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50 Modern Bunk Bed Design Ideas

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Bunk beds are all about combining a fun, playful vibe with space-saving solutions that help maximize the room available. With space becoming such an essential commodity in modern homes, it pays to think vertically! Part of many amazing kids’ rooms across the planet, bunk beds bring with them a multitude of advantages. Yet modern bunk bed designs don’t need to be confined to the kids’ room alone.

Even adult bedrooms and guest rooms can benefit immensely from smart bunk bed designs. Combining brilliant ergonomics with pleasing aesthetics, they come in a wide range of styles and themes.

Moda Bunk Bed by R&B comes with smart extra storage options

Designing a bunk bed or picking one for your home is not just about maximizing space. Form is an equally important factor, and when picking the right decor for kids’ bedrooms, it becomes even more vital. Here are some amazing bedrooms with bunk beds that you can draw inspiration from when planning for your own home…

A combination of bunk and loft bed designs
How about a bunk bed tower in the bedroom? We love the built-ins that allow for a wall-mounted bedside reading lamp.

by Michael Abrams Limited

Quick Design Tips for Modern Bunk Beds

Select a modern design that fits your room’s size. Make sure to account for the space the bed will take up when selecting the size.

    Lovely girls’ bedroom with a colorful bunk bed

by Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

Choose something that is both comfortable and stylish. Consider materials such as wood, metal or a combination of both.

Trendy kids’ room with a bubble chair and bunk beds

by Chango & Co.

Look for something that is sturdy and reliable. It should be able to support the weight of the people sleeping in it.

Sophisticated built in bunk bed design

by Kraig Kalashian

Consider how easy the bunk bed is to assemble. Look for bunk beds that don’t require too much work to put together.

White and purple bunk bed for girls’ bedroom

Pay attention to the safety features of the bunk bed. Make sure the ladders and guardrails are secure and easy to use.

Custom designed bunk bed design for small bedroom

by Karen White Interior Design

Look for bunk beds that have storage space, such as drawers or shelves. This can help keep the bedroom organized.

Contemporary girls’ bedroom in white with plush bunk beds

by Betty Wasserman

Choose a bunk bed that has adjustable heights. This will help accommodate different mattress sizes and adjust as your child grows.

Twin beds that fold away with ease!

by Caden Design Group

Consider the style and color of the bunk bed. It should complement the existing décor in the room.

Opt for a bunk bed with a trundle bed or futon. This can be great for sleepovers or when extra sleeping space is needed.

Make sure the bunk bed is comfortable. Think about the mattress size and type when selecting the bunk bed.

Built-In Units and Custom Solutions

As with every other aspect of interior design, there is no ‘one solution fits all’ in the case of bunk beds. Since most homeowners opt for bunk bed installations in order to save on space, it is essential that the bunk bed you choose fits in perfectly with the specific requirements of your kids’ bedroom. A smart way to go about incorporating bunk beds is to choose custom designs and built-in units that are crafted with the dimensions of the room in mind.

Beach-style kids’ bedroom with twin bunk beds reminiscnet of summer camp

by Amy Maguire

Utilize the unique design of the room with custom bunk beds

by Lovelace Interiors

Striped carpet gives the room an urbane look

by H&H Design

A perfect room for sleepovers

A bunk room is a trend that is quickly gaining popularity–not just among large families, but also among luxury retreats and cabin resorts that offer cottages for families. Bunk rooms need not always mimic the boring design of mundane dorm rooms and often have a casual and exciting vibe that perfectly captures your holiday mood. These large bunk bed units seem all the more cozy as you snuggle under a warm blanket in one of those snug niches, even as it starts to snow outside!

Blue and white bunk bed color scheme is a classic that always works for boys’ bedroom

by Lauren Leonard Interiors

Bunk beds on the inside and outside!

by Raymond Forehand

Innovative wooden wall with several bunk beds

by H2O Architects

Little drapes add some class to the bunk bed design

by Harman Wilde

Beautiful bunk beds inspired by a coastal theme

by Jennifer Brouwer Design

Sconce lights for each bunk allow you to grab a book while in bed

by Studio Frank

Simple and minimal bunk bed plan make the most of small spaces

Innovative Bunk Bed Designs and Smart Storage

If you are picking a bunk bed for the kids’ room, it pays to invest a bit more in bringing home a selection that comes with plenty of drawers and a few smart shelves. Contemporary bunk beds are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. While some bring together the classic design of a loft bed with a standalone lower bunk, others tend to offer the convenience of a fold-away Murphy bed. Some even have cool trundle bed features that allow your kids to quickly tuck away clutter and keep the room sparkling clean!

A bunk bed with trundle saves up on ample space
Twin Bunk Bed with plenty of storage options

by Vons Furniture

Cool bunk beds for the trendy modern bedroom

by Leone Design Studio

While storage space under the lower bunk is a common feature, there are plenty of bunk beds where the stairs to the top level offer additional room for the truckload of toys that your kids own. You can even go a step further and bring home elaborate bunk bed wall units that feature an integrated closet and even a study table.

Colorful kids’ bedroom idea
Turn a loft bed into a bunk bed with some innovative planning
Sports themed kids’ bedroom with bunk beds and built-in storage

by Visbeen Architects

Ladders, Ropes and Slides For A Fun Bunk Bed Design

It’s not always about storage, space and frugality. One fact about kids: they will not put up with any decor that is dull and boring. (At least not quietly!) Why not make their bunk beds extra special by adding something fun and unique? A slide is the perfect way to elevate bunk bed design to a whole new level. Not to mention, with a model like this one, your little ones will likely spend more time on the top bunk than the one below. A climbing rope along with the ladder, or even a lower bunk on castors is bound to make the kids’ bedtime a lot cooler and more hip…

Gorgeous bunk bed with a slide!

by Martin Perri Interiors

A different take on bunk beds!
Make the bunk beds a lot more fun with a slide
Creative suspended bunk beds idea
Why not put the lower bunk on casters!

by CG&S Design-Build

Small bunk bed with a slide in a colorful kids’ bedroom

by Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design

Bunk Bed Designs That Are Not Just for Kids!

There are plenty of folks out there who will tell you that bunk beds are not for adults. If you’re out of your college dorm room and have a spacious bachelor pad, your bunk bed days are likely over. But that does not have to be the case every time. Stylish bunk bed designs can be part of an elegant adult bedroom as well. If you share a small studio apartment with a friend, bunk beds offer the ideal space-saving solution. Just draw a bit of inspiration from the many designs here and improvise to come up with some sophisticated adult bunk bed designs.

Bunk bed design idea for adult bedroom

by Shane D. Inman

Elegant adult bunk bed idea- Modern and minimalist!
Photo Credi: Tali Roth Designs – Modern boy’s bedroom features a light brown house shaped bunk bed with vintage yellow striped blankets and blue Hygge & West balancing act wallpaper.
Photo Credit Jen Talbot Design – Contemporary playroom boasts a bunk bed accented with a ladder and finished with emerald green velvet curtains situated under the staircase.
Stylish bedroom with cool decor additions
Photo Credit: Pike Properties – Bright, white attic bedroom space features a shiplap built-in bunkbed with a white and wood upper bunk railing and a window. This fresh modern farmhouse template is ready to be styled and designed with furnishings and pops of color!
Most adult rooms would struggle to pull off such an elegant look!

by Becky Harris

Hint of Rustic Charm

Speaking of design styles and themes that fit in with adult bedroom ambiance, the rustic cabin look perfectly fits the bill. Bunk beds are a great addition to any bedroom that is struggling to find an additional inch of space. While they are often labeled as decor specific to kids and young adults, bunk beds are popular with anyone who is young at heart! Not to mention, they are the perfect way to add more sleeping space to your guest room. Maybe it’s time you revisited the idea of having a good old bunk bed at home…

Amazing bedroom draws its inspiration from medieval dungeons!

by Highline Partners

Compact boys’ bedroom with a rustic theme

by Platinum Series by Mark Molthan

Rustic cabin-styled bedroom with innovative bunk bed

by Peace Design

Chalet in Courchevel with bunk beds
Classic bunk bed design with stairs
Kids’ room tries to recreate an outdoor camping vibe

by Landmark Homes

Choosing a modern bunk bed is a great way to maximize space in a small room. You’ll want to think about the size, material, style and safety features of the bunk bed before you make a purchase. Begin by measuring the space you have and make sure the bunk bed you choose is the right size. Then consider the material; metal or wood, which is best for your space? Think about the style and color you would like the bunk bed to have. Finally, check the safety features of the bunk bed to make sure it is secure and safe for your child to sleep in.

Photo Credit: Laura Lee Clark – Bunk room for 6 features white custom built-in bunk beds fixed in a row and accented with built in shelves, shiplap trim, black bedding, and brown wooden ladders.
Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck – Alyssa Rosenheck – Nicole Davis Interiors reveals a kids shared bedroom with white bunk beds featuring headboard shelves that can be used as a bookshelf, storage or a place to display decor or toys. White trellis bunk bed railing and rustic wood ladders make this custom design unique with a modern twist.
Photo Credit: Alder & Tweed – Bedroom features black bunk beds with black and white bedding, gold and brown plaid privacy curtains and a built-in staircase.
Photo Credit: Rita Chan Interiors – Bedroom features a built in bunk bed with branch ladder, a branch bunk bed rail, a wooden stool and a white and blue rug.
Photo Credit: Barclay Butera – Nautical bunk room features built in bunk beds on shiplap with navy blue striped awning bedding, a navy blue striped rug and a wooden bunk bed ladder.
Photo Credit: Establish Design – Cottage bedroom features cream plank bunk beds with yellow and blue bedding in front of windows.
Photo Credit: W Design Collective – Cottage style boys’ bunk room is lit by a Moravian star pendant hung over a white and gray rug. Beadboard walls are fixed behind a two tone built-in bunk bed fitted with storage drawers and a staircase.
Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner – A gray built-in desk paired with an abaca chair is fixed against a blue gray bunk bed fitted with a light brown wooden mini ladder and safety railing.
Photo Credit: Kate Maker Interiors – A pair of light gray bunk beds are separated by a light gray staircase, fixed against gray vertical plank trim, and accented with black railing lit by brass porthole sconces.
Photo Credit: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer – Cottage style bunk room features ivory bunk beds with burlap curtains, ivory bunk ladders, ivory built in cabinets and wooden floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of modern bunk beds?

Modern bunk beds provide a great way to save space in a bedroom. They are also great for accommodating multiple people in a single bedroom, and can be configured in different ways depending on the space available.

What types of designs are available?

Modern bunk beds come in a variety of styles and designs. Most are constructed of wood or metal and often feature sleek, minimalist designs. There are also loft beds, L-shaped beds, and triple bunk beds available.

What safety features should I look for in a modern bunk bed?

When shopping for modern bunk beds, safety should be a top priority. Make sure to look for beds with guard rails and ladders that can be securely attached to the bed frame. Additionally, look for beds that meet ASTM safety standards.

How do I care for a modern bunk bed?

Modern bunk beds are fairly low maintenance and should be wiped down periodically with a damp cloth. If the frame or mattress get stained, spot clean them with a mild detergent and warm water. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for additional care tips.

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