Modern Lamps Ideas to Light the Way

Modern Lamps Ideas

Modern lamps are functional works of art. If you’ve ever been inspired by the bold curve of a dome or the power of a tall arc, today’s post is for you! The modern lighting below represents some of the most colorful and striking in today’s design world. Rainbow hues, glossy shades and alien-like forms combine to create luminous perfection. The beauty of modern lighting is…

Vintage Home Decor Takes You Back to Simpler Times

Melbourne vintage house 1 - living room

Maybe it is just nostalgia or maybe the fact that one can never go back in time revisit the memories of the past, but everyone of us is fond of those ‘wonder years’ of the past. And this home in Melbourne might well have that same allure for many who might look back at times that were simpler, but also happier. This vintage 1970′s Doncaster…

DIY: Reclaiming Your Wood to New Definitions

traditional kitchen with reclaimed wooden countertop

Every day we are creating history. What we do today may make it in the books next year. We set trends, we invent new technology, and we make strides each second towards a bright new future. And while we are courageously shaping the future it is the past that has formed and made us to be whom and what we are today. It’s opened doors…

Breathtaking Backpacking Vacation Locations

backpacking destinations

There is something incredibly freeing in the mobility of traveling without heavy suitcases, and in picking up and moving on to the next destination without hours of packing. If you have not yet experienced the unrestrained adventure of a rejuvenating backpacking vacation, then consider making a getaway this summer. Whether you find yourself walking through the thousand year old streets across Europe or breathing in…

Using Birdcages in Home Design

home decor with birdcages

If you’re like most homeowners, you often see interesting and unique décor ideas throughout the pages of magazine spreads or in the home of a particularly creative friend and you are immediately envious of their ability to make unusual choices look so effortless. Some people seem to have an overwhelming talent to take yard sale knick knacks or flea market finds and turn them into…

Café Graffiti in Bulgaria: Interiors with inimitable design

cafe interior design - graffiti, bulgaria

The building housing a modern art gallery needs a cafeteria that really wows its visitors. It shapes up to ensure a similar look and feel to the art gallery, while offering those in the neighborhood a cool place to hang out, as well. That’s what Cafe Graffiti, located in Varna, Bulgaria, tries to achieve — a delicate balance; and at a first glance it seems…

Contemporary Loft in Kiev Stuns with Industrial Design

Industrial Loft Apartment 1 - living room design

It is indeed an interesting though that we could change the way we normally perceive various elements of construction and how they play a role in bringing a certain ‘texture’ to the interiors of a home. Designed by Thank Balbek of 2B Group, this industrial loft apartment in Kiev aims to change that textural perception of materials. The idea here is to create a home…

Weekend Retreat With Sustainable Features And Savvy Design

Stereoscopic House Singapore 1 - glass windows house with suspended volume

Nestled in the resort island of Sentosa in Singapore, this Stereoscopic House is all about merging smart features of design with a modern retreat that will offer its residents some panoramic views without compromising on their privacy. There are several architectural elements combined here as its architects, Pencil Office, had taken up the challenge of creating a lavish retreat that will also encompass several eco-friendly…

Simple, Stylish One Bedroom Apartment in The Heart of Stockholm

One Bedroom Apartment Stockholm 1 - living room with brick walls

If you are in the city and wish to buy a cozy little living space in the Vasastan district of Stockholm, then this might be a pretty good option. Unlike many of the modern lavish homes and exuberant villas, this will not set you back by millions as it’s more of a simple home that should serve a couple, perfectly fine. The apartment is located…

How to Use Floral Prints Tastefully

white kitchen with modern floral prints accents

For most, the word “floral prints” conjures up images of their grandmother’s parlor or ill-fitting middle aged men’s vacation shirts. However, there is a lot more to this classic print than may originally meet the eye. Flower spotted designs are making a major comeback in home décor – but only when done tastefully. Here are a few simple tips on achieving a fantastic floral theme…

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