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Hot Bathroom Trends: Freestanding Bathtubs Bring Home The Spa Retreat

In the first few days of the New Year, we have been talking about the hot color trends and interior design patterns that are predicted to hold sway in the next 12 months. While many of these popular predictions pertain to the living room, bedroom and kitchen, there is one major style statement that is aimed at revitalizing your chic bathroom. The freestanding bathtub is expected to make a big splash in the year ahead! Architects and homeowners are starting to warm up to these luxurious bathtubs that are now more accessible than at any time in the past.

A renewed interest in the freestanding tub has seen design firms rolling out an array of amazing bathtubs that are aesthetic and economically viable. Bringing along with it an aura of luxury, elegance and affluence, the standalone bathtub is all about revving up the style quotient of your bathroom while you enjoy a refreshing soak! But before you decide on which one to bring home, here is some stirring inspiration to get you started on the right track –

A perfect way to start your day!

by Jeri Koegel Photographer

Stunning ambiance beautifully complements the copper tub on a bed of river stones

by Saint Dizier Design

Sophisticated Aquamass Stone One Mosaic Bathtub
Relaxing setting perfect for a soothing soak after a long, hard day
Claw foot tub with a subtle addition of contrasting color

by AMI Designs

Create a tropical paradise at home!

by Knudson Interiors

Framed window completes the idyllic setting
Modern freestanding tubs are both ergonomic and aesthetic
Standalone tubs are not just for the bathroom!

by Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

Dip into Dramatic Views!

There are plenty of reasons to opt for the freestanding tub, and aesthetics are definitely on top of that list. Apart from the sculptural beauty that these striking tubs seem to almost inherently posses, they also give you the convenience of being placed pretty much anywhere. You are no longer boxed in by concrete walls, and this gives you the freedom to enjoy that amazing view outside. Just place a luxurious standalone bathtub next to the large glass window or sliding glass doors and take in the many sights and sounds of the world around you.

Gold leaf-clad freestanding bathtub and a view to match its opulence!

by psc bath

Keeping it simple and minimal
Make nature an integral part of your bath experience
Place the gorgeous bathtub next to the window to enjoy the refreshing view outside

by Kathryne Designs

Spectacular mountain views, the soothing sight of crashing waves in the distance, and lovely tropical green canopies are increasingly becoming a part of interior design! With a freestanding bathtub, you can combine that refreshing soak and that amazing view to create a truly spa-like setting that is enhanced by the touch of nature!

The view outside becomes a part of the interior

by Tyrrell and Laing International

Another great bathtub for those who love natural rock

by Winn Wittman Architecture

Connect with nature as you sink in for a soothing soak

by Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

A standalone tub becomes an instant focal point in the bathroom

by Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

Exclusive bathtub crafted from single granite boulder
Enjoy the beautiful view outside!

by Crisp Architects

Captivating Textural Brilliance

Do not think of the standalone tub as just another addition to the bathroom. In fact, use it to add an element of textural contrast to a space that is largely dominated by concrete and glass. Dashing and at times visually startling, the freestanding bathtub can uplift the aura of your bathroom instantly and give it an entirely different dimension. Modern standalone tubs are available in glittering metal such as copper and nickel. These tubs are a touch more costly than regular bathtubs, but they are well worth the dough if you are looking to add an instant showstopper to your bathroom.

Glossy Laguna Pearl from Alegna
Hammered-copper tub stands proudly as an artistic masterpiece

by Kerrie L. Kelly

Wooden bathtubs are as durable as their stone counterparts
Metallic bathtubs keep the water warmer for longer durations

by Diamond Spas

Metallic bathtubs also keep the water warmer for a longer period of time, and while they do demand extra care and attention, they are an ideal choice for those opting for a vintage, period theme. Do not be afraid to bring home bathtubs in natural walnut either, as they are pretty durable nowadays thanks to the extremely resistant coating and finishes that are currently available. Natural stone like basalt is another great option for those thinking of a bathtub crafted from something beyond marble.

Fabulous freestanding nickel-lined copper tub

by Gibson Gimpel Interior Design

Beautiful basalt tub placed in a bed of river rocks
Exquisite bathtub in handcrafted walnut

by Beckwith Interiors

Freestanding metallic bathtubs usher in a dash of Hollywood Regency style

by Lori Gentile Interior Design

Audacious stone bathtub truly stands out from the pack!

by Advantage Contracting

The freestanding tub truly brings home a spa-like aura

Serene Spa-Like Ambiance

While some prefer the exotic and the unusual, many would love to stick to the tried and tested. One of the biggest reasons for the sudden surge in popularity of the freestanding bathtub is the desire among homeowners to create a spa-like retreat right at home. Why take that long drive to the spa on weekends when your own bathroom is spacious enough to feature its own tranquil nook? The freestanding tub is designed to drive home this ‘spa style’ that so many crave. And the sleek bathtub in white is the perfect choice for this look. It is simple, minimalist in design, space-conscious and reminiscent of the luxurious spa setting.

Freestanding marble bathtub in an Asian-themed bathroom

by alene workman interior design

Give the standalone tub a fresh new look!
Organic and natural hues combine brilliantly with modern design

by Beauparlant Design

Utilize the corner area with a uniquely shaped freestanding tub

by David Wilkes Builders

But the trendy contemporary bathtub also comes in plenty of different finishes, geometric shapes and sizes. Pick something that perfectly fits into the design plan that you have for your own bathroom. If you are trying to fit the tub in a small corner, then look for a design that features angular edges and makes up for lack of length with sufficient depth. Those who are not too concerned about space are much better served with the popular elongated-oval models.

Combine the tub with a smart shower area
Contemporary freestanding bathtubs come in a wide range of styles and sizes

by KohlMark Architects and Builders

Floor-mounted faucet enhances the beauty of the stand-alone tub

by Yaniv Schwartz – Photographer

Picture-perfect use of the spacious nook
Stylish freestanding bathtubs are ideal for large bathrooms
Usher in stylish modern minimalism

by Zack de Vito Architecture + Construction

Lovely master bath embraces an organic Japanese look

by International Custom Designs

Making a Visual Impact

Call it elegance, style, sophistication or grandeur; the freestanding tub is all about showing off your bathroom with panache! If you are surrounded by too much of the ‘same thing,’ the tub is a fabulous way to create a focal point that creates a rich visual. If you are not too high on bringing contrast through texture, then try a colorful change of pace with a bathtub in tangy orange or stoic grey. At times, the tub can be used to accentuate the existing theme without being too overwhelming.

A bold splash of orange in the bath!

by Jamie Gold

Grey is the hot new neutral for 2014

by Beccy Smart Photography

Gorgeous freestanding bathtub accentuates the color scheme of the bathroom

by Susan E. Brown Interior Design

A hint of black for those who love a bolder look

Considering the busy urban lifestyle that we get caught up in on a daily basis, designing an inviting, restful and rejuvenating sanctuary at our own home seems like an absolute must. Freestanding bathtubs do this with inimitable style. The fact that they are more fashionable and affordable in 2014 than ever before is just an added bonus! So, are you ready to embrace this tranquil and glamorous trend?

Flowing water feature adds to the beauty of the bathtub
Exposed brick wall and warm wooden floor complement the modern bathtub elegantly
Set the mood with a few scented candles!

by Long & Associates

Comfy and curvaceous bathtub in white

by Martha O’Hara Interiors

French flair and golden accents define this lavish bath space
Add a rain showerhead to step up on the style!

by DMVF Architects

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