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Inspiration Hollywood: Contemporary Interiors Sporting The Timeless Eames Lounge Chair

It is hard to tell if the use of the Eames Lounge Chair was accentuated by Hollywood or if Hollywood benefited from its inspirational presence. Such is the aura, sense of history and tradition that comes with this gorgeous lounger whose origin dates back to 1956.

It has been 57 years since an the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman designed by the Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller first made its appearance. And it is fair to say that this modern design icon has transcended both time and changing interior design trends to come up trumps.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Italian Fabric on Gossip Girl

The Eames Lounge chair has made several appearances across various movies and TV shows. In fact, along with the‘chaise lounge, it might very well be the biggest star of the décor world. From being a part of blockbusters like Iron Man 2 and Tron Legacy to taking center stage in TV’s cult shows like Frasier and Gossip Girl, the list of screen appearances made by the Eames Lounger is both long and distinguished.

Still from Iron Man 2 – Seating inspired by the Eames Lounger!
Purple on the walls and the Eames Lounger add elegance to the space

by SVOYA studio

Stunning contemporary living room induces color with an understated elegance

by Orbit Homes

Catch up on your favorite titles while enjoying the comfort of the Eames Lounge Chair!
Clean and well defined space with the Eames lounge chair taking center stage

by Archisesto

Cool wall decals make a beautiful backdrop for the Eames Lounge and Ottoman

by Ras-A

Eames elliptical table gives company to the lounger in this clean and organized living room

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Enjoy a warm and vibrant view as you wind down in the Eames lounge chair

by Griffin Enright Architects

Comfort and Aesthetics to the Core

One of the biggest reasons for the Eames lounge chair surviving 6 decades of constant change in the décor and furnishing world is the blend of style and function it brings. The chair sports striking curves that add a vivid contrast in modern spaces largely dominated by straight lines.

Further, blend of wooden tones with leather not only creates opulence, but ensures that pleasing natural textures are brought forward. Diversity of colors and shades it comes in also plays to its advantage.

Being able to effortlessly combine with any style and color scheme, the chair presents an inimitable balance between perfect form and practicality.

Iconic Eames Chair set in a stylish living space
Add bursts of color around the Eames Lounge Chair for a vivacious and playful look

by Shirley Meisels

Accents in purple steal the show here!

by Becki Peckham

Charles and Ray Eames profess that “The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.” Nothing sums up this line of thought than the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman – sought after design draped in luxury!

Usher in the classic mid-century touch to the modern interiors with the Eames Lounger

by Biondi Décor

Twin Eames Loungers in white ash seem perfect for this relaxed family room

by UpInteriors

Touch of tropical goodness next to the Eames Lounge

by Incorporated

Placing the Eames lounge chair and ottoman next to the fireplace seems to be a popular choice

by Charles Cunniffe Architects – Aspen

Molded plywood coffee table blends in beautifully with the Eames lounge chair

Mid-Century Charm to A Modern Setting

One of the striking features of the Eames lounger is the versatility of its design. Not only does it seem relevant despite changing trends, but it is a perfect fit in any contemporary home. With muted colors and warm earth tones gracing most residences, an Eames lounger stands out with ease.

Though the chair is described as a ‘mid-century furnishing’, its form seems well ahead of the era in which it was shaped. Whether it is in white ash that blends with the all-white background or in masculine black leather that seeks instant attention, you can rest assured that the Eames lounge chair makes for a great addition to your reading nook or entertainment cave.

High ceiling and spacious interiors provide ample space to try out different decor combinations
Blend in other iconic pieces of decor along with the Eames Lounge & Ottoman
Use couch and seating in leather that matches the Eames lounger

In the words of Charles Eames himself, a chair is one that sports a “warm receptive look of a well-worn first baseman’s mitt.” This is precisely what an Eames lounge chair used across decades feels. And like all the good things in life, it gets better with age.

Decor and Eames loungers in dark shades bring contrast to the light background
Create a relaxed family area with a couch and the Eames Lounger

by Moderngirl

Elegant curves of the Eames Lounge Chair draw your attention in an instant
Gorgeous living space sporting the Arco Lamp along with the Eames lounger and walnut stool

by Webber + Studio, Architects

Modern bedroom with extended glass walls and the Eames Lounger in the corner

by Klopf Architecture

Nothing like the Real Deal!

One of the biggest conundrums for consumers around the globe is if the Eames lounge chair and ottoman they purchased is real. With so many fake versions of the lounger and many replicas around, getting duped is not all that difficult. Check for the Herman Miller label on the underside of the chair. If that does not convince you, look for some of the features that are only found in the authentic piece. Quality is an obvious giveaway. But, proportionality is a better test.

The real deal is beautifully proportional, and is only as big as necessary. A knockoff in the market is both bulky and unusual.

Living room with Eames Lounger turned away from the view outside

by Aidlin Darling Design

Noguchi Table and the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman- From the stables of Herman Miller!

by Ogrydziak / Prillinger Architects

Two black Eames Loungers used elegantly in a contemporary setting

by Eisner Design LLC

The base is also an easy giveaway. An original chair has a five-legged base with a slight angle. Neither are they too flat nor too steep to create a cone visually. While bringing home an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman can be an expensive affair, it is a comfort that would be well-earned and deserving!

Serge Mouille Floor Lamp meets the Eames Lounge Chair!

by Heather Garrett Design

Eclectic living space brings in a multitude of design elements

by Esther Hershcovich

Hues of the Eames lounger seem to go along well with the rug and couch cushions

by Chelsea Atelier Architect

Chic contemporary interiors offer the perfect background to add the Eames lounge chair

by Divine Kitchens

Walls of wood surround the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in this living space

by Dirk Denison Architects

The Eames Lounger was a regular on TV Show Frasier

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