Unforgettable Garden Wedding Decor

Elegant garden wedding

If you think garden weddings are only for spring, think again! A garden wedding is perfect for any time of the year that the weather is pleasant. And given that many folks are still enjoying gorgeous summer weather (and/or soon will be enjoying gorgeous fall weather), you can bet that quite a few garden weddings are in the planning stages. If you’re searching for garden…

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What a Difference an Air Plant Makes

Combine air plants with other unique decor

If you’re looking for an easy way to add life to your interior, we at Decoist are partial to the stylish option of an air plant! You’re probably very familiar with these natural wonders and the way they’re taking the design world by storm, but just in case you’re not, here are a few facts. For starters, air plants are also known as Tillandsia, and…

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A Textured Tale: DIY Knitted and Crocheted Home Accents

Knitted poof ottoman DIY

Many elements contribute to a well-designed home. Wall color, furniture, and decorations are just a few factors that can change the look and feel of a room. But these basic features need the help of home accents. Textured decor is an easy way to add visual interest to any space. Indulge in the plushness of a knitted or crocheted DIY –– it will add the…

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Modern Pendant Light Ideas: Lucid Lighting In Diverse Designs

Trio of FLY pendant lights in a rustic kitchen

When we talk about modern design icons, most often we tend to focus on mid-century modern creations like the Womb Chair, the Eames Lounger or the Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen. But today’s edition of iconic pendant light designs is well and truly modern. Created in late 90s and early 2000s, this lovely trio steals the show with style, panache and a design that enables…

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Intriguing Hobby Houses: Where Passion Meets Home

hobbies houses

Skilled architects and designers can convey the passions and interests of their clients into dream homes and we see plenty of examples around the world. People want to surround themselves and showcase their love for cars or books inside their home and collaborating with creative minds results in stunning architectural solutions. Living within a collection of spaces that constantly remind you of what you love…

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Preparing Your Yard for Fall

Pre-fall cleanup in a backyard space

This past weekend, I hosted a brunch for a group of close friends — I’d been looking forward to it for a month and a half! As I prepared for this end-of-summer gathering, I scanned my home and yard to see which areas needed improvement. Let’s just say…my yard required some help. After all, with summer temps reaching 100 degrees and higher, several plants had…

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Murphy Bed Design Ideas: Smart Solutions For Small Spaces

Chocolate Apple Murphy Bed Unit - As gorgeous as the view outside

The innovative Murphy bed goes by quite a few names. Irrespective of how you wish to call it, the pull-down or wall bed is one the best ways to save up on some precious space. Multitasking is the in thing of these times. With modern homes and studio apartments sporting small rooms that often need to double up in function, the Murphy bed is a…

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Table Setting Ideas for Your Next Festive Gathering

Tea party table setting

Entertaining gives us a chance to decorate with food, flowers, dishes, napkins and more. And we at Decoist never pass up an opportunity to celebrate stylish decor! We also know that when you’re preparing food and drinks for a group, you may not have oodles of time to meticulously plan out each and every decorative flourish. Today we make it easy for you by providing…

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Felted Wool Stones and Stylish Decor Inspired by Natural Rock

Patio with an incredible view and the sleek River Stone Table - A scene from Star Trek

Collecting stones is something most of us have indulged in at some point or another. As kids, many of us might have spent endless hours walking along that rocky and sandy coastline trying to pick the most beautiful, colorful and smooth little rocks we can get our hands on. A camping trip in the woods or a trip to the nearby creek also involves similar…

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Glass Box Home Blends Audacious Design With Innovative Interiors

Gorgeous facade of the Glass Box Home

Taking the idea of an open living plan to a whole new level, the stylish design of the Glass Box Home impresses us with its fluidity and creativity. Conceptualized by Evermotion member Woongja12, the house presents an idea of combining a cantilevered cubic structure with an outdoor living and dining area. While most cantilevered structures use the room underneath a sparking or storage space, the…

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