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Neutrals That Wow: Minimal Chicago Townhouse with Inviting Warmth

There is a reason why most modern homeowners and designers prefer the comfort of neutrals. A background clad in neutral hues gives you flexibility, allowing for a change in color scheme with the simple swap of accents down the line. Of course, many of us limit color such as white, gray and brown just to the backdrop and turn to brighter, more cheerful hues to add another layer of intrigue to the room. But designer Gabriel Fontes de Faria of HomePolish took the love for neutrals a step further with his Chicago townhouse that is all about a beautiful balance between contemporary minimalism and a cozy ambiance.

Gorgeous living room of Chicago Townhouse clad in neutral hues

Despite the generous use of cold, steely gray and bright white, every room in the house has a snug, inviting appeal thanks to the abundant use of natural elements. Wood, wool and cleverly incorporated natural textures get this accomplished without ever disturbing the color scheme. Indoor plants, flower vases and beautiful artwork also do their part in giving the interior a distinct personality that removes any boredom. A wood-burning fireplace with a gallery-style display above it is the focal point of the living area around which the rest of the room evolves organically.

Beautiful living room fireplace with marble face and a gallery wall above

Classic Eames Lounger and Midcentury decor bring class to the living room

Geometric cushions add pattern to the contemporary living room

Stacked fireplace next to the fireplace adds textural beauty to the posh living room

Minimal dining room table, smart chandelier and plush textures shape a stunning dining room

Wool and woven natural fibers bring warmth to the interior

Presence of white sheer curtains adds an inviting yet cheerful glow to the interior

Floating white shelves in the dining room add grace and minimalist style

The lower level of the home contains the public spaces, including a modern kitchen and an elegant dining space, while the top floor houses the bedrooms and bathrooms. Minimal but pleasing, contemporary but with a hint of midcentury elegance and filled with an air of refinement, this is a Chicago townhouse that breaks some of the misconceptions homeowners have when it comes to using calming neutral shades.

Wine rack integrated into the small kitchen island design

Kitchen, dining room and living room flow into one another beautifully

Staircase wall turned into a charming gallery-styled setting

Home office in gray with dark accent wall

A warm, cozy home office design with neutral colors

Twin chaise lounges create a comforting and tranquil ambiance indoors

Vintage, modern and custom decor and accessories combined inside the smart Chicago townhouse

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