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Cabin in the French Alps Gets Functional Curved Wooden Wall

The French Alps are probably one of the most famous winter destinations across the planet and with the holiday season not too far away now, one can expect the ski resorts and the little towns that surround some of the world’s best skiing ground across the French and Swiss Alps to fill up pretty quickly.

Nestled among the famous snow-clad peaks of Les Menuires is this modern ski resort that has now acquired its very own ‘cabin’ on the inside thanks to the creative and ingenious wooden installation put in by H2O Architects.



They have taken an existing living space within the ski resort and have put in a giant curved wooden wall that has spacious voids on the inside which pretty much act as luxurious, bunker-styled beds for kids and adults as well. The curved wall has been added to the interiors without actually disturbing any of the existing features and with lovely rolling drapes separating the quarters and offering privacy along with permanent dividers between the wall and the kitchen; this is a perfect addition both in terms of form and function.

Eight beds have been placed in the light birch plywood enclosure that exudes warm and soft hues and fits in seamlessly with the sleek and modern make up of the remainder of the living space. With all the amenities at close distance, integrated storage units and space-saving fixtures, this is a great example of how to maximize the available space. (spotted on designboom)







bunk beds and desk for a mountain cabin

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