World Class Penthouse in Monaco Steals The Show With Its Luxury and Exclusive Design

monaco penthouse

The tag of being the world’s most expensive penthouse might soon be claimed by this cool creation which is taking shape in Monaco. Set to be finished by 2014, this stunning penthouse is most definitely a playground of the billionaires as it brings together the very best in the world of luxury and interior design. With a price tag that is likely to be around…

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Beautiful Floral Patterns and Trends for 2013

floral patterns 2013

April showers bring May flowers… But who says you have to wait until May to enjoy the blooms of the season?! In fact, the current floral pattern offerings celebrate vivid colors and interesting forms. Today we spotlight the best floral patterns for 2013. From modern abstract blooms to watercolor-inspired prints, these selections will catch you off guard in the best possible way! You can always…

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DIY Melted Crayon Art for The Whole Family

DIY melted crayon wall art

It’s back to school shopping season and no matter how old I get, I still am thrilled seeing the endless supplies of mechanical pencils, two pack glue sticks, child safe scissors, red corrective pens and the 24 packs of crayons. To me this is a sign that life goes on. That learning and education plays a vital role in the continuation of the next generation….

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Church Gets a Divine Revamp, Turns Into Contemporary Home

Anglican Church Renovation - Modern Villa

While designing a brand new home that meets all the requirements of a client is a task difficult enough. This becomes a tad bit more challenging when it involves revamping and renovating an 1892 Anglican church. That was precisely the task on hand for Bagnato Architects, who had to convert the old church in Melbourne into a sparkling and stunning modern house. With gorgeous use…

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How to Decorate with a Pastel Color Palette

White living room with pastel accents

Many of today’s top design trends involve bold, bright colors, but that doesn’t mean spring won’t put many of us in the pastel mood! Are you itching to decorate with soft shades? You’re in luck! Today’s post features a slew of design ideas that highlight creative ways to decorate with a pastel palette. And creativity is key! These selections shine the spotlight on spaces that…

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Modern Greek Penthouse Design Beautified With Nordic Minimalist Influences

Scandinavian inspired penthouse design in Greece

A touch of Nordic design clubbed with clean and well defined spaces grace this penthouse apartment developed by Esé Studio in Greece’s capital, the historical Athens. While most contemporary homes employ a closed shelves design where storage units simply disappear into the surrounding walls, this unique apartment brags with its storage spaces. It has cool floating shelves and ergonomic cabinets to complement the interiors and it…

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Fancy Privacy Options For the Bathroom

modern bathroom privacy

The bathroom is known to be the most intimate place in a home, a room for relaxation, stress relieving and alone time. The toilet is an even more delicate aspect. It´s not often we give thoughts to bathroom fixtures such as tub or sink, and even more rarely, the toilet bowl. Ancient civilizations treated this aspect with consideration, if we regard scientific evidence about their…

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Fool Your Senses and Rest Your Mind With Colorful Cupcakes

Cupcake-Inspired Home Decor  (1)

Cupcakes have inspired an innumerous quantity of designs. Their sweet side combined with an endless design possibility make them perfect as desert, as well as decorative objects. In an inspiring food-related home decor world, the cupcake is just making its presence noticed. I’ve seen nail art with cute little cupcakes and immorally delicious cupcake tattoos; now it’s time to go beyond our skin and enjoy cupcakes…

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Stylish Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Home

mothers day gifts for home

This year, Mother’s Day is May 12th. Seem like far away? Think again! Time to start hunting down a unique gift for that special lady! Today we feature some of the most interesting Mother’s Day gifts available, complete with helpful links should you wish to buy one of these stellar selections. Is your mom a foodie? A design lover? A jewelry collector? We’ve got you…

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Glass Door Refrigerators: Ideas for a Transparently Brilliant Home

Stunning and sleek kitchen with glass front refrigerator

A glass-front refrigerator is a kitchen trend that is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Just like the stainless steel kitchen countertop, the glass door fridge was primarily a component of the commercial kitchen. Yet, there is nothing that is stopping you from inviting it into your own home. That is precisely why so many modern homes and contemporary kitchens have gone down this transparent…

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