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Solar Panels and Eco-Sensitive Design Create Smart Home in Sonoran Desert

Nestled in the arid landscape of the Sonoran Desert, this contemporary residence aims to find that perfect balance between an inviting living environment and responsible architecture that takes into account the existing ecosystem. Designed by Kevin B Howard Architects, the house sits on a lot that contains watershed patterns, and the challenge of working the home around these without impeding them determined the desert dwelling’s overall silhouette. The beautiful Tucson home combines scenic views with a cool indoor-outdoor interplay and an array of sustainable features in a seemingly effortless manner.

Contemporary entry of the Tucson home with staircase leading to the main living level

One of the striking features of the house is the clever use of staircases, bridges and walkways to ensure that the ground below is left as untouched as possible. With an exterior that seems to blend with the colors of nature all around it, the distinctly contemporary structure seems like a natural extension of the countryside. Large glass windows not only bring in plenty of light, but also help in keeping the home warm during the chilly winter months. The orientation of the home is such that the house benefits from extra sunlight during the colder months, while it is protected from the harsh desert heat during the summer. This passive cooling and heating technique also cuts out reliance on artificial temperature control systems.

Entry bridge of the Arizona home overlooking the desert landscape

Fireplace creats a warm and elegant focal point in the double hieght living room

Large, open living space with tongue and groove ceiling finish connected with the outdoors

Spacious dining area and kitchen with series of internal steps dividing space

Corner window in the kitchen opens it up to the view outside

Modern kitchen and dining area with dark wall for cabinets and appliances

Interesting and abstract picture wall idea for the contemporary dining room

An array of 72 photovoltaic panels on the roof brings home plenty of green energy, and once again the orientation of the home and the slope of the roof help in maximizing the output of solar energy. Open living areas, cozy bedrooms and a curated outdoor living zone complete this nifty residence where architecture ventures way beyond mere aesthetics.

Contemporary bedroom with cozy fireplace and corner shelving

Wall of glass visually connects the living area with the patio

Large glass wall blurs the line between interior and landscape outside

Fabulous entry bridge also acts as a lovely alkway surrounded by the arid landscape

Metallic staircases and walkways outside create a series of fascinating pathways

Solar panels on the roof of the house turn it into a sustainable dwelling

Color and finish of the contemporary home lets it blend with the rugged landscape around it

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