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Wooden Slat Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom

Wooden slats are frequently used to accentuate statement walls and bedroom headboards. Even smaller pieces of furniture do well with this style. It’s such an exciting way to add a “wow” factor to your home decor.

Source: houszed

There is so much you can do with this design element, especially when it comes to decorating your bedroom wall.

This slatted design gives your space a premium modern look with its three-dimensional impression and lighting dynamic. It’s simply different from the norm.

Here are some of the best bedroom wall designs to try in your home.

Source: home-designing

This unique design allows the wooden slat to extend to the ceiling. It’s a slightly darker color than the wall, and instead of occupying the entire wall, it settles only on the middle section so that the other room aesthetics can shine.

The light gray pillows and lamps match the design and make the whole room look more cheerful.

The slats match the base of the bed, and the white background of the paint supplements the entire scene.

Source: Appie

The slats here are only included on the upper wall, which contrasts with the original white wall.

Source: Dsigners
Source: Homeofficebits

The light wood slats here have interwoven patterns, making the dark wood look more prominent. It aims to cast attention on the beautiful design.

Source: Home-designing

The slats here contrast with the light color of the room, and the clock in the middle is the focal point of the background wall.

Source: Bocadolobo

The white vertical slats and the darker horizontal stripes of the hanging painting create a stimulating effect here.

Source: Wallpaper Tip

These slats are used to form a triangular pattern and are highlighted with bedside lamps. It is an intriguing design.

Source: Trendir
Source: Grigorev Designs

The 3D triangle pattern seen here adds plenty of texture to the entire room and makes it look modern.

This wall is partially covered with dark wooden slats.

Source: Faith Beserek

The different colors and wood types on this accent wall make it look like a piece from a museum collection.

Source: Nevi Studio
Source: Dudinec

The exposed stone bricks and dark gray slats provide a pleasant background for the beautifully framed artwork.

Source: Lyudmyla Dumin

Using colored slats can make the bedroom more visually exciting.

Source: Ilkingurbanov

The dark gray slats create a unique and lovely focal point together with attractive and artistic black and white photos.

 Wooden Slat Bedroom Wall Ideas You Can Try
Source: Freedes Studio

These dark slats contrast with the white walls in the rest of the room and match the bed. The two mirrors increase the perceived depth of the room, and the exquisite lamps add to the intrigue.

Source: Arch Ants

These wider black slats suit the room and become an integral part of the decor.

Source: Inna Shapovalova
Source: KDVA

The combination of LED lighting and wooden paneling is very remarkable in this stunning bedroom.

Source: Twin Hongtruc

The dark wooden panels, framed pictures, and lighter wooden slats prevent the white walls from being too bright.

Source: Lê Hoàng Nhật Nam

This creative design connects all the wooden elements and integrates them with the rest of the room.

Source: Pavel Alekseev

The gray and white prints, the light wooden slats, and the appealing contrast of the slats make the background wall more interesting.

If you want to recreate any accent walls here or design your room from scratch, you can get beautiful wooden slats from Amazon.

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I write for decoist.

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