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An Ode To Spring: Home Decor Inspired By Birds

Spring brings with it a pleasant change in the weather, new sights and sounds, and freedom from wrapping yourself in several layers of warm clothing. With early 2014 seeing one of the harshest winters in decades, it is only natural that the arrival of spring this year is extra special. And now is also the perfect time to give your house a brand new start. With a wide variety of birds finding their way back home after the long migration trip, your mornings might already be filled with melodious tunes and plenty of chirpiness. Why not bring some of this goodness indoors?

Beach style living room with multi-colored wall art

Bird-themed decorations are not all that hard to find, and they do seem to be a fashionable trend that sees daylight each spring. This year, you can pay a colorful and feathery tribute to spring with fabric, print and wallpaper additions that feature these vibrant and wonderful birds. The options at hand are obviously endless. But here are a few inspirational images to get you started on your winged journey –

3D wall art for the dining room

by CWB Architects

Bird cages that will set you free!

by Becky Harris

Angry Birds themed boys' bedroom idea

by Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

Nursery in blue with bird-themed wall art

Wall art idea from old amagzines

by Jen Talbot Design

Bird wallpaper looks both dramatic and posh

Farmhouse style dining room cabinets

A Classy Friend from Eames!

It almost seems like we’re finding some decor item that has been designed by one of today’s many revered Mid-Century modern masters! The Eames Bird is another quirky addition to this list. It might not be as popular as the Eames Lounger, but it still seems to pop up in the most unexpected rooms and manages to blend in with almost any style you have going. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames for use in their styling photos, this little guy soon became the most famous bird in the decor world. Crafted from solid alder wood, the Eames Bird can be yours for $235.

Bird themed additions need not always be over the top

by The Sky is the Limit Design

Eames Bird for the minimal home office

by Smart Design Studio

Eames House Bird by Vitra next to the Nelson Clock

Give your Eames Bird a high perch!

by Nick Noyes Architecture

Bird decorations look cool even in a semi-minimal home

Living room with some lovely Eames creations

The Eames Bird in the living room

Versatility of Fabric Accents

Moving on from a timeless classic to prints that are more fun and energetic, accent fabric is one of the best ways to usher in hot trends without committing to them more permanently. This is precisely why we tell all our readers to try out new colors, styles and even themes using accent pillows, duvets, rugs and other fabric additions before making the final choice. This not only saves valuable time and energy, but it is also an economic way to create a trendy home. Accent pillows, duvets, quilt covers and drapes with bird motifs are pretty easy to find.

Use bird prints in colors that reflect spring freshness

by Harper Design from HarperCollins Publishers

Eclectic living room adds plenty of color

by Angela Flournoy

Accent fabric gives you the comfort of changing between trends easily

Bird-themed fabric and accessories seem to resurface every summer and spring, and if you are smart enough, you can even save a quick buck through one of those sales. If you love the trend and wish to add a more prominent item, then chair seat covers or even cushions are a fine pick. Just make sure that the choices you make do not alter the color scheme you already have going in the room.

Bird pillows from Dwell Studio for the modern bedroom

A few chirpy birds for the bathroom shower curtain!

by Design Vidal

A room inspired by nature!

Bold colors used in the contemporary bedroom

Twin chairs add color to the room in a subtle manner

by Incorporated

Use fabric to usher in interesting motiff

by Kim Nichols

Stripes lend sophistication to the room

by HOBNOB design

Feathery Wallpaper Wonders

Tropical themes are one of the popular design trends for spring / summer 2014, and wallpaper filled with birds seems to fit in with this exotic idea perfectly. Wallpapers offer another easy way to add colorful birds to the room without worrying too much about committing to things permanently. Most modern wallpapers can be put up and then removed with ease. Picking bird-themed wallpaper can be tricky, though. Try choosing patterns that are simple and come in pleasing, neutral tones. Too much color can be visually debilitating at times and can also come off poorly in most contemporary homes.

Beautiful wallpaper in black and white

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Gorgeous kitchen with a dash of vintage charm

Wonderful use of varied pattern in the bedroom

Stylish contemporary bedroom in New York

by Loadingdock5 Architecture

Decorate your mudroom with some springtime charm

by TR Building & Remodeling

Wallpaper steals the show in this contemporary Perth bedroom

by Residential Attitudes

Beyond the Obvious

Adding bird images with fabric and wallpapers might seem mundane to some of the more creative folks out there. If you happen to be one of those, then you will be glad to know that there is no dearth of other ingenious options. Framed prints, stunning photographs hung with care, a curated collection of bird paintings, chinaware with bird prints and wall decals are a few of the ways in which you can get started. 3D wall art featuring birds is another great way to breathe life into the walls of your living room or dining space. Be it the audacious, bright and brilliant or the understated and graceful, bird-inspired themes offer a bit of something for everyone!

A hint of gold along with the framed bird prints!

by Kaufman Segal Design

Antique Swedish bird prints set in a dining room with bold color

by Vendome Press

Bedroom that brings home the woodsy cabin style

by Habachy Designs

We have intentionally avoided going down the birdcage route today, as spring is all about celebrating nature at its unfettered best. Cages seem to represent the exact opposite. This is not to say that they do not make interesting and captivating decor additions. Just make sure there is no bird inside one of these! Here are some superb ways in which you can even repurpose old birdcages. Let your imagination take wings and make this spring even more memorable!

Luxurious traditional bedroom idea

Minimal approach to wall decals involving birds

Keep your little one entertained with a few feathery friends

Lovely use of wall art in the spacious living room

by Schwartz and Architecture

Elegant wall sculpture in the living room

Beautiful color combination for the kids' room

Custom art for your staircase

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