Five Nursery Themes with Whimsical Style

nurseries designs

Does decorating a nursery seem overwhelming at times? Blogs are filled with pictures of detailed spaces combining an array of elements, many of them handmade. How do you pick a style that you won’t get tired of, especially when certain flourishes (like flag banners) seem to have already reached their popularity peak? How trendy is too trendy? Do you have time for a slew of…

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Outdoor Inspiration: Stunning Design Ideas For Fireplaces By The Pool

Custom designed glass fire and water feature for the pool

Modern design is as much about the outdoors as it is about the interiors. A stunning contemporary home often brings along with it a fabulous patio or backyard that sports a refreshing pool. Whether it is an infinity edge pool that leaves you awe-inspired or a wonderful Jacuzzi and swimming pool combination that brings home the spa experience, dramatic outdoor settings have become an integral…

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Wind Vault House: Exceptional Façade Meets Exclusive Interiors


A distinct rounded roof, stylish vertical timber screen and a layer of green surroundings make the façade of the Wind Vault House in Singapore a one-of-a-kind. The unique exterior of the house has been shaped as much by ergonomics as by aesthetics. Designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design, the modern residence combines effective passive cooling techniques with ample privacy using fascinating timber screens. These simple…

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Host an Unforgettable End of Summer Party

Delicious individual portions at an end of summer party

If you’re getting ready to head back to school, summer may be winding down for you. But keep in mind that there’s still another month (or more) of official summertime. And that’s plenty of time to plan a lovely end of summer party! Consider a color palette of yellow and white stripes punctuated by bright fruity tones. Serve foods that celebrate the season’s delicious bounty,…

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Modern Polish House Couples Smart Design With Scandinavian Minimalism

Beam & Block House in Poland

Space is one of the biggest factors in determining how the interiors of a home turn out. Designed in a stripped-down Scandinavian fashion, this 140 square meter home in Poznań, Poland is all about combining very creative space-saving solutions with a unique design style. Mode: Lina Architects were the ingenious guys who stepped up to the task and turned this compact home into a charming…

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Eye-Catching Vase Arrangements That Tickle Your Fancy

vase arrangements

Your room is missing something and you’re trying to figure out what. You’re thinking cute new accessories, furniture or a new coat of paint to chase the monotony out of your home. What if I tell you that you can turn it from boring to fabulous in a very short time and without breaking the bank? It’s true, but you should start considering vase arrangements….

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Best Dressed Laundry Room: Judging Together With Samsung

best dressed laundry rooms decoist

My passion for functional and eye-catching laundry rooms is well known here on Decoist. Laundry rooms are seldom missing the attention they deserve and have long been relegated from the life of the house. But with homeowners getting busier lives, and considering their needs to multitask, people are becoming more inclined to reintegrate these common space rooms back into their homes. And they do it…

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Brilliant Spanish Duplex Employs Inventive Floor Plan And A Dash Of Color

Creative walls of the kitchen

Designed with refreshing creativity by N232 Arquitectura, this stylish and modern duplex is all about altering our set perception of design and décor. Nestled in the beautiful region of Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain the home sports interiors that are clean and contemporary. Yet, look a bit closer and you will see the hints of ingenious design that makes this space so very special. While most…

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Contemporary SoHo Apartment In New York Displays Divine Proportion!

cool soho apartment

Renowned across the planet as the birthplace of modern chic, SoHo is indeed one of the unique crown jewels of New York. The vibrant neighborhood was once a permanent refuge for some of the world’s most creative designers, architects and artists. But the eccentric art galleries that showcased cutting-edge design trends have given way to lofts and apartments in the last decade or two. Yet,…

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20 Spaces Featuring Radiant Color in Interior Design

radiant colors home decor ideas

I have to admit… Lately I’ve thoroughly enjoyed collecting pictures of vividly colorful interiors! Remember our recent post on how to decorate a space with white walls? Yes, portions of that piece were born out of this same color-heavy obsession. In fact, many of today’s featured rooms showcase the power of white walls. After all, pops of color are absolutely radiant against a background of…

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