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Create a Mural Effect with 3D Wall Art

There’s no denying the appeal of a well-designed wall mural! There’s something about a grand-scale work of art that grabs the eye and engages the soul. What got me going on this mural kick? Below we see the image that started it all! While writing an article on nursery design, I came across this pic of a space featuring all-encompassing geometric wall art, and that got me thinking… What if I created some 3-D geometric wall art of my own? [from Portico Design Group]

Contemporary nursery with eye-catching colors

I’m talking about the type of art that covers the majority of the wall, creating a mural effect. And once I started collecting images for inspiration, it became clear that when it comes to 3-D wall art, the possibilities are endless. Check out the pics below, then leave us a comment at the end of the post to let us know if anything sparks your imagination…

Fluttery Wall Art Featuring Winged Creatures

We start with wall art that truly takes flight! For example, this Metal Wall Art 3D Mural was crafted from recycled aluminum cans. Each upcycled piece is actually a butterfly-shaped pin that an be secured to the wall in any configuration you desire. The effect: a sea of insects in royal blue. [via Houzz]

3D butterfly pins

On a similar note, these 45 Metallic Navy Blue Paper Birds from Etsy shop Simply Chic Lily come with their own mounting putty. Plus, they shine from the surface, adding an extra shimmer to your interior…

Paper bird wall art

Unforgettable Yarn Art

Remember our recent piece on DIY yarn art ideas? We continue the crafty fun with these DIY Nail and String Letters from Just Keep It Simple, which are colorful, striking and bold. To create your own yarn art message, pre-print individual letters to make a banner, tape them to the wall, then insert the nails at key points in the letters (in corners and around curves). Tear off the paper, then use yarn or embroidery floss to start wrapping…

Colorful letter yarn art

This DIY Toyroom Word Art from Osie Moats is delightful in its “play”-ful appearance. Not to mention, the accompanying pom pom garland adds just the right amount of confetti-style festivity!

Colorful word art

DIY Wall Art Featuring Paper Products

What if you could create your own unforgettable 3-D wall art with papery textures and a few adhesives?… This next wall art installation is an old favorite of mine, documented by Christine of Citypix. It’s amazing what you can do with doilies, cupcake liners and large orange thumbtacks, isn’t it? [via Curbly]

Cupcake liner wall art

This Scraps to Wall Art idea from A Little Hut is a creative way to make great use of those paper scraps you may have leftover from previous crafty projects! Draw a spiral on a canvas, then cut your colorful paper into leafy shapes of various sizes. For all the details, check out A Little Hut. [via Curbly]

Paper scrap wall art idea

Wooden Wall Art

Now back to that wall art image from the top of today’s post, which features a “mural” of colorful block-like formations… This got me thinking about the things you can do with blocks when you add a little creativity. Yes, This Pine Forest Natural Wood Wall Art from Urban + Forest  consists of blocks that were glued together to become one piece. Sometimes by keeping things monochromatic, you call attention to each piece in the most wonderful of ways…

Natural wood wall art

Imagine the fun you could have with these Colorful Pastel and Neon Wooden Blocks from Etsy shop Lactation Station! A few of the blocks even have a glittery side or two for a little sparkle. Eco-friendly, non-toxic paint ensures these blocks are safe for all, whether they be used for toys or as tools in the creation of your own DIY wall art installation:

Pastel and neon wooden blocks

We end with an amazing creation from Anything Pretty. Inspired by artwork from a CB2 catalog, this blogger constructed her own over-sized abacus, reminding us that a little imagination and ingenuity can go a long way. Check out all the details at Anything Pretty

DIY abacus wall art

Now tell us what you think! Did any of the wall art installations above catch your eye? Or perhaps you have your own DIY 3-D mural idea you’d like to share. Leave a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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