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Rediscover the Past: 11 Cozy Kitchens Inspired by the Shabby Chic Trend

In the last few months we have shared with you some of the best shabby chic kitchens and bedrooms from across the planet. It is a style that has found new wings in the last few years, with homeowners finally dusting off those old, vintage furnishings and allowing them to once again shine in the spotlight. Today we bring to you more inspiration, as the masterful Italian kitchen maker Scavolini unleashes a new shabby chic-inspired kitchen series dubbed Favilla. With a pinch of country chic beauty, industrial charm, contemporary ergonomics and a wide range of custom solutions, this is a kitchen that promises to stay timeless!

Industrial chic style and country chic elements create lovely Favilla kitchen

Simplicity and style blend seamlessly inside this modern kitchen, where a balance between various textures also adds intricate elegance to each composition. A wide range of storage units, custom cabinets and islands gives the kitchen a hand-crafted appeal, even while allowing you to add modern modular units when your kitchen needs to expand. Surfaces clad in Nodato Oak wood stand in contrast to stone and glass shelves, giving you the best of both worlds. Along with the elegant Favilla, lovers of classic and timeless kitchen design will also enjoy the charming Margot and highly personalized Grand Relais.

Natural beauty of the woodsy kitchen island stands in contrast with the refined backdrop

Natural light becomes an important element of the shabby chic kitchen

Simplicity, smart storage solutions and custom design shape the lovely Favilla

Clean, straight lines bring contemporary aesthetics to the shabby chic kitchen

Curved wall units in the corner steal the spotlight in this kitchen

Gorgeous island in Nodato Oak offers textural contrast in the curated kitchen

Plenty of light, linear style and geometric shapes to pursue pure aesthetic styling enhance the value of the kitchen as an enjoyable space in metropolitan home furnishings and convey a sense of practicality and functionality. The Favilla kitchen thus offers an unprecedented linearity which will never go out of fashion…

Beautiful, custom dresser blocks in wood offer ample storage space with traditional touch

Classical elegance and contemporary ergonomics brought together by Grand Relais kitchen

Custom kitchen Margot from Scavolini

Elegant white backdrop and central dining space turn this Scavolini kitchen into an absolute dream

Sherry Nothingam
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