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Wood Burning Ideas [39 Creative Decor DIYs!]

Wood burning ideas are the latest trend in artworks that imparts a timeless elegance to decorative wooden pieces. Pyrography, or wood burning, is the art of designing with fire that uses burn marks to create images on wood or other materials. It is a unique way of adding a rich and imaginative inspiration to various objects.

There are many things you can do to include a unique and classic value into your home. It starts with decorative pieces that convey nostalgic and sentimental intrinsic value. If you are interested in simple objects with emotional depth, then consider some awesome wood burning ideas.

Wooden clock with two potted plants on white vase
Photo Credit: Etsy/Sasquatch Yoga

Here are our awe-inspiring collections of highly-imaginative items.

A Unique Keepsake Wooden Box

Engraved wood jewelry box with locket
Photo Credit: cosymore.com

Stash your mementos in keepsake boxes and hand them down to your generation as an heirloom. Having a keepsake or memory box is a wonderful way of celebrating your life’s important milestones. But engraving it with wood burning ideas adds a more intricate and sentimental mark to your box-full of memories. This jewelry box is a sweetheart with the added intricate and finishing details of the burn marks.

Set Up a Wood Burn Sign in Your Garden

Wood signage hanging on wood post
Photo Credit: HGTV/Debbie Wolfe

We have a lot of small urban garden sign and label templates that we can easily print and prop on sticks. But, it is now time to level up the game and make your garden more interesting with wood burning ideas. All you need is a wood board, a wood-burning tool, and creativity to make it possible. Instead of markers on your plant labels, you can also unify the design by wood-burning it on popsicle sticks.

Chill Out with Rustic Wooden Coasters

Wood burned round coasters with triangle boarders
Photo Credit: plaidonline.com

Engraves and wooden coasters go well together always. For people who are starting on a woodworking project, coasters are the perfect experimentation objects. Hence, there are a lot of inspiring DIY wooden coasters to start with. But you can still do more on this blank canvas with some basic wood burning ideas. This plaid wood burn coaster set is an exciting adornment for your bar table. It screams festive yet subtle details every time you lift that glassware.

Pencil Out and Burn Some Personality into Your Kitchen Utensils

Variety of wood spoons and spatula with pattern
Photo Credit: HGTV/Michelle Edgemont

Bamboo kitchen tools are exceptional utensils because they are organic. But if they are looking bland for your taste, you can dress it up with wood burning ideas. Adding interesting details can upgrade any dull wooden kitchen tool and increase its intrinsic value tenfold. These eco-friendly wood-burned utensils achieve some style with simple geometric shapes and lines.

burnt wood spoons wooden spoon mosaic designs
Photo from: Kristianna Harris Pfaffle via Instagram

Or for a creative artist, you can go full detail and really put some creativity onto a plain wooden spoon. These wood burning ideas range from super simple to more in-depth.

Frame the Moments with Wood Burning Ideas

Wood burned photo frames in various shapes
Photo Credit: abeautifulmess.com

When displaying your snapshots, you always want to look for unique frames to encase them. One of the most favorite materials for implying a rustic feel is the nostalgic touch of wood. Now, you can also add a beautiful and exciting interest to frames with wood burning ideas.

This gallery conveys a modern and rustic flair with wood-burned frames. The freehand patterns gave the photos a personal touch and changed the overall feel of the display.

Personalize Your Serving Tray

Glass on top of monogrammed wood tray with side handles
Photo Credit: Bruce Johnson

Personalized trays are taking centerpiece in most people’s homes nowadays. Why not? They are elegant, rustic, and just stunningly beautiful. To date, they are also getting more popular as the perfect gifts for all occasions.

Practical and unique, this serving tray is an impressive gift to graze the recipient’s table. Burning the receiver’s initials on the surface adds an immeasurable value to this handiwork.

Intimate Wedding Wood Burning Ideas

Wood wedding sign with a large heart
Photo Credit: Pinterest/Kimberly Stewart

Intimate occasions deserve poignant statement pieces that match its overall feel. That’s why in most weddings, wood burn signs are also noteworthy. These items are added to the arrangement to give it a distinctive touch and flair.

This reclaimed wood wedding sign is a traditional piece that will look great when integrated with floral arrangements. They also make a neat wedding favor imparting a charming feel and the couple’s unique personality.

Reflect your Wedding Theme with Monogrammed Place Cards

Table setting with wooden placecard on top of a white square plate
Photo Credit: Fun365

Today’s couples are getting more creative with their wedding themes. For those who want a timeless and classical motif, rustic ideas are a popular choice. More often, wooden ensembles hardly go by unchosen in most of their decorations.

Place cards that reflect the tone of the event are graceful statement pieces. These personalized place cards, for example, will not only configure the seating arrangement. They will also make an elegant item to make the guests feel special and well-thought of.

