The Coffee House: Ten DIY Things Your Room Needs for the Caffeine Connoisseur

Exquisite turquoise and cinnabar living room

Tired of seeing the ridiculously perfect individuals of Foldgers commercials achieve great accomplishments as soon as they wake up with their hands wrap around the steaming mug of coffee? Set aside your justified apathy and empty out that spare, office room nestled beside the kitchen that holds nothing but cardboard boxes marked “Jim’s Trophies” With a little paint, some furniture and a few other essentials,…

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Travel Inspired Bedroom Designs Are Sophisticated and Elegant

Travel inspired bedroom with fancy home office

If you are a travel aficionado who spends more time on the road and in hotel rooms than at your own place, then you might feel a tad bit alien when you actually come home, once in a while. For many who love to trot the globe, their house is nothing but a place to hand their coat and hat just for a while before…

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5 Chic Italian Furniture Manufacturers

Chic Italian furniture from some of the best manufacturers

The modern style. The top-notch materials. The versatility. These are three of the many reasons we love Italian furniture. Do you need a few of your own reasons? How about the fact that many Italian pieces can be customized to meet the needs of your space?! Check out the furnishings below for design-fabulous ideas and inspirational decor. Today we spotlight 5 Italian furniture manufacturers and…

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Minimalistic Spanish Home Offers Stunning Views of the Sea & a Refreshing Dip in Its Breathtaking Pool

Stunning villa design in Ibiza

Contemporary homes not only seem to rely heavily on the interiors for their look and appeal, but seem to be borrowing extensively from the surroundings. Stunning terrace views are becoming more and more often and that is all the more true in case of structures that are taking shape close to the shore. Everyone wishes to wake up to the sights of waves dancing at…

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5 Fast and Inexpensive Home Makeover Ideas

Stunning bedroom with stylish curtains

Home makeover television programs and luxurious interior design photos across the web can leave you chomping at the bit for new décor within your own digs, but an entire design makeover may not always be in the cards financially. If you’re looking for some convenient and low cost ways to transform you home interior, then you’ll appreciate today’s post. Here are some helpful hints for…

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Neutral Interiors for Cool Contemporary Homes from Katarzyna Kraszewska

Beautiful natural wood flooring in large living room

One of the most sought after modern interior design scheme is the minimalistic style that employs largely neutral shades and understated décor and furnishings that create a home that is laid back in its appearance. While one might think that creating something like this is pretty easy, it is in fact far more difficult to pull off than those vivid and vivacious interiors that are…

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How to Clean a Mattress the Right Way

You clean your home multiple times per week. From your kitchen sink to your bathroom floor and nearly everything in between, the interior of your living space is sparkling. Thanks to such dedicated hygiene, you’ve successfully eliminated all harmful bacteria and disgusting life forms that may be festering within your home – right? Actually, it’s wrong. Unfortunately for most, there are certain areas of a…

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Toblerone House in the Lush Green Landscape of Sao Paulo

Toblerone House - Sao Paulo 1

It seems like modern designers are becoming more and more innovative when it comes to providing both amazing views, be it from the terrace of a lovely contemporary home or from a condo that has a city skyline for backdrop. But the Toblerone House in Sao Paulo, Brazil offers a lot more than just great views. Located among thick vegetation and set in a region…

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Rectangular C1 House in Germany Amalgamates Sleek Form and Efficient Function

Rectangular C1 House 1

Seems like more and more homes these days are either opting for the rectangular look that uses both glass and stone in a distinctive fashion to create a visually appealing form or that cubic design which also sports a sleek and sophisticated look. It is the simplicity of the designs, their well-defined lines which fits the contemporary minimalist trend and the ergonomics, which have made…

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Decorating with a South Pacific Island Influence

South Pacific inspiration - bedroom design

Other than the mid 20th century Broadway musical and film, what comes to mind when you hear the words “South Pacific?” For most, these two words invoke a deep longing for a several week holiday in paradise. Indeed, the South Pacific is home to some of the most picturesque and popular vacation spots in the world, including Hawaii, Tahiti and Fiji. These islands boast cloudless…

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11 Unique Reading Lamps for a Delightful Evening

Panthella Table Lamp by Louis Poulsen

Reading lamps by the night stand are a must in any bedroom. They are practical objects which do not take up a lot of space. However, there is a plethora of reading lamp designs, from discreet built-1n ones to sculptural light objects that make up the atmosphere of a bedroom. Whether classic with shades or modern with elementary shapes and diffusing bodies, there are many…

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3 Things Every Beach Home Needs

Beach house living ...

Imagine stepping outside onto your back porch at sunrise with a new book and a warm cup of coffee in hand. You settle in to your cozy chaise lounge and gaze off into the distance where, just a few feet away, waves are breaking upon a sandy shore. As you sip from your mug and crack open your book, you smile in delight as you…

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Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing the energy of a space through the arrangement of items. The goal is to maximize the flow of the chi, or the energy around us. Obstacles such as a piece of furniture in front of a doorway or a cluttered closet suppress this energy. You may be an enthusiastic proponent of feng shui, or perhaps you…

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Decorating Ideas for Homes with Low Ceilings

Low ceiling - kitchen design ideas

Unless you’ve built your home from scratch, it’s hard to get everything you want. Some of us compromise our dream of a large kitchen in favor of a place with two bathrooms while others sacrifice the hope of additional square footage for the opportunity to live a little closer to work. For some homeowners or renters, the drawback of their living space is its low…

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