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18 Bathrooms for Shabby Chic Design Inspiration

If you’re a fan of soft colors and more of a timeworn look when it comes to interior design, you should definitely consider looking for some shabby chic inspiration the next time you decide to redesign or renovate your bathroom. The bathroom is really one of the most perfect rooms you can choose to work with for this style since you can do all sorts of things with cabinetry, vanities, tubs, sinks, mirrors, and decorative hardware to really emphasize the look. Not yet convinced? You will be after you browse through the following gorgeous bathrooms — all decorated with shabby chic design in mind.

Pink Floral Elegance

Floral designs look adorable and really help support your shabby chic look. The following bathrooms feature flowers in pink used as patterns on curtains, wallpaper, towels, and other things — but you could try blue, red, yellow, or any other color of your preference. Adding real flowers in a vase is also a beautiful accessory option!

Soft pink floral wallpaper in shabby chic bathroom
Shabby chic bathroom with darker pink floral curtains and towels
Shabby chic bathroom featuring soft pink floral patterned curtains
White curtains with pink flowers add a touch of color to this shabby chic bathroom
A soft pink aged mirror paired with pink roses add some soft color to this white shabby chic bathroom

Rustic Country & Timeworn Furniture

When it comes to shabby chic design, the older it looks, the better. Vanities, cabinetry, shelving units, chairs, and other furniture pieces that look like they’ve been painted several times and have strips of it flaking or rubbed off is exactly what you want! You can get some great antique items that bring a strong cottage or country feel to the whole bathroom.

Wooden ladder adds a country feel to this shabby chic bathroom
Gorgeous green and gold armoire with weathered look used to store towels and accessories
White walls and doors in this shabby chic bathroom with a very old, weathered look
Old tub and vanity with a very aged look add to the shabby chic style in this bathroom
Interesting wooden cabinetry bring a subtle antique feel to this shabby chic bathroom
Old tub and chair bring paired with rustic flooring brings a very antique shabby chic feel to this bathroom
Lovely blue vanity with weathered paint adds some great color to this shabby chic bathroom
Old dark grey cabinet above toilet paired with antique-style sink and vanity

Clean & White Simplicity

Maybe the tattered, weathered look isn’t quite your thing. That’s okay — you can still get a great shabby chic look by keeping it simple and choosing furniture or accessories that look newer. These two bathrooms do just that, while keeping color to a minimum as well.

Shabby chic bathroom featuring clean white walls and tub
Clean white cabinets and wall paneling still make this bathroom look shabby chic

Refined Style

Following the more clean and simple shabby chic look, you can also crank it up a notch and go for a theme that looks a bit more sophisticated — as opposed to looking like you’re living in a very old country house. These bathrooms make use of elegant hanging chandeliers, tiled flooring, and other details that bring a more lavish look to the overall feel of the design.

Shabby chic bathroom with beautiful chandelier, decorated curtain, and even a TV screen
Shabby chic bathroom with chandelier, sheer curtain, and lovely clawfoot tub
Elegant shabby chic bathroom with French doors

What do you like best about shabby chic? As you’ve seen above, there are lots of very different looks you can create with this design style. Whether you love vintage and timeworn furniture or clean and elegant walls, you can really let your imagination run wild. [Photos from HGTV, DigsDigs, and Architecture Art Designs]

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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