Hang Rustic Wood Slices Decors

Three carved rounded Christmas ornaments with ribbon
Photo Credit: danslelakehouse.com

These customized decorations are meaningful items to hang by your wall or Christmas tree. A simple and personal wood-burning design makes it extra special and elegant. Wood-burned wood slices are also great to give as a personalized gift tag. Simply drill a hole on top of wooden chips, then slip in a ribbon, and give your presents a unique appeal and personal touch.

Thoughtful Gifts with Wood Burning Ideas

Mountain and trees burned on wood
Photo Credit: Etsy/Silt River Artistry

This one-of-a-kind gift featuring a scenic miniature landscape is a gift like no other. Wood slabs get themselves a distinct personality with the wood-burned artistry. The visual appeal, imagination, and emotion are all rolled up into this one small forest scene. An elegant wood sculpture like this deserves a spot on your table worthy of flaunting to your guests.

Wooden Photos are Romantic

Man kissing a woman in wood photo
Photo Credit: Etsy/OT Workshop

Upgrade the emotional value of your photographs by engraving them on wood. Wood burning ideas are gaining fame in home decors because of their timeless significance. It is absolutely a pleasing and long-living décor you would want to hang in your living room wall. You can also customize your own print at OT Workshop and see the result for yourself.

Turn Your Trash into a Piece of Art

Red tulips in a carved vase in the middle of white flowers
Photo Credit: cityfarmhouse.com

What are you going to do with all those empty tin cans lying around the corner? Turn it into a pencil holder or cute vases! With some templates, tools, and skill, you can also transform your recyclables into a piece of art. These flower vases are but tin cans wrapped in birch bark that gain a new personality with wood burning ideas.

Kitchen Accessories are Blank Canvases

Bread and knife on top of cutting board
Photo Credit: simplepracticalbeautiful.com

Whether they are on center stage in cooking or a silent display in the background, kitchen utensils make a great kitchen accent. Give yours a new dimension and personality with wood burning ideas. Hanging this chopping board above your sink will surely make it a focal point of interest. But there is no need to frame it there for visual aesthetics as it can still fully serve its purpose.

Elegant Urban Wood Salvage

Irregular wood table with black lines
Photo Credit: Etsy/Bird Loft

Wood burning ideas are also famous for adding interesting details to furniture. Torching a design into it will transform even a drab fixture into something with exciting value. If you don’t want to ruin the rustic elegance of reclaimed woods, then stop with the paint. Match its eloquence with a classy feel through wood burning. This sequoia nimbus coffee table is every inch stunning with its Mid-century vibe.

Wood-Burned Pendants

Necklaces with round wood pendants
Photo Credit: Etsy/Bala Bourne

Wood burning is not limited to your home décor and furniture. You can also wear it like in this unique and organic customized pendant necklace. They are non-expensive, and if you believe that it is the thought behind that count, count this one in gift-giving. Apart from its interesting appeal, it also feels like paying homage to age-old tribal heritage.

Wood- Burnt Earrings

If necklaces aren’t your thing, maybe give some earrings a try. You can go as simplistic as you like but if you’re feeling really creative, try doing a whole scene on some earrings.

wood burnt earrings hanging for tea kettle
Photo from: Sherry Adkins Artwork via Instagram

This is also a great way to make some earrings for holidays. You can customize the artwork and make yourself a set of earrings for every holiday. These Halloween ones are sure to get your creativity flowing.

wood burnt earrings bats spider webs skull moon
Photo from: Kayla W via Instagram

Soap Tray

This soap tray is customized for a company but you could totally take this wood burning idea and write whatever message you like.

soap tray with wood burn and label on marble background baby's breath
Photo from: Pure Soap Co. via Instagram

Song Keychain

A gift that says it all — wood burning a Spotify code into a piece of wood so that your loved one can scan it and listen to a song that reminds them of you is such a touching gift. It’s something that comes straight from the heart!

wood keychain on wood log slice white background
Photo from: handmadefromsinead via Instagram


Half the fun in reading is having a special bookmark to hold your page and you can get really creative with this wood burning idea. Maybe you might like to wood burn on a quote from your favorite novel or an illustration of your favorite character or even just a pleasant design.

wood burnt bookmark open book
Photo from: Evaggelia Aggelou via Instagram

Baby Milestone Marker

There’s nothing like a new baby but with all the chaos and sleepless nights, it’s hard to remember all the specifics of your child’s birth. You can mark the momentous occasion by putting the specifics in writing — or should I say burning them in wood. This also makes a great baby gift.

baby milestone marker wood rounds burnt rainbow
Photo from: Iván via Instagram

Decorative Box

The detail on this wood burnt box is incredible. This would make such a memorable keepsake.

wood burnt box with flowers on white background
Photo from: Amanda A via Instagram

Modern Plant Stands

Increase your house plants by propagating the cuttings and you might as well have something pretty to put them in. These stands are perfect to propagate your plant cuttings or to just use as decoration when not in use.

