The Art Of Pillow Placement

outdoor sofa with pillows

Did you know that pillows can create absurd sneeze inducing fits from the aftermath of floating feathers due to an extreme sport called pillow fighting? But surely so much more pleasure can be derived from these fluffy entities. Throw pillows offer texture, dimension, depth, personality, seating arrangements and a sense of overall charm and frequently are the gorgeous focal points in your home. Behind the…

How to Do Laundry: Expert Advice to Laundering

doing your own laundry

Every one of us, at some time or the other, has been forced to do our own laundry, right? The first rule then has always been to keep an eye on the care label, which we usually miss. It provides some basic idea of how to approach a fabric while cleaning. Here are some general tips. Choose the temperature according to care label. For fine…

DIY Paper Orb Chandelier Made of Cupcake Liners

cupcake paper orb chandelier

Where do you think do these fabulous orb lights come from? No idea! They are made, and as surprised as you may be, let us tell you a secret — you can do them yourself, just as well. Just read on and see how easy it is to make an orb light like the ones posted here. What you see in here, is a paper…

Colorful Project Combining Colors, Materials and Shapes


Colorful benches are inspired from the joy their vividness brings us. This particular project that caught your attention from the intriguing photo is a collection of benches captured under the name ‘PlaidBench” Collection. Why plaid? The design studio that worked on this project – Raw-Edges Design Studio – explain: “Stripes arrangement is a common element in iconic benches. Many of the very common archetype benches…

Sports-Inspired Nike Corporate Canteen Designed by UXUS


Re-designing Nike’s corporate canteen must have been a challenging task. Nike EMEA chose Amsterdam-based studio UXUS to join their design team and compose a welcoming space, in which people can find it easy to exchange ideas. Inspired by sports, Nike’s new canteen is actually an inviting social space in which people can also eat, as I see it. The diversity of seating arrangements seems boundless….

12 Unique Kitchen Backsplash Designs

luxury kitchen backsplash glass tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and arguably a house’s most important focal point. During family parties and friendly get-togethers, regardless of how large your home may be, people always seem to migrate toward the kitchen. If you’re looking for one project that can truly transform your kitchen into a space you’ll love to share (without spending a fortune), consider upgrading your backsplash….

If Walls Could Talk: Giving Your Room Self Expression By Way of Color

superb walls colors

Have you ever stopped to take notice of how many homes are splattered with white washed walls? Maybe even your own? The living room, dining room, family room, den, three and half bathrooms, four bedrooms, and-even-ironically the mudroom. They are crisp, they are clean, they are efficient, but they can be equally boring. I will not diagnose this dilemma as lack of imagination but rather…

31 Wall Sconces Designs For Dressing Up Your Hallways

decorative wall sconce ceramics

Wall sconces are a unique and beautiful method of adding a simple and elegant touch to many areas throughout your home. When used correctly, they can provide a warm, soft glow rather than the overpowering light of a floor lamp or large chandelier – and they take up much less space. If you’re looking for an easy way to dress up the look of your…

Adding Shine With Mirrored Furniture

mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture reflects the light, making spaces appear more open and inviting. These glossy pieces also add a glamorous element to a room, and fans of design movements such as Hollywood Regency are increasingly collecting mirrored items. Most importantly, these furnishings are versatile–they work with any color scheme, and they complement patterned textiles with their shiny yet neutral look. Whether you’re on the hunt for…

Attic Penthouse Has White Charm, Reminds of Fairy Tales

Cute! I am sure this would be the first word that comes to your mind at the very sight of this pristine design. It just reminds you of snow flakes, dolls’ houses, fairy tales and the like. This is actually an attic penthouse, and is of 1,410 square foot. The whole space is evenly distributed between an open kitchen, a dining area, a living space…

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