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