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30 Shared Home Office Ideas That Are Functional And Beautiful

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Sharing a home office sounds like a great idea at first glance. It saves up plenty of space and instead of having to create two different rooms; you can combine the workstations to create one flowing space. But shared workspace designs involve plenty of planning and often a hint of compromise here and there. From couples who work from home to a shared bachelor crib, they are perfect, space-saving solutions available to us. Yet, it is important to keep in mind the diverse and individual needs of each occupant while designing a twin workstation.

Gorgeous modern home office design with twin workstations

by LEICHT New York

Shared workspaces can be loads of fun when done right and if you are young couple immersed in work, it is the perfect way to spend some time together even while sharing a few light moments in-between.

Before you look at some unique room designs, we also curated a collection of everything you’ll need if you’re still figuring out your shared workspace.

Shared office must-haves:

Molded plastic chairs in blue add cool accent color to the home office

by Residents Understood

Share your creative ideas as you enjoy unabated ocean views!

by The Decorators Unlimited

Smart home office design with transparent bar stools

by Jute Interior Design

Workstations design combined with a shared planning board

by Derrick Tamara

Home office for a couple that works across time zones!

by David Neiman Architects

Two identical workstations for a cohesive couple

by Andrew Snow Photography

Chic home work area with the Parsons Desk

Space and Lighting

Space is an absolute premium in many of the modern homes and sharing a workspace helps immensely in this regard. You need not have a spacious and exclusive room for your home office. In fact, many of the designs on display here make smart use of whatever little nook they can find. Attics and lofts make for lovely home office setups and their isolation creates a wonderful work environment. Add to this a window with a view and you have natural light streaming through all day long.

Contemporary home office with a skylight

by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Clean and contemporary design in white

by ASAP House

Turn the staircase landing into an efficient home workspace

by Dixon Construction

Shared workstations can be arranged in various forms. If you are someone who is distracted all too easily, then it is best to have desks that face away from each other. Te amount of interaction with your partner in the room also defines the way in which the work area is set up. You can also choose different lighting installations (focused or recessed lights) depending on your personal choices.

Floating wooden selves make for a sleek and stylish display

by Jennifer McCarthy

Beautifully painted walls add distinct identity to the shared workspace

by Anita Roll Murals

Lovely shades add color to the space

by Charlie Barnett Associates

Small home office design for a couple
Make use of that space next to stairs

by S.I.D. Ltd.

Different Strokes for Different Folk!

We all work in different ways and there is no one-fit-all solution when it comes to shared workstation designs. This is probably the reason why so many of the modern offices are also moving away from the old and repetitive cubicle style. Twin workstations do not mean creating two desks with laptops and identical table lamps. While one might prefer to work at a desk, the other could be more comfortable with a relaxed chair. Remember that form always precedes function and creating a comfortable work environment is always the priority.

Home office design accommodates various work styles

by Laura Hardin

Not everyone works at a desk!

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Exposed brick walls and fabric chairs create an inimitable work area

by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

A shared planning desk is a great addition to the room if you are a couple of designers working in tandem. An additional couch or a small table with chairs that allow you to grab a quick bite, make the shared home office all the more fun.

Wallpaper adds to the home office in a subtle and classy manner

by After Design

Eclectic home office in brown and white

by Graceful Vintage

Focused lighting is a great addition to the home office

by Michael Abrams Limited

Minimalist twin workstations in white

by CONTENT Architecture

Learning to Share

An important aspect of sharing the home office is well… Sharing! And that is a lot harder than it sounds if your planning is not spot on. It is best to have some ground rules in place if you wish to enjoy a shared work area. Storage is often a big concern for those who share a home office and it pays to have clearly demarcated individual shelves. This way, you can avoid all the hassle of having to silt through the piles of unsorted mess of the lazier one! Storage shelves placed between the two workstations also make for a great buffer area.

Elaborate and exquisite wallpaper creates a colorful home office

by Catalina Estrada

Home office design for those who are easily distracted!

by CCS Architecture

Stylish Sayl Task Chairs for the compact home office

by GB Group Construction

Always keep your side of the work area clean and try to take calls in an adjacent room so as to not disturb your work buddy. While some love their music, others prefer complete silence. Keep a pair of headsets handy and always respect the personal space of your partner. Shared work spaces are always a lot more lively and fun than isolated home office designs. The best part is obviously the company that it promises!

A couple of Aeron Chairs and plenty of natural light brighten the home work space
Modern home office with a distinct feminine touch
Spacious home office for a modern couple

by B Fein Interior Design

Add some plush seating space next to the work area

by NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

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