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Small Studio Apartment in London Gets a Multi-Functional Wall that Hides Almost Everything!

Every time we take a look at a new studio apartment with something innovative in terms of design, we are almost tempted to go back to our post-college days when we were starting off in the big city. That was a time when we barely gave any attention to home design and decorating and pretty much lived in a small apartment that was more shabby than chic. But this beautiful and ingenious apartment in London revamped by Intervention Architecture utilizes a custom wooden-wall unit to completely alter its ambiance and to create a setting that is space-savvy, efficient and adaptable.

Small modern studio apartment in Barbican, London with multi-functional decor that completely transforms it

It is the changeable joinery solution that sits at the heart of the new apartment interior with a wooden bench on one side and a fabulous wooden wall on the other that is filled with different shelves and cabinets. The space can be used as a study, workspace, dining area and even bedroom as the fold-out bed finds its way out after sunset! Additional pillows, cushions and wooden table pieces can be tucked away into the bespoke wall which has ample storage space.

Sliding glass walls on the other side usher in ample natural light while a kitchen in white further accentuates the spacious, cheerful aura of this London apartment. A perfect space-conscious makeover that meets the needs of the apartment’s energetic young owner! [Photography: Handover]

Fold-out bed comes out once you want to turn the living room into the bedroom
Lovely wooden bench wih built-in storage and a desk space acts as one supporting end for the fold-out bed
Removing the table and the cushions to make space for the fold-out bed
Sliding glass doors bring ample natural light into the small London studio apartment
Small single-wall kitchen in white inside the studio apartment in London

New flooring was installed as an engineered light oak to compliment the plywood, with a grey marmoleum floor installed within the original kitchen. To the original bathroom new grey grouting refreshed the space.

Wood and blue bench and seating becomes the heart of the new apartment interior
Beautiful wooden cabinets help in creating a more organized apartment interior
Bespoke wooden wall in the living room turns the same area into dining space, workspace and bedroom
Custom wooden wall unit with smart niches contains the bedside lamps
Decorating the wooden table with plants

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