Nordic Interior Design Idea for a Vibrant Contemporary Home

Nordic-inspired interiors 1

Think of a Nordic-styled interior and the first and most striking image that comes to your mind is an all-white look. If not completely white, then it is mostly dominated by that one shade with sporadic appearance from other neutral and mostly grayish colors. Of course, that is more a trend influenced by modern minimalism and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot improvise…

Contemporary, Luxurious Interiors at Grange View Residence in UK

It is one of the greatest romantic poets of all time that said that ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ and hailing from the same country as Keats, the Grange View Residence, does tell you that beautiful design can also provide endless visual joy. Designed by Harrison Varma Architects in London, the house is indeed both majestic and mesmerizing at the same time…

Unique Accommodations: Wacky Places to Sleep in Europe

wacky accommodation in Europe

Are you planning a trip to a beautiful European destination? You put so much care into choosing the perfect vacation spot. Why not find lodging every bit as unique as your location of choice? What if you could sleep in a cave, stay in an underwater hotel room, or experience the wonder of living in a crane for a night? Thanks to an increasing number…

Wood Accents for a Special Touch

ultra modern living room with pallet board wall

Partially due to the “go green” movement, the home décor world has recently experienced a resurgence of all natural wooden design accents. Instead of furniture and accessories made from materials composed of or treated with harsh chemicals, some homeowners are choosing to return to their natural roots. This can mean utilizing reclaimed wood, updating thrift store finds or simply choosing more sustainable wood options for…

Going Green: The Art of Bringing This Earth Friendly Color in the Home

beautiful wood loft with green shades

Going green. Let’s make it literal. Let’s go green this summer and invigorate our quenched homes with this lively color. Earth friendly and inspired you can have a green room that brings the sensation to life you are looking for. by Webber + Studio, Architects The sensational green initiative has swept across nations with philanthropic haste. From how we buy stuff, to how we dispose…

How to: Clean Household Electronics Quick and Easy

white fancy home gadgets

As technology becomes more ingrained into our lives, electronics are becoming more present in our homes. Like any other surface inside a living space, electronics collect dust, dirt and other grime. In addition to giving your home an unsightly or unkempt appearance, dust and dirt can cause serious problems in the functionality of these investments. If you’re wondering how to clean your household electronics quickly…

Church Conversion: Dominican Church in Maastricht Turned Contemporary Bookstore

Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore - Maastricth 2

Knowledge and reasoning, scientific advancement and science have not always gone hand-in-hand with the institution of the ‘church’ over the past few centuries. Irrespective of what your views are on the subject, the fact that religion has been far from the ideal ‘center for learning’ is an irrefutable fact. But we will not delve into that discussion here, but rather ponder on this marvelous creation…

Design Hotels: Almyra Hotel in Paphos Gets a Chic & Modern Makeover

Almyra Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus 1

Each hotel and resort wishes to create its own unique aura that will help it separate from the crowd and offer a distinctive experience to its customers. The Almyra Hotel in Cyprus has been renovated and redone by the famous Thanos Michaelides and it captures the tranquil and elegant beauty of the island with its new and improved look that focuses on a stylish and…

Got mold? You need a dehumidifier

Humidity in the basement is usual. A dehumidifier should do the job!

Anyone who lives in an old house or flat may have noticed that the weather over the past few winters has been just perfect for cultivating mold. A combination of damp and cold means mold may have become a problem where it never was before and that tell tale ‘bubble’ effect will have ruined the paintwork of more than one bedroom or living room wall….

Contemporary Home in California Showcases Indulgence with Style

Whether it is modern interiors soaked in lavishness or unending great views that change all through the year, this amazing 7,500 square foot home in Los Angeles, California — right on Sunset Strip — offers you pretty much everything that you need and a lot more. In fact, if you were one of those picky types that wants everything and anything that is possible to…

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