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24 Cool Trundle Beds for Your Kids Room

Designing a kids’ bedroom is often a challenging task because not only do you need to work with the existing constraints of space and budget, but there are all those creative ideas and amazing add-ons that come flowing in thanks to the active imagination of your little ones.

The best kids bedroom designs are those that put together the best of both aspects to create a lovely and effervescent room that reflects individual taste coupled with smart and savvy design. Trundle beds go a long way in ensuring that you achieve this elusive combination.

Contemporary Colorful Kids’ Bedroom with a Vivacious Trundle Bed

by casamodern

Designed originally to ensure that helpers and servants stay close to the owners, trundle beds have come a long way since and are fast becoming as popular as bunk beds for homes where kids need to share a bedroom. They consist of a second sleeping option that is placed underneath the main bed and can be rolled out using the rollers or casters when required. Smart, savvy and ideal for sleepovers, they are perfect for every contemporary home.

Stunning skylights and space conscious trundle bed light up this compact bedroom
Stylish toddler bedroom with cars and roads wall decal and beautiful bedding


Sleek and stylish trundle bed fits in seamlessly with this chic modern kids bedroom
Snazzy trundle bed design blends in with the multitude of hip colors

by Kropat Interior Design

Luxurious trundle bed design perfect for every modern home

by By Brooke

Saving Up On the Space

Bold kids bedroom with bright colors and a compact trundle bed

by Elizabeth Gordon

The obvious advantage of using a trundle bed in your kid’s bedroom is the space-saving option that you have readily available at all times. This makes the trundle bed ideal for small bedroom designs that are constantly pressed for space. You have an easily available second sleeping bunker that vanishes away during day time and hence saves up on ample foot room. Since space is such a premium in big city lofts and modern apartments, trundle beds in kids’ bedroom present an ideal solution.

Classic bedroom design incorporating custom designed trundle bed at its heart
Captain’s Bookcase Trundle Bed in dark hues

by Hayneedle

Compact trundle bed ideal for small bedrooms
Cool double bunk bed set with pull out beds at the bottom create a summer camp atmosphere

by John Maniscalco Architecture

Custom-built Trundle Bed in dark wood with matching cabinets

by RA Design Group

Hide Away the Mess with Ease

Gorgeous kids bedroom with vivacious colors and a cool trundle bed


While most home owners believe that trundle beds are ideal for bedroom designs that need to accommodate more than one kid, the fact is they are perfect even for homes where there is only a single child. The lower bunk can always be used as a storage option that can simply hide away all the mess and provides for shelf space that is both elegant and compact.

The trundle bed can quickly and effortlessly double up as both a second bed for sleepovers and also as a storage space without any trouble.

Eclectic modern bedroom with stylish trundle bed that saves up on space

by Kate Jackson Design

Daft Bunk beds with a Trundle bed at the lower level to maximize on space
Elegant kids bedroom with a trundle bed perfect for a sleepover

by Increation

Modern kids’ bedroom with twin trundle bed sets in cool stripes

by DucDuc

Opus Designs Treverton Trundle Bed perfect for contemporary kids’ bedroom

Picking the Perfect Bedding

Pogo Kids’ bedroom in cool neutral tones sporting a sleek trundle bed

by Room & Board

One of the essential things when planning for a trundle bed in a kid’s bedroom is the bedding that completes it. Trundle beds most often might require custom designed bedding that fit in perfectly into the second roll-out bed underneath the top one.

Comfortable and beautiful bedding are a must to ensure that the bed looks picture perfect and it obviously goes unsaid that both of them most be same in quality, print and color to create an ideal bedroom with one flowing theme.

Pristine white day trundle bed ideal for a gorgeous girls’ bedroom

by AFK Furniture

Race car themed trundle bed perfect for the tiny tots
Riley Trundle Bed ideal for a kids room design with small bedroom space
Sports themed kids bedroom with a exquisite trundle bed
Trundle bed with minimalist style ideal for urban kids bedroom

Snazzy trundle bed design blends in with the multitude of hip colors for the perfect modern bedroom for your kid

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