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25 Awesome Rustic Decks That Offer a Tranquil Escape

The idea of relaxing on a beautiful deck that is seamlessly connected with the ‘entertainment zone’ of your home and indoor kitchen is a dream that most of us have. While some beach style decks seem perfect for holiday retreats and beautiful homes in the tropical and subtropical regions, those who experience far less sunshine might be well served with the classic rustic-style deck. This is especially true if your awesome vacation retreat of a fabulous modern residence overlooks the distant mountains, provides a view of a lush green canopy, or sits next to a meandering lake. The rustic deck excels when placed in such raw, natural landscapes with scenic beauty!

Of course, the rustic deck varies vastly in terms of materials used, finishes, its overall design and the features it holds. The overall appeal of your soothing, secluded rustic deck depends on the style of your home, available space, the topography of the landscape and your personal taste. Charming, sensational and at times relaxing, here are 25 of the very best from across the world –

Waterside Wonders!

Nothing seems more appropriate for a fabulous fall party on a wonderful evening lit up by candles, paper lanterns and string lights like a rustic deck that sits right next to a calm lake or body of water. If you are fortunate enough to live in one such picture-perfect home, then make your holiday season even more special with a deck that seems like a natural extension of the living space indoors. Most rustic decks are crafted using pressure-treated lumber, and you can finish them off with affordable options like Redwood and Cedar or more expensive alternatives like Ipe for that classic, countryside appeal.

Fireplace and lighting give the lakeside deck a surreal appeal [Design: Thom Filicia Inc.]
Elegant deck overlooking the pool and the landscape beyond [Design: Martinez Wood Floors]
Rustic deck of the Headwaters Camp Cabin in Montana [Design: Dan Joseph Architects]

There are plenty of ways that you can combine rustic touches with more modern aesthetics to create an ergonomic deck that will offer the best of both worlds. Keeping the décor modern while using stone, wood and other natural materials to fashion the deck is one such alternative that many homeowners seem to be leaning towards. Another smart option is to replace that traditional rustic railing with glass alternatives so the view on offer is left undisturbed!

Design of the railing adds to the rustic charm of the gorgeous deck [From: Dan Forer Architectural & Interior Photographer]
Versatile deck design combines shaded and open areas [Design: Andersson-Wise Architects]
Idyllic lakeside deck flowing into the dock [Design: Shannon Ggem]
Low cost deck design takes advantage of the dramatic view of the landscape around [Design: Kettle River Timberworks]

A Roaring Fireplace

Another absolute must for that magical deck with rustic allure is the fireplace, a focal point around which the rest of the deck organically evolves. Since we are talking about all things rustic, stone fireplaces top the charts with their modern counterparts coming in a distant second. There is nothing like a cozy stone fireplace surrounded by plush décor to set the mood on cold winter evening! For those who might not have the budget to spare, traditional standalone fireplaces are a wonderful alternative. If all else fails, we suggest a lovely fire pit; something that is easy to build and is super-affordable.

Custom-made furniture and fireplace for the awesome rustic deck [Design: On Site Management]
Stone fireplace and a cozy sitting area for the rustic deck [Design: Locati Architects]
Open deck design with plush furniture and cool stone fireplace [Design: McKinney Group]
Stone and wood outdoor deck with barbecue zone and fireplace [Design: Jenifer Giudice]
Rustic deck design seems like an extension of the living space indoors [Design: Pacwest Homes]

Sheltered Retreats

Do you need an impressive, open deck that connects with the landscape around your home in more ways than one or a sheltered alternative that feels far more reclusive? This is one of the most basic choices you need to make, and often it is a choice determined as much by the elements as personal preferences. There is no point in building a deck without any shade above when it is going to snow for most of the year! Sure, it might hinder part of the appeal of the deck and the amazing view on offer, but it definitely is the more sensible option. A pergola-style structure that covers half the deck and leaves the other half open to the elements is a clever compromise here!

Fabulous little deck fits in perfectly with the classic Montana mountain lifestyle [Design: Yellowstone Traditions / Benjamin Benschneider Photography]
Rustic deck with lighter wooden tones and breezy decor serve you well all your long [Photography: Realty Pro Shots]
Sheltered and open outdoor deck rolled into one [Design: 13 Design Lane Interiors]
Outdoor table and chairs seem like a natural extension of the woodsy deck! [Design: High Camp Home]
Simple and ergonomic deck design for the rustic Austin home [Design: Cornerstone Architects]
Unique enclosed deck design [Design: PBDW Architects]
Stone columns and recessed lighting for the traditional, rustic deck [From: North Georgia Virtual Home Tours]

Choosing the Right Décor

The popularity of reclaimed furniture means that your rustic deck will give you ample opportunity to try out some of these salvaged and upcycled pieces. Natural cedar outdoor furniture is an obvious fit that never fails, while custom décor crafted from locally source wood is both an eco-friendly and affordable way forward. No matter what you choose, remember that the décor you pick will most likely take plenty of battering from the elements. Colorful outdoor furniture allows you to add a playful twist to the rustic deck while swapping accent hues with the changing seasons.

Natural stone deck for the rustic mountain retreat [Design: MossCreek]
Decor adds bright red to the relaxing deck [Design: Pineapple House Interior Design / Scott Moore Photography]
Lovely reclaimed wide plank wood deck [Design: McIntyre By Design]
Low rail allows you to enjoy the lush green view on offer [Design: Julie Olsen Park City Utah Realtor]
Log cabin deck embraces the natural landscape around it [Design: Allegretti Architects]
Tranquil deck is all about the wonderful view on offer [Design: Olson-Olson Architects]

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