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Modern Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

If you read our recent post on privacy plants, you know how much we at Decoist value a beautifully designed yard that is well-screened. After all, when you have a bit of privacy in your outdoor space, it truly becomes your own haven. Today we take a look at 15 privacy fence ideas that reflect a range of materials and styles. Yet all of them work well in yards and gardens with a modern aesthetic. Ready for a closer look?…

Horizontal Planks

One of today’s most popular privacy fence designs is the horizontal-planked fence. Whether you space the planks close together or leave room for vines to climb, the result is modern and sleek. Below we see a privacy fence that doubles as a trellis. The wood of choice: whitewashed western red cedar. [photo from Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design]

Privacy fence for an outdoor patio

This modern deck is surrounded by a privacy fence that varies the width of the planks. The result: true variety and visual interest! [photo from Kobich Architects]

Slatted outdoor privacy fence

With closely-spaced planks, this next privacy fence is perfect for screening areas such as hot tubs and custom-built spas. [photo from Randy Thueme Design]

Privacy fence surrounding a custom-built spa

When deciding on a wood or a finish for your privacy fence, consider the colors already present in your yard, as well as the color of your home. If you’re up for a DIY project, this privacy fence tutorial from Home Depot features grey-stained planks:

Home Depot privacy fence tutorial

If you’re feeling creative, choose a fence with an irregular pattern and leave some space for plants to filter through. There’s nothing like a dash of the unexpected in your yard or garden! [photo from Matthew Millman Photography, from Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture]

Garden privacy fence that celebrates plants

And for a truly unique look, opt for mixed materials, such as wooden planks and cinder blocks. Below we see a front patio privacy fence featuring tigerwood in addition to cinder blocks. Additional details on this fence can be found at Houzz. [photo by David Lauer, from Design Platform]

Privacy fence made of cinder block and wood

Metal Fence Solutions

Next we focus on metal fencing, from clever corrugated options to enhancements for chain link fencing. Below we see a corrugated metal fence that stairsteps down to follow the slope of the land. The look is clean and modern, especially since wooden posts are involved. [via Fencing]

Corrugated metal privacy fence

This corrugated fence uses wood to create supports and ledges where items such as small plants and candles can be placed for added style. [via Reclaimed Home]

Corrugated metal fence with candles

Got a chain link fence that’s doing little to add privacy to your yard? Good thing nowadays you can find a range of chain link fence slat options that will block those openings in the fencing and give the chain link an entirely new look! [photo from Clotures Frontenac]

Privacy slats for a chain link fence

If you don’t like the look of your chain link fence and you can’t tear it down (for example, if you’re renting), consider a temporary solution with a high-end look. Below we see a Cedar Panel DIY from Smile and Wave. Blogger Rachel Denbow used cedar planks to create a series of panels to disguise the chain link without permanently altering it. Clever and modern!

Cedar-panel privacy fence from Smile and Wave

For a tropical touch at an affordable price, you can always consider bamboo fencing, which can run the length of your chain link fence and add breezy flair to your yard. In addition to being a fun accent, especially for summer, the fence can also steer your yard into Boho chic territory, especially if you add an abundance of potted plants and some patterned textiles to your outdoor space. [photo from Bamboo Fencer]

Bamboo fencing adds privacy to chain link

Let Creativity Shine

We end with a series of creative solutions for privacy fencing dilemmas. This Herringbone Privacy Screen from HGTV is the perfect on-trend patio accent. Created with pressure-treated pine slats and suspended with a chain, the screen brings sculptural interest to your porch, patio or deck!

Herringbone privacy screen

You can always go with a natural privacy fence created from greenery such as cypress trees. Check out our recent post on privacy plants for a slew of other plant-filled fencing ideas. [photo from Exterior Worlds]

A wall of cypress trees borders a Houston patio
A wall of cypress trees borders a Houston patio

There’s nothing like a modern planter filled with tall greenery! Horsetail reeds create the perfect privacy plant fence, thanks to their tall, slender look. Below we see how a long modern planter filled with reeds adds a verdant screen to a contemporary outdoor space. [photo from The Garden Glove]

Horsetail reeds provide a natural privacy fence

Last but not least, we feature the work interior designer Barry Harrison, who came up with a creative way to add privacy to his lot in a very compact space. He constructed a screen of potted plants from cedar posts, galvanized metal plates and rods, and galvanized hooks with the power to hold terra cotta pots. And don’t forget the succulents! [featured at Dirt Simple]

Privacy screen of plants

We hope today’s post has given you a range of privacy fencing ideas. Whether you’re having a custom fence built or getting ready to build your own, remember that there are great solutions for every budget. Here’s to a little bit of privacy in your yard this summer!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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