plant stands glass tubes wood blocks wood burnt designs tile wall background greenery
Photo from: Lakeside Burn via Instagram

Wood Bowls

These bowls are almost too pretty to even eat out of! I would put them on display in my home.

wood burnt bowls mountain designs flowers bear forest
Photo from: palic.ka via Instagram

Family Tree

Wood burn your family tree into an actual piece of wood from a tree. That makes sense, right? I think this would be a neat idea especially if you used wood from the yard of your family home.

wood burnt family tree round log slice
Photo from: handmadefromsinead via Instagram

Chess Table

Use a wood burner to make a chessboard table. You will never have to get out a chessboard again! It will be right there waiting for you all the time.

wood burnt chess board on table
Photo from: Michal Huliak via Instagram

Bottle Openers

A great way to customize a wood handle bottle opener is to burn a funny saying or design into it. You can also customize this one with your family name so there will be no mistaking who’s it is at a party.

wood burnt bottle opener on wood background
Photo from: hustleandheart_woodburning via Instagram

Reverse Effect

This is such a neat wood burning idea! Try the reverse effect. Burn the wood surrounding your design for a nice contrasting look.

two faces side profile on live edge wood piece wood burning
Photo from: Flynn Topper via Instagram

Canoe Paddles

For cottage goers and adventures, use a wood burner to personalize some canoe paddles. This would also make a great wedding gift for a couple that loves to be outdoors.

canoe paddles with wood burnt names on wood background
Photo from: James Greatrex via Instagram

Tic Tac Toe

Every now and again enjoy a game of tic tac toe with this wooden tabletop version. Use a wood burner to mark your wood pieces with the x’s and o’s and don’t forget your game board! Also when you’re not playing, this will act as coffee table decor

tic tac toe wood burnt game on wooden table
Photo from: Central Sierra Wood Works via Instagram

We Love Mom

Store this one in the memory bank for next Mother’s Day. This one is sure to put a smile on mom’s face.

mom wood burnt puzzle pieces
Photo from: Wood Burning By Veronika via Instagram


If you can find yourself a wood covered notebook make sure you get your wood burner out and customize it. Bonus points if you find a matching pen!

wood burnt notebook cherries pen faux fur background
Photo from: deku_artesania via Instagram

Add in Color

Wood burning doesn’t always have to just be a burnt brownish-black color. Do your wood burn design and then add in some color with paint.

wood rounds wooden burning projects bambi tractor desk
Photo from: Denis Serjun via Instagram


Customizable hangers make great gifts for weddings, showers, and even new homeowners. So if you want to pretty up a hanger to give to someone special or even if you just want some for yourself, this wood burning idea is fabulous.

wood burnt clothes hangers on wood floor background
Photo from: lilac._.rs via Instagram

Monogram Tags

There are so many uses for a monogram tag that you could make up a whole bunch of these just for yourself and then if you still have the itch to keep wood burning, they would make a great gift, too!

monogram wood burnt tags letters on tile background
Photo from: Romoterapia Arte&salud via Instagram

Family Photos

If you’re gifted with a wood burning tool, try your hand at burning a beloved family memory into a piece of wood.

wood burnt family kids photo stacked up
Photo from: Courtney Strohmeyer via Instagram

Scorch Marker

We can’t all be talented artists. It’s hard enough for some people to draw with a pencil never mind a wood burning tool. If you don’t think you can handle a wood burning tool there is a great new product called a scorch marker. You can get the wood burn look without actually having to use the wood burning tool.

hand holding up wood bbq scraper dad fathers day gift ideas cricut maker 3 black oven mitts plant
Photo from: @hollygraceblog via Instagram

This BBQ scraper was made with a scorch marker.

dad wood bbq scraper stencil film circut white background hands
Photo from: @hollygraceblog via Instagram

You can use a cutting machine to make a stencil or buy one already pre-made. You just simply place it on your item and then use the scorch maker to draw inside the stencil

hand marking on wooden bbq scraper dad stencil white background cricut
Photo from: @hollygraceblog via Instagram

You can also get scorch markers that have two tips — a marker end and then a foam applicator end for doing larger projects.

wooden bbq scraper white background cricut scorch marker foam tip hands pink nail polish
Photo from @hollygraceblog via Instagram

Once you have filled in the stencil, you remove the stencil and then apply a bit of heat over where you drew with the marker and watch it burn into your wood.

black oven mitts dad father's day gift idea wood bbq scraper white brick background plant wire basket
Photo from: @hollygraceblog via Instagram


Handmade objects and decors are full of sentimental value. With wood burning ideas, you can also impart that kind of character into your stuff. It is one way of adding dimension, texture, and personal touch to your gifts or home design. Pyrography can turn ordinary and drab things into something fab and timeless. You can bank on it and start your own project your way. The ideas are limitless, and as they say, your imagination is also the limit!

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