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Accent Couch And Pillow Ideas For A Cool Contemporary Home

Color is a topic of interior design that seems deceptively easy. Almost everyone you come across seems to have a piece of advice on the colors you need to choose for your home. But creating those perfect interiors that are both comfortable and classy is far from an easy task. With most homes and offices today opting for a clean look that comes with neutral tones, accent colors seem to be back with a bang! Throw pillows and accent couches are a wonderful way of adding some life to a space that s otherwise monotonous and borderline bland.

Contemporary bedroom in black and white with pink accents

by Loom Décor

While throw pillows seem to be gaining in popularity because of the ease and dexterity they offer when it comes to trying out new colors, accent couches are a far rare occurrence. Here are a few ravishing and refined interiors that embrace color with plenty of panache. Hopefully they will tempt you to try out that audacious color you have been contemplating about for a while now!

Aqua throw pillows combined effortlessly with green Chesterfield Sofa

by Niki Papadopoulos

Fuchsia accent couch enlivens the living room in gray

by Valorie Hart

Gentle golden accents added to a stunning contemporary living room in blue and white

by Atmosphere Interior Design

Lovely throw pillows create sun-kissed interiors with ease

by Laura U

Navy blue sofas look as cool and refined as any couch in neutral shades

by Georgette Westerman Interiors

Silver and teal living room is a treat for the sore eyes

by Britto Charette

Throw pillows in chic print bring in the colors of the season

by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Turquoise and white lend a relaxed Mediterranean aura to your interiors

by Lulu Designs

Add Color with Class

Color plays a major element in defining much more than the hues and shades of a room. It helps determine the scale of a setting even without actually altering it physically. A small room clad in uniform color or closely related shades can look a lot bigger than a larger space using different colors. Visual fragmentation plays a pivotal role in determining the way we view our interiors. This is precisely why most modern homes are opting for a flowing, neutral color scheme that portrays a sense of cohesion.

An accent couch in brown adds sophisticated contrast

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Fabulous yellow accents brought about using trendy throw pillows

by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Green accent couch stands out instantly

by Ryan

Accent colors give these seemingly sterile and at times bland, interiors a whole new lease of life. While splashing a contemporary home with color looks a touch gaudy, the use of simple throw pillows lends a more elegant touch. Both accent couches and pillows bring in vitality and visual contrast without disturbing the existing theme.

Who ever told you that sofas in a contemporary setting needed to be in neutral hue!

by Debbie Basnett / Vintage Scout Interiors

Warm yellow hues shine through the relaxing bedroom

by Finton Construction

Vibrant splashes of red grace this modern living space

by Borden Interiors & Associates

Use accent pillows to mix bold colors and chic patterns

by Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25

Togo sofa adds bright yellow accents

by New Mood Design

Get past Color Commitment Issues!

Accent colors seem like an absolute must for pretty much every home out there. Yet, the biggest issue seems to ask the question “Which color do we commit to?” We all have our own commitment issues, but those regarding accent color seem to be the most common ones in the world of interior design! What if an accent color that looks amazing in theory fails once it is coupled with an existing neutral color palette? This is precisely why throw pillows and accent couches are such a boon for those struggling with picking the right shade.

Change accent colors depending on your mood and altering trends
New York City apartment sports a graceful two-tone living room

by Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Accent pillows are easy enough to incorporate, take little effort, come in a wide variety of prints and can be changed with ease. Since both bedrooms and living rooms use throw pillows extensively, they are a sophisticated and stylish way of adding brightness and trendy patterns to a room. On the other hand, a bright and bubbly couch like the Togo can create far more visual impact with equal ease.

Wonderful and elegant use of both accent couch and pillow

by Janet Paik

Pretty pink couch seems to take you back to the rollicking 80s!

by Caitlin Wilson

Dash of orange in the bedroom lifts your spirit instantly

by Lisa Benbow / Photography by Vince Valdes

Colorful flower patterns brighten the interiors

by Drew McGukin Interiors

Accent couch in yellow adds warmth and freshness to a living room in white

by Jan Skacelik

Bring in the Color of the Season

One of the simplest and most effective advices regarding color came from the renowned designer John Saladino when he said, “In choosing colors, follow nature’s lead.” Selection of accent colors is not too different from the way nature paints a panoramic view. You have one major color that makes up the backdrop while hints of other bright and bold shades gracefully fill in the gaps. Contemporary residences in earthen tones and muted shades seem far more appealing with a dash of bright orange or inspirational green here and there.

Stylish throw pillows allow you to introduce a multitude of colors

by Buchman Photo

Patio with soft contemporary appeal and colorful accent pillows

by Cornerstone Architects

By using throw pillows one can even alter the accent color used depending on the season and changing fashion trends. Obviously, an accent couch is more of a permanent commitment. Yet, by simply altering its position and the cushions that go along with it, one can bring in a fresh look. Professional paint jobs do not come cheap. Accent pillows, cushions and décor offer you a lovely alternative that is far less taxing and far more fun!

Fabric accents complement throw pillows perfectly in the bedroom

by Christopher Scott Designs

Bold yellow couch adds a hint of retro

by Charles Luck Stone Center

Tufted headboard and bright pillows bring in ample color

by Niche Interiors

Accent pillows can be allow you to switch between colors effortlessly

by RLH Studio

Adding the Togo to the list almost feels like cheating!

by Feldman Architecture

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