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Boys Bedding: 28 Superheroes Inspired Sheets For Those Who Are Children at Heart

Apart from the design of your living room, it is a bedroom’s decor and theme that first comes to mind the moment you think about redoing your home or planning for a new one.

If you think about it, the bedroom is one of the places where you need not pretend for the world and can pretty much design freely with exactly what you want — most likely it is just you and someone special who gets to spend time in there. And while the world will tell you that having ‘Superhero’ bedding or an odd bed sheet and pillow cover that pays tribute to your favorite superhero, is  a bit geeky (read that cheesy), the fact is that the kid in all of us will gladly want one.

Superhero inspired bedrooms bedding sheets

Below you will see a collection of bed sheets, comforters and bedding sets, which give you a chance at that indulgence. While they are targeted at kids and teens, there is no real hard and fast rule that they are just for kids. From the Man of Steel to the Dark Knight, from the webs of Spiderman to the iconic shield of Captain America, here is an inspiring collection for boys and what not.

Cast of Avengers

Avengers-themed Superhero Sheeting for your Kids

Here is the Avengers bedding for kids and this warm and lovely comforter will keep them cozy and in this particular design, it is Thor who takes the lead with the Hulk and Captain America right behind.

Superhero Bedding to complete your boy’s bedroom

And in this Avengers sheeting, it is Captain America who takes over the fight against super-bad villains. Captain America along with his all-too-familiar shield lead the way, followed by the entire Avengers cast.

Dark Knight Rises in the Bedroom

Batman Superhero Sheets for kids

In all reality, Batman is not a superhero who is all that tuned to little ones and hence the incredibly popular Batman gear might well be thanks to both teens and young adults. And this Batman bedding that shouts out bang helps us kick-start things on the right note…

Let your tiny tot sleep safe with the Batman Bedding

This complete Batman bedding set offers a lot more than just the protector of Gotham City at nights and is definitely far more colorful.

Batman Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn apt for even teens

If you are looking for a complete batman bedding for teens and those who prefer a far less ‘vivid’ and far more subtle look, then this light blue sheet is simply perfect.

Batman themed twin bed sheet set for children

The Dark Knight Twin Sheet Set will surely create the impact that intends to and the pillow cover is something that seems a ‘bit too lively’ at times. That steely and unemotional stare seems as haunting as it does on the big screen.

Superhero Bed Sheets for kids inspired by the Dark Knight

And this children’s bedding set lets you showcase your love for the protector of nights in unabated fashion thanks to its really bold design. Complete with the ‘Bat Symbol’, the dark blue and black really bring a room alive.

Spiderman spins his web of magic

Contemporary Boys Bedding showcasing Spider-sense

Since Hollywood re-invented Pater Parker so successfully, Spiderman and his antics have been all the rage for kids. And this wonderful Spider sense sheets and pillow covers capture that ‘world famous’ image of Spiderman perched on top of a skyscraper in NYC.

Spiderman and Friends Bedding for the little ones

This one is for the tiny tots who love their web spinning friend and his adventures. The lovely light blue of the sheets creates a nice backdrop for the little ‘Spidermen’ spread all over.

Superhero Quilt Bedding for young boys

But if they prefer something more colorful (And most of them do), then this will make them really, really happy. The giant Spiderman on the pillow and bed sheet should have them tucked away delighted!

Superhero double bed sheet for teens spinning Spiderman magic

And moving on to something for teens, this Spiderman-themed bedding  not only showcases your love for the little guy who jumps around rooftops, but does so in a pretty class fashion. The giant face along with the plenty of red spread around, even on the walls, makes for a colorful combination.

Superhero Comforter and Pillow Case with Spiderman Motif

In case your kid is not happy going to bed with only just Spiderman alone and wants to see him smack around a villain or two, then this bedding with “gotcha” and “take that” in comic-style captions will get the job done.

Bed sheets of Steel!

Superhero sheeting with Spiderman imagery for kids

Ouch! If that were real, then your nights could be really uncomfortable. But when you have the ‘Man of Steel’ on your sheets and pillow, then, we assume you can call it bedding of steel. The legendary red cape, blue attire and the giant ‘S’ so that you can show your support for arguably the most popular hero on the planet…

Lovely orange Superman Bed covers for Young Adults

This complete ‘Man of Steel’ bedding is really classy, stylish and in all honesty, a large part of me is tempted to actually bring it home. They are simple, uncluttered and add a nice variation even to the most modern interiors styled in contemporary minimalism.

Buzzing with Toy Story

Orange and Green Superhero Bedding with Buzz Lightyear imagery

Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear may not be superheroes in the conventional sense with a cape, mask and secret identity. But they make up for it with valor, ability to fight for justice a definitely a secret life when us humans turn the lights off. And these lovely orange and green sheets are for those who especially love ‘Buzz’.

Buzz Bedsheet for Young Boys

And if you can’t get enough of the charming space ranger, then here is more of buzz for you to go buzzing to bed. It even shouts out the philosophy of “No toy gets left behind”

Sheriff Woody and gang bed covers for kids

We understand that ‘Woody’ fans are fuming by now and hence here is the whole gang at one place to make everyone happy. Lovely black and blue background for both the pillow and the sheets…

And then, there’s the rest…

Captain America Single duvet Cover for the Patriotic Kids

Bring out the patriotic fervor in your little one with the exclusive Captain America sheets that glorify the stripes and stars.

Superhero Sheets for Comic Book Lovers

Circo Comics Bedding does not relegate your love for one single superhero and simply tells the world how much you adore comics in general. Uncomplicated and unbiased

Disney’s Incredibles Bedding Set for Little Kids

Superhero sheeting that is inspired by Disney’s Incredibles and more than the sheets themselves, it is the way in which this bedroom has been designed, that impressed us a whole lot. A lot to learn from, if you are planning to make a special bedroom for your kid…

The Incredibles Superheroes Bedding Comforter for children

And more of Incredibles as it is not just the comforter and the pillow cases that pay a tribute to the family of superheroes, but even the curtains that do the same.

Green and Blue Superhero Sheets for Kids Bedroom

In case your kid feels strongly about ‘Green’, then the complete Green Lantern Bedding is the one to go for. You can fill the room with some natural green to go along as well.

Hasbro Transformer 3 Armada Sheet Set for Teens

For those teens who are inclined towards Hollywood creations in steel, the Hasbro Transformers 3 Armada Sheet Set is something that they just cannot do without. From Bumblebee to Optimus Prime, everyone is covered.

Transformers Superhero Cotton Bedding Set inspired by Hollywood

And if that one did not really tempt you, then the all-cotton Transformers bedding might. Sporting a blue and black look, the subtle ‘burning flames’ imagery along with the Autobot images.

Iron Man Sheets for those always Young at Heart

And if the classy and scientifically advanced Iron Man is your superhero, then these elegant Iron Man sheets work great. They are not very ‘cartoony’ and that means they can be used with any simple theme as is shown here.

Marvel heroes sheeting to guard your child at night!

Fancy a combination of Spiderman, Ben and captain America with a couple of other superheroes, all making an appearance at the same time? If your answer is in affirmative, then the Marvel Comics bed sheets are for you.

TMNT quilt cover set bedding for kids who prefer the classic superheroes

Cowabunga Dude! It is TMNT sheets and they are complete with Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo, all making an appearance on the sheets and in action mode. A must have for those who love the Ninja turtles.

Superhero Sheeting for kids who love The Incredible Hulk

What better way to finish than the Hulk. Green, mean and ready to kick some super-villains around… quite literally! If your kid’s bedroom is already done in a ‘green shade’, then it works delightfully well.

And in case you have some superhero bedding, sheets or comforters that you think we missed out, give us a shout!

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