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Fifty Shades of Gray: Design Ideas and Inspiration

Gray is definitely one of the hottest interiors colors of the recent past. Available in a multitude of hues and shades, gray has become the ‘go to’ color for both designers and home owners. The contemporary trend of stylish and sleek interiors with clean and well defined lines is a part of the reason. With subtle shades of semi-minimalism and neutral settings gaining popularity, gray has shot into spotlight. Beautiful, diverse and providing the perfect backdrop for accent colors, gray is elegant, sophisticated and understated.

Picture perfect bedroom in gray combines style with understated elegance

by Michael Abrams Limited

From the cooler hues to the warmer tones, the contrast offered by different gray shades allows you to embrace a flowing basic color scheme for your entire home with apt variations. Perfect for every nook of the house, it can blend seamlessly with other vibrant tones. Yet, even as a standalone color, gray is both rich and refined.

Contemporary living room combines different shades of grey seamlessly

by Leclair Décor

Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair in grey dives home the point!

by Sheri Olson Architecture PLLC

Elegant use of gray in the kitchen and dining area makes for visual continuity

by Jeffrey King Interiors

Gray presents a natural contrast to white shelves in the family room
Minimalist bedroom in bluish gray with matching flooring

by Imagine Living

Subtle addition of various hues in gray to the interiors
Creative use of gray can lead to a vibrant and playful setting too!
Adding gray to home office brings class and sophistication!

by Wendt Design Group

A hint of blue for the sleek kitchen in grey

by Natalie Du Bois

Relaxed Bedrooms

While some believe that a bedroom should reflect the individual personality of its resident, that in no way means that one must use of startling and audaciously bright colors. In fact, various studies on sleep patterns show that a bedroom with too many bright colors can get those inside a touch too energized for proper sleek. Gray promises a modern interior coupled with an aura of peace and tranquility. Cool blue gray or chic shades with a hint of silver offer the ideal balance between serenity and style.

White and gray in the bedroom with hints of yellow is both soothing and stylish

by Michelle Hinckley

Silver and gray seem to be a popular color scheme for the contemporary bedroom

by Domiteaux + Baggett Architects

Add gray to a pristine white backdrop with bedding, fabric and decor

Accessories, plush bedding and pillow cushions that arrive in matching gray hues are always far easier to find than in case of some exotic color. Once this perfect gray canvas is set, one can even change accents and pops of color depending on mood, seasons and latest color trends!

Gray and purple in the bedroom for a relaxed and luxurious aura!

by Greg Natale

Bedding and decor in matching hues can accentuate beauty of gray in the bedroom

by Pillar Custom Homes

Bright table lamps present lovely contrast when set against a gray background
Ample natural ventilation gives this bedroom in light gray an airy appeal

by Catherine Nguyen Photography

Fabulous bedroom in gray brings home the summer retreat vibe!
Light grays can be as uplifting as some of the bolder colors in a modern bedroom

by Great Neighborhood Homes

Hints of orange and pink go well along with gray and white

Gorgeous Living Rooms

Gray is an automatic fit for the contemporary living room. While white is often used to provide a pristine background, gray lends complexity and class. Since living rooms are far less private in nature than both bedrooms and bathrooms, home owners gladly tend to gravitate towards use of muted tones and earthen shades. One can employ the colder shades of gray in rooms with ample natural ventilation and great lighting. Warmer tones of gray are ideal for living rooms that are compact and need a sense of spaciousness and airy appeal.

Sun-kissed grey interiors look simply stunning

by Atmosphere Interior Design

Light silver gray combines minimalism with dazzling charm

by Niki Papadopoulos

Lavish purple combined with gray and white elegantly in the living room

The naturally neutral character of the color once again allows you to experiment with both décor and accessories endlessly. Combining different shades of gray is also a smart idea as it offers subtle variation without moving away from the central theme dramatically.

Combination of light and dark gray tones with ample natural lighting

by Meredith Heron

Cool light grey with a hint of blue for a refreshing living space

by Case Design/Remodeling

Contrast in textures can make the all-gray setting interesting and exciting

by Green Couch Interior Design

Tones of grey spiced up with ample green!

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

It can be decor that sometimes brings in the grey touches to a white backdrop

by Usona

Add a touch of difference with designer gray flooring
Warm wooden tones combined with serious grey

Kitchen and Dining Spaces

For a kitchen, gray is a touch unconventional and tradition dictates that both white and off-white are the favored choices. But that is a convention which is fast being revamped with stunning and ergonomic kitchens in gray stealing the show in the past few years. The growing number of home owners willing to embrace gray as the predominant shade in their kitchen tells you that there is a paradigm shift in way kitchen space is being looked at. The color is perfect for homes which are located in warmer regions with ample sunshine and relatively hot weather.

Gray and white striated marble island steals the show here

by LUX Design

Warm wooden surfaces work well alongside gray in the kitchen

by Cornerstone Architects

Gray cabinetry is both appealing and attractive used right!

by Cucina Bella – Rebecca Gagne CKD

Since a kitchen sports functional and focused lighting of various types, there is never a fear of a dark corner or general gloom upsetting the color scheme. Add to it the presence of warmer tones like red, green and yellow along with a wooden or stainless steel kitchen countertop and there is never any scope for blandness. Gray in the kitchen and dining area is indeed the in trend of the times.

The many shades of gray present a contrast in themselves

by Joseph Trojanowski Architect

Beautiful lighting and dining area complement the kitchen in gray aptly

by New Mood Design

Ergonomic kitchen in gray with stylish pops of green

by Dijeau Poage Construction

Panton S Chairs in green-yellow spice up the gray dining room

by Cynthia Mason Interiors

Modern kitchen with gray cabinets and a dash of red

by Odenza Homes

Light grays combined effortlessly with black cabinetry

by Venegas and Company

Green – gray cabinets light up this compact kitchen in a open floor plan

by John Lum Architecture

Refreshing Bathrooms and Ergonomic Home Offices

The biggest fear of using gray is the possibility of sterile and monotonous look that it could result in. But more often than not, that is a simple conundrum which can be avoided using creativity and sensible splash of color. Bathrooms in gray and white can exude a spa-like setting at home. Combine it with stone, glass or wood in an ergonomic fashion and you have a space that is both unique and exquisite. Home offices, corridors and entertainment hubs like home theaters also look stunning in gray.

Neatly folded towels act as accent fabric thanks to the neutral backdrop in gray

by Chris Snook photography

Uber stylish modern bathroom in grey, white and black – Simply ravishing!
Organized home office in white and gray

by LuAnn Development

The neutral nature of gray is its biggest strength. It gives those with an adventurous mindset a blank canvas to experiment with exciting colors like orange or fuchsia. For the less bold, it provides a polished room that looks a lot trendier than simple shades of white. Just like E L James’ erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, it is paint that is flying off the store shelves at the rate of knots. Now is the time to embrace its subtle brilliance with a touch of inspiration and luxury!

Darker grays can produce brilliant results when employed judiciously!

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Master bathroom sports a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the mid-tone gray on the walls

by Clawson Architects

Gray countertop gives this master bathroom a unique appeal

by Austin Interior Renovations & Statewide Remodeling

Warmer hues of gray along with white and red are ideal for a lovely home office

AB HOME Interiors

Spacious bathroom in gray and white promises spa-like opulence at home

by Pear Interiors

Various grays coupled with white and black create a stunning minimalist bathroom
White and gray combination in the bathroom exudes luxury and richness